Drama Recap: One More Happy Ending Ep 8

The Angels are teaming up together to give one member hope for One More Happy Ending.

Finding love isn’t everything because people will always have friends and family rooting for you when things turn blue.

Episode 8 Recap:

Hae Joon’s ex declares she wants him back. It’s over between them but she wants to ignite the fire. He sees Mi Mo watching them.


Mi Mo and Hae Joon share a private talk. Mi Mo is mad. She doesn’t want Hae Joon to be close to his ex because ex-wives are dangerous. He claims there’s nothing going on. She demands an answer for his affectionate behaviour. He argues why she didn’t tell his ex she had no chance. He believes their relationship isn’t strong yet.

Dong Mi finds out about her boyfriend’s wife the wrong way. They have a nasty face-off.

Her boyfriend is selling a leg massage machine to a pretty-looking girl. His real business is revealed. He sells secondhand products to single girls, date them and get money from them. This trashy business leaves naïve girls like Dong Mi shattered. She burns her memories and showers with her clothes on like most heartbroken girls in dramas. She doesn’t let Ae Ran in her bathroom.


She reminisces back to when she delivered a present to her ex-boyfriend. She caught him cheating. The guy dated her because she was an Angels member but she isn’t his type.


A Ni is spotted at Incheon Airport, arriving back from London. Her colleague picks her up while holding ‘I love you, Jung A Ni’ signs. The two drives off and immediately, A Ni asks if Soo Hyuk is still angry. He says Soo Hyuk is having the time of his life so he isn’t angry anymore. He tells her about Soo Hyuk’s blind date, which makes her blood boil.

Soo Hyuk is on his blind date and the girl finally shows up. She is a beautiful girl who’s worthy of model standards. The date starts off with flying colours as the two singles exchange sweet, flirty smiles. He turns bitter when he sees his favourite colleagues sitting on the next table. He gives them the evils. The girl asks what his ideal type is. He likes girls with flaws. She laughs, saying how she doesn’t have much except for being a divorcee. The colleagues continue to interrupt by texting Soo Hyuk. It’s so obvious his date catches on and angrily screams at his colleagues. She wants him to directly tell her if he doesn’t like her. She asks, if it’s because she’s been married twice before asking Soo Hyuk to keep it a secret. The date ends at that.



It is time for A Ni to play the jealous admirer role. She asks Soo Hyuk if he rejected her for being flawless. He sincerely tells her to meet a better man because he doesn’t like her. He isn’t even curious about her. She is too great to be held back for nothing. Asking for a second chance does not change a thing.

Mi Mo is walking away from the hospital. She moans about Hae Joon being mean for not trying to chase after her.

Back to Soo Hyuk and A Ni, their eyes are getting teary. Soo Hyuk is like an oppa who’ll never linger for his close dongsaeng. He reinforces the fact that he isn’t curious about anything she does or whoever she dates.

Mi Mo walks along an empty street. She reflects on how Hae Joon asked her if she thinks they have a strong relationship.

Hae Joon goes back to work with an enraged face. His ex pops up beside him and asks if he’s okay. He makes it clear to her that she should take stuff out of her eyes by herself from now on. She returns to her office and she’s hurt. She reminisces the times where she complained about Hae Joon’s inability to care or feel for her. He says he trusts her not to act silly but she believes he just doesn’t care at all.


At Brave Wedding, Mi Mo has a client who broke up with her boyfriend for seeing his ex-wife often because of their child. He got back together with his ex-wife. This situation makes Mi Mo think harder about hers.

A depressed Hae Joon wants to call Mi Mo but his finger does press the call button.

Mi Mo is equally depressed. She is drinking at a street vendor. Her mind rewinds back to when she got divorced. She wants to be friends like other divorced couples. Jung Hoon doesn’t want to see her because he is scared of forgetting the tough times. He’ll fall in love her again, which will lead to endless fighting. Tears fall along their cheeks. She thinks back to what happened earlier and takes a big gulp of her mixed drink.


Soo Hyuk is walking a weeping A Ni home. He thinks she’s stupid for crying over a man who doesn’t like her. She leans her head on his chest and asks if she really doesn’t have a space in his heart. He gives her a hug and repeats; he wants her to date a good man who’ll cherish her. They part ways.


Great things happen on the 15th floor. Soo Hyuk jolts at the sight of a drunken Mi Mo sitting outside of her apartment. It’s the exact spot he sat in previously. He tries to wake her up. She half-opens her eyes and gives him a toothy grin. He asks if she drank alcohol again. She tells him to stop acting like Romeo. He pulls her up and she continues to trash-talk him. She can’t even remember her passcode correctly. She eventually falls onto him, vomiting everywhere on her way down. A neighbour exits the elevator and starts spraying his cologne. The neighbour demands for Soo Hyuk to clean up his girlfriend’s mess.


Mi Mo is fast asleep on Soo Hyuk’s bed. Soo Hyuk dons sunglasses, a mask and gloves just to clean up her vomit. The neighbour asks why he is wearing sunglasses at night. He says he cares about her but he doesn’t want to see her vomit since it’ll ruin the romance.


Ae Ran is still staying at Dong Mi’s. She knows her friend is heartbroken so she decides to hug her to sleep. An ugly male cupid appears in Dong Mi’s dreams. He feels sorry to see her cry so much, so he allows her choose one of his love arrows that represent potential boyfriends. Every arrow she chooses isn’t suitable for her because she isn’t the guy’s type. She gets furious. He is a trainee so he promises to visit again once he is more experienced. She gives him a week deadline. She finds an arrow he left but it’s actually Ae Ran’s foot.


Da Jung wants to buy some lingerie. She asks the shop assistant to bring her the most pretty set they have. A white with black lace bra makes it home, but only to be left in the box.


Soo Hyuk is taking a shower and he scrubs himself extra hard. I wonder if he is trying to get the vomit smell off or he wants to be mighty clean next to Mi Mo.


Mi Mo moans loudly and starts taking off her clothes. Her body is hot. Soo Hyuk finishes his shower and steps into the room. He sees her clothes on the floor and eventually her laying on his bed wearing a pink nightgown. His jaw drops before draping his blanket over her. She flips it over and mumbles she is hot. He tries to cover her again but she flashes her chest. She finally stops moving. He looks at her lovingly and gently strokes her hair.


He takes the couch for the night, but he can barely sleep. He gets up with his pillow.

Next morning, a phone call from Hae Joon wakes Mi Mo up. It takes a while for her to realise it’s him. He says he is at her front door but she didn’t open up after he rang the bell. She retrieves her senses and notices that she’s slept in Soo Hyuk’s room. She runs out in her nightgown to check if Hae Joon is outside. He is and is here to make up with her after their fight. She tries to talk him into coming back tomorrow and she’ll open after his third try. He says he will do what she pleases before leaving. Her screams shake the building.

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Soo Hyuk wakes up from Mi Mo’s screaming. Min Woo does too but Soo Hyuk plops him back onto the bed. He approaches a fully clothed Mi Mo. She asks why she slept in his room. He assures her he is not dangerous and won’t do anything to her. He explained to her that she drank alone and forgot her passcode, so he brought her in. She questions why he took her clothes off. He tells her it was her own doing and warns her to not forget his son is underage. He offers to make her hangover soup but she runs off in embarrassment.

The Angels aren’t having an exciting lunch. They are all dejected except for Ae Ran. Ae Ran has it worse but she isn’t letting a man taking over her emotions like the others. Dong Mi reveals her candyman has a wife. Mi Mo’s boyfriend has feelings for his ex-wife. Da Jung announces she has breast cancer and she will live if she goes through the removal surgery. They gather around to comfort her.


Mi Mo signs off Da Jung’s leave document at her office. She doesn’t tell her assistant the truth. She picks up her phone to read a text from her elementary school but she gets a call. It’s Soo Hyuk. He offers to drive her to the reunion ceremony and she agrees. Once they end the call, she contemplates whether to call Hae Joon or not. She calls Da Jung instead.


Mi Mo and the girls arrive at Da Jung’s apartment to cheer up their friend. They have a good ol’ girls night in; featuring chicken, lemonade and ‘Loving You’. Mi Mo narrates, no one cried as promised. The girls were happy, even if it was for a few hours.


Da Jung’s cute son, Tae Yong, finishes school. He doesn’t walk with friends like other kids. Aunt Mi Mo is waiting for him but he isn’t glad to see her. He can’t even smile in her car. She tells him his mother has gone on a holiday. He knows she left to gather her thoughts around the divorce. He gets teary as he reveals he never saw them sleep together. He thinks it’s his fault that they can’t smile. Mi Mo tries to convince him it’s not. He mumbles, “I shouldn’t have been born.” Mi Mo cuts in to tell him the truth.


Da Jung is at the hospital for her surgery. The nurse gives her a shared room. She’s fine with it because it will make her less lonely. Her roommate enters and it’s a cancer patient called Hye Sun. Hye Sun offers her some homemade snacks but Da Jung kindly refuses. Da Jung reveals she has breast cancer. Hye Sun advises her that the stress will decrease over time and not to lose hope for her breasts.

Suddenly, Tae Yong barges into the ward with Mi Mo. He runs into Da Jung’s arms, crying his eyes out. He apologises for not knowing about her being sick. Right on cue, Hae Joon’s ex comes in to check on Da Jung. Mi Mo freezes.


Hae Joon’s ladies go for coffee. The ex asks where should they begin. Mi Mo keeps her cool and tells her she crossed the line that day. The ex says Mi Mo did too when she sought her for an unnecessary appointment. She declares she has more space in his heart than Mi Mo. They spent years together compared to a few months. The ladies continue to exchange salty words before the ex says Da Jung will be fine since their best surgeon will be operating.


Dong Mi and Ae Ran visit Da Jung, who is holding onto her sleeping son. Da Jung tells them Mi Mo went off with Hae Joon’s ex-wife. Ae Ran isn’t worried about a potential catfight since Mi Mo is a pro.

Da Jung’s husband arrives home from Japan. He notices Da Jung’s empty room; she did go on a ‘holiday’. At that moment, his son walks in by himself. He calls his dad whilst carrying a swollen face after crying so hard. He cries, “Can’t daddy show mummy some love? She is very sick, she has something on her breast.” Daddy sits in Da Jung’s room. He feels his son’s pain as he is reminded of the time when he didn’t give Da Jung a hug. He cries his heart out.


In Dong Mi’s classroom, students are making cookies. She spots little Tae Yong diligently rolling dough with a photo of his mum in her Angels uniform. She offers to help him make a cookie shaped his mum. They make an adorable team. She gets a text from Ae Ran, informing her their revenge plan is all set for tonight.


The lying cheat, Wook, is waltzing with a sexy partner during a class. He tells the woman he’s taken but is down for an affair, since it isn’t illegal. Bastard. Dong Mi and Ae Ran arrive at the venue wearing the best bitch faces ever. They throw buckets of water and flour at him. Ae Ran scans him down, and warns him to get his act together. They hired gangsters as back up. Dong Mi threatens to kill him if he ever commits adultery again.


Da Jung is about to go into surgery. The girls and Tae Yong are with her. Tae Yong grabs his mum’s hand and gives her the cookie he made. He says his cookie will protect her through the surgery. She hugs him from the side. They wave at her as she goes in for surgery.



The gang is waiting until the surgery is over. They spend hours staring at Da Jung’s name on the screen. Da Jung finally comes out. The surgery went really well. She slowly wakes up and reaches for Tae Yong’s hands. He grasps onto them tightly.

Da Jung’s husband sees Hae Joon’s ex for the results. She reveals everything went well. She tells him the real trouble starts now. He has to be there to support her emotionally after losing her breasts.


He walks out and sees Mi Mo and Dong Mi. He hides in a corner. Mi Mo needs to leave but feels bad. Dong Mi tells her not to worry and go. Dong Mi goes back in. He pushes the door slightly but fails to go in. Roommate Hye Sun walks out and looks at him. He peaks through the gap and sees Da Jung struggling to breathe.

Mi Mo exits the hospital, only to spot a neatly dressed Soo Hyuk waiting for her. She approaches him and he opens the passenger door. She says she is more comfortable to go alone. He pulls her in his car anyway.


It’s awkward between them. Mi Mo sees the first snow falling in front of her. She glances at Soo Hyuk who’s acting all suave. To distract herself, she looks at photos of Hae Joon. Her eyes get a little sore and Soo Hyuk thinks it’s cute. Gee, they’re never so silent.


They arrive at a local restaurant to grab dinner beforehand. Mi Mo asks what Soo Hyuk put in the ‘time capsule’. He answers, “just something”. Mi Mo put in Tinker Bell. She believes whoever receives her lucky Tinker Bell will become the next Han Mi Mo and take Korea by storm.


We take a flashback to their elementary days. Mi Mo is worried about their stage performance. Soo Hyuk brings her to a stationary and gaming stall. They check out a game and it’s one she never won a prize for. She really wants to get a pink jewel box. Soo Hyuk’s eyes light up. He ends up secretly buying one for her since she is his first love.

Back to the present, Mi Mo still doesn’t know Soo Hyuk was the mysterious boy who gifted the box to her. He smiles to himself. He startles her by saying he wouldn’t buy something like that.

The alumni gather in front of current students to celebrate the time capsule event. They are excited to give students the goods inside the capsule. Soo Hyuk and Mi Mo pose cutely at the camera. While they are handing the gifts, Soo Hyuk stumbles across his. The boy is waiting. He says it’s a 19+ gift but the kid watches rated videos on his phone too. He tells the kid to bring his dad to him. Mi Mo bickers at him watching porn when he was 10. A moody, slightly chubby girl gets Mi Mo’s present. She tells the girl that’s he’ll become pretty fairy like her. The girl says she can’t see her beauty. Soo Hyuk tells her not to make them angry.


Tae Yong experiences the first snow from his mum’s ward. Da Jung watches him with Dong Mi and Ae Ran. Meanwhile, her husband is watching the snow alone at home.


Mi Mo is speaking to Hae Joon on the phone. She notifies him that she is at a reunion ceremony with Soo Hyuk and she’s stuck there because of the heavy snow.


She ends up staying at the school overnight with Soo Hyuk. They stand together in the night duty’s office. She frets about the organisers allowing two grown adults to stay in a room. He says it’s because they won’t do anything sexual. She needs to use the bathroom so he offers to go with her. She questions if he’s going to do something dodgy. He says she might get scared since it’s dark outside. She bravely goes by herself.


Soo Hyuk opens his gift while Mi Mo is gone. It is the pink jewelry box he bought back then.

Mi Mo roams around the school. Nothing has changed since her days. She walks upstairs and finds the science room. The lights suddenly shut out. She is calm as she just yells, “Yah, Song Soo Hyuk! Don’t play around!” When no one answers, she starts to panic and become scared. The door gets locked and Mi Mo keeps screaming his name.


Soo Hyuk isn’t pranking her. He is still in the duty room, which is also has a blackout. As soon as he grabs a torch, he hears Mi Mo’s scream. He quickly goes off to find her.


He finds the science room in a flash. He tries to bash open the door and successfully gets in on the second attempt. An unconscious Mi Mo is lying on the floor with a skeleton on her. He shits himself for a second before lifting her head up.

Thankfully, the school nurse is around to check if Mi Mo’s okay. The nurse says she’ll be fine with warm water and leaves the two. Soo Hyuk sits down next to her. He caresses her hair and makes sure she’s warm. He looks outside at the enchanting snow.



Soo Hyuk asks Mi Mo if she knew the Romeo from 24 years ago never got to confess his feelings to Juliet. Mi Mo’s eyelashes moved every so slightly, she is awake. He explains how he ate a bad apple and ruined the play. He loved it when they forgot their lines because it meant he could stay with her for longer. Those days never left his mind.


He asks an array of questions: “Why did we end up meeting again? Why is my heart racing again? Why do you belong to my best friend?” He hasn’t felt like this for a while but has to act like nothing happened. He takes out the gift and admits, “It’s you that I like.” For the first and last time, he confesses, the girl at 163cm with double eyelids, hasn’t gotten plastic surgery, has a petite build and a lovable flaw is her, Mi Mo. He walks out and she opens her eyes.

Thoughts of mine:

The confession really shows how deep Soo Hyuk’s feelings are for Mi Mo. He may say he isn’t a great person but he is. Finally mustering up the courage to confess to a girl he first set sights on 20 odd years ago and who’s sadly his friend’s woman; is very admirable. He voluntarily stepped out of the triangle early, before he can find out how Mi Mo really feels. Luckily she heard every single word.

Our heroine has been running on edge of late. Mi Mo’s growing affections for Soo Hyuk is taking its toll on her heart. Whenever she is thinking or physically next to Soo Hyuk, she needs to look at her Hae Joon gallery to steer her back to the ‘right’ mindset. She knows that Soo Hyuk likes her, so she needs to figure out whom she really loves deep inside. But if she doesn’t choose, she’s got her Angels beside her.

Da Jung’s breast cancer is really tough on her. It was touching to see the Angels supporting her throughout the episode. The best scene was when they shared a cheerful night in before the surgery. Da Jung really gained strength from her friends. But it was her son’s love and cookie that brought her hopes up. As long as she’s got the girls and her son by her side, her recovery will be a breeze. If her husband decides to act upon his remaining feelings then it would be a bonus.

I couldn’t hold back my tears during this episode. Whether it is the gut-wrenching or heartwarming scenes, it was all very touching. After an emotional two episodes, I hope the comedy makes a comeback next week. The viewers and characters need to recharge their energy.

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