Drama Recap: One More Happy Ending Episode 1

Two of drama land’s biggest stars, the evergreen Jang Nara and the dashing Jung Kyung Ho are out to find One More Happy Ending in MBC’s new rom-com.

One More Happy Ending is a story about divorced individuals learning how to love again and getting a better shot at marriage.

Jang Nara (I Remember You) plays Han Mi Mo, a remarriage consultant who used to be in a four-member girl group called ‘Angels’ consisting of leads You Da In, Yoo In Na, Seo In Young and 2NE1’s Dara.

The group has disbanded but the ladies are still gal pals who share a common bond of being divorced, in a complicated marriage or single.

Jung Kyung Ho (Falling for Innocence) plays Song Soo Hyuk, a reporter and a single father, while Kwon Yul (Let’s Eat 2) plays a bachelor doctor and they entangle themselves with the trio.

The drama airs every Wednesday and Thursday and is slated to run for 16 episodes.

OH!Press will be recapping this gem throughout its run.

Episode 1 recap:

One More Happy Ending kicks off with a cartoon skit of Cinderella and Prince Charming, a classic storyline that has been used and abused since the dinosaur age.

Prince Charming asks Cinderella if she would marry him. She says “Abso-fucking-lutely” with a beep. They share a kiss and supposedly live happily ever after. But a message reveals: “I was head over heels for you for exactly three months but we fought for three straight years”.


Expectations return to reality as lovey-dovey virtual couple, Kim So Yeon and Kwak Si Yang make a special appearance. The two don’t look amused in a Divorce Court, sending death stares to each other.

OMHE1-siyang1Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 6.44.22 pm

So Yeon gets played like a helpless ahjumma and is left with close to nothing other than custody of their two kids. Si Yang has to pay her only 20,800 won each month. Si Yang is amused at his now crazy ex.

So Yeon returns home to her two daughters and she’s tearing the ripped leather of her wedding shoes in frustration. She is even more miserable while looking at her bank account. She sobs about her meatier ass, sagging breasts and freckles before flashing back to her prime at 27. Her appearance dropped by the year.

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 11.10.45 pmScreen Shot 2016-01-20 at 11.10.41 pm

On the flipside, ex-hubby Si Yang picks up a younger, hotter looking girl in his vintage red convertible. He screams “I LOVE FREEDOM” while So Yeon chases his car like a true ex-wife.

OMHE1-nara1Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 11.14.21 pm

Enter remarriage specialist, Han Mi Mo (Jang Nara). So Yeon makes a timely appointment with Mi Mo for advice on how to get revenge on Si Yang and marry a boytoy that’s 100 times better.

Mi Mo registers So Yeon’s details like a pro. She mentions So Yeon’s two young kids. Mi Mo states the biggest problem is that the man she remarries may not be willing to look after another man’s kids. So Yeon wants a man who will look after her kids, send them to college and possibly abroad. She doesn’t even mind a guy from the Philippine’s. Mi Mo says rich men hire maids. She continues to type in So Yeon’s financial struggles. Mi Mo looks at So Yeon’s appearance, takes a breath and concludes it is fixable. The computer spits out the result of E-75, which is not ideal.

Mi Mo throws a bunch of questions at So Yeon including if her friends comfort her about finding a better guy. So Yeon admits it. Mi Mo coldly suggests to get rid of such bad friends. Mi Mo advises her that remarriage fails due to unreasonable hope. She brags about what her company Brave Weddings stands for, explaining how they process their clients truthful qualifications and wants. She asks So Yeon if she thinks she can get a charming younger man to put her out of her misery and assures her such person does not exist. So, she advises her to let go of the fantasy and get her body in good shape first to capture a sugar daddy.

So Yeon takes a swab at Mi Mo, asking if she’s divorced and looking for a remarriage. Mi Mo says she will but is waiting for the perfect time. As So Yeon leaves, Mi Mo stretches and takes a breather. Baek Da Jung (You Da In), Mi Mo’s friend and colleague comes into her office and reminds her about an interview with a journalist later in the day. Mi Mo doesn’t know about it. She suddenly gets a call from a ‘spy’ and runs outside in excitement. Chun Ki, her friend who is a chef, says ‘that day’ has arrived. He reveals his chef hasn’t taken any bookings because Mi Mo’s boyfriend has booked it all out. Her boyfriend also booked out a suite and ordered 3,000 roses at the hotel. Chun Ki tells her to pick out matching underwear for tonight.

OMHE1-DAJUNG1 Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 11.27.25 pm

Mi Mo squeals her way back inside her office and Da Jung wonders why she’s so happy. Mi Mo says she’s getting married. Da Jung lectures her about how things aren’t set until a ring gets onto her finger. Mi Mo defends her self for being 34 years old who knows what her boyfriend is thinking. Mi Mo talks about a dream she had last night.

Da Jung questions if Kim Jong Hoon it was proposing in her dream. She questions Mi Mo about Jung Hoon’s rumours with an actress and how he’s been avoiding it for two years. Mi Mo doesn’t believe in them but Da Jung suggests her to be more suspicious of him. Da Jung reminds her about how great their interview with the journalist from Masspunch would be. Mi Mo refutes and reminisces about the time just before their group’s disbandment. Looks like she wasn’t as fond of her past time.


We take a flashback into a time where Angels still existed. The scene is set at a broadcasting station where staff members are eating bread that’s sponsors Angels. One of the guys gets a Seul Ah (2NE1’s Dara) photo card while the other gets a Dong Mi card. He chucks it away, only to be caught by Dong Mi herself.

Go Dong Mi (Yoo In Na) walks into the dressing room. Dara makes her appearance as the face of the group, Seul Ah, and she’s complaining about why she has to do everything. She wants the manager to divide the schedules but he says they all want her. She then demands a more fair salary for herself since she gets all the gigs. The unnies bite back.

Dong Mi gets pissed and grabs Seul Ah’s dress threatens her about her bad attitude. The other members look on giving Seul Ah sneering looks. Dong Mi storms out. Mi Mo asks the manager about her movie audition and he revealed the main actor wanted Seul Ah instead. Seul AH reveals Mi Mo will be her servent in the movie. Mi Mo is super annoyed at Seul Ah, because she stole her role without even auditioning. Seul Ah burns the girls saying how she’s the centre and they are her back-up dancers. OH SNAP. They get up from their seats with looks that could kill. Seul Ah thanks them for being ugly to make her look prettier.

Right before the girls start fighting, Angels are called onto stage. Fans cheer for their bias group like they’re SNSD. Mi Mo is like the old day’s Sunny but everyone cheers for Seul Ah with the loudest screams. Mi Mo dances into Seul Ah’s body causing them to start fighting when their backs face the crowd.

Seul Ah hilariously stomps on Mi Mo’s foot as they exit the stage. Mi Mo rages, chases after her and gives her a mighty ol’ high kick to her pretty face.

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 11.47.46 pm OMHE1-DARA3

They have a feisty cat fight; screaming, pulling each other’s hair to no avail. The others watch on before finally cutting in to break them up. Onlookers are too busy flashing their cameras to help. The infamous brawl became headlines and that was the end of their career.

We go back to the present where Mi Mo and Da Jung are getting interviewed about their idol days. The journalist says they seem to be doing better than their idol days and asks if the members are still in contact. Mi Mo says of course as they are all best friends except for Seul Ah. She talks about Dong Mi being an elementary school teacher.

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 11.53.08 pmOMHE1-DONGMI4

Dong Mi’s story begins at the school she teaches at. She’s now far from the lovable, bubbly-looking idol she used to be. Now she dons a grandma style, wearing a plain long knit sweater and outrageously curly hair (even worse than Kim Go Eun in Cheese in Trap). Her sandals with red socks are interesting. While she’s walking in the hallway, a kid accidentally chucks a basketball at her head. She loses it and orders the kids to run back to class.

OMHE1-AERAN2 Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 5.26.49 pm

Hong Ae Ran (played by Seo In Young) is now an Internet shopping mall owner slash bikini model and is in the best shape of them all. She’s still got all the uncles’ eyes glowing at her figure. But she’s got a dilemma with her staff giving for not giving her a silicone invisible bra that’s as big as melons.

The journalist asks if they started the business because of divorces. The two corrects her, as Da Jung explains that she is (almost) happily married and Mi Mo is divorced but looking for a remarriage. After the interview, Mi Mo and Da Jung head out to dinner with Ae Ran and Dong Mi at a famous restaurant. A yummy chef, Kim Jung Hoon, who is actually Mi Mo’s boyfriend is the owner.

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 12.04.58 amOMHE1-NARA7

Da Jung brags on about Mi Mo’s potential marriage. The other two are equally jelly. Mi Mo gets up to leave for her date however her stomach wants to stay. She instead skulls down her juice and leaves the girls hanging.

A black limousine arrives. Seul Ah in shades pops outside a pregnancy clinic as paparazzi are shooting her every move. One of the paparazzi is Song Soo Hyuk (Jung Kyung Ho) in a longhaired wig behind the wheel. The photographer tells him to drive because she noticed. They barely make an escape.

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 12.07.17 amOMHE1-SOOHYUK1


Soo Hyuk is arguing with his photographer about whether Seul Ah noticed them or not. In midst of their raising voices, Soo Hyuk abruptly crashes into a red Audi. Shit. They’re screwed.

In a frantic position, Soo Hyuk tells his partner to go inside the clinic, as he’ll clean up the mess. He calls the insurance company for help.

Mi Mo walks out of the restaurant in excitement for her date, only to see her car crashed into Soo Hyuk’s. Soo Hyuk stands in between the cars. She walks towards him and addressing him as an ahjumma. She frets about how on earth could he bump into her car.

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 12.15.27 amOMHE1-CRASH1

Soo Hyuk calmly apologizes in his deep, sexy voice while not caring about his pregnant ahjumma attire. Mi Mo has a heart attack when she realises Soo Hyuk isn’t an ahjumma who can’t drive. He tells her that the insurance company is on their way but she’s got that ‘WTF is wrong with you’ thing going on and doesn’t believe a single word.

Soo Hyuk addresses her as ahjumoni (a formal version of ahjumma) and apologises again in a more formal way. She scoffs at him, completely offended by the ahjumoni deal. She asks what part of her looks like one, pointing down at her body and says she does she apply eye cream for people to call her that. He checks her out in disbelief but says he’s sorry and addresses her as an ahgassi (young lady).

She is about to lose it and asks him if he knows her, pulling out her former idol card. Nice. He asks her if she’s someone he knows. She’s like: “it’s me from the Angels!” He is clueless, so she shows him the ‘Loving You’ dance as a 30+ grown woman. He just stares and says he doesn’t know her or the Angels because he was from the US. Mi Mo is disappointed and even more pissed. She lets him go to attend his urgent matters, telling him she’ll deal with the insurance people. He apologises for crashing into her car for the nth time and runs off into the clinic.

Soo Hyuk meets up with his photographer inside, not after effortlessly pretending that he’s a heavily pregnant lady to nurses who brushes past. He asks him if he knew who Angels were. The guy tells him they’re a group that Seul Ah used to be in.

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 12.31.06 amScreen Shot 2016-01-21 at 12.34.29 am

Meanwhile at the restaurant, Ae Ran stares at an engagement ring. She has doubts about marriage as she says goodbye to single life. Dong Mi thinks it’s a burden to get given a big rock. Ae Ran says she isn’t passionate about her fiancé. Da Jung says she’ll get passionate due to anger after marriage. Ae Ran contemplates whether to call it off or not. Da Jung advises to sign the certificate a year later so she can still reconsider. Dong Mi isn’t impressed as she stabs her fork into her salad and angrily points at the two women, nagging about it’s their fault why men are crazy and courts are busy. Dong Mi’s brother who’s a chef joins them and asks Dong Mi about a singles convention she’s going to. She flicks her hair with confidence. She reveals that she’ll find a sexy beast out of 20 accountants on the group date. Dong Mi is confident that she’ll find her love.

OMHE1-NARA8Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 12.39.13 am

Mi Mo is at home pampering herself to a bubble bath and shaving treatment for her date. She adorably brushes her teeth and cleans her tongue. She steps out of her bathroom and opens her closet to pick the perfect nightgown. Choosing a skimpy black and white lace nighty, she’s proud and claims that Kim Jung Hoon is going be dead tonight.

She then finishes her make up and brings out a bold, pearl necklace that was gifted to her by her boyfriend. Pulling out two female condoms, her mind flutters about her potential wild night but she puts them back because she wants to get pregnant. After spraying perfume everywhere, she screams “I’M READY”.

OMHE1-SOOHYUK5Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 12.49.19 am

Heading back to the clinic, Soo Hyuk is sleeping on his ‘hubby’s’ shoulder while waiting for Seul Ah to come out. As soon as the nurse approaches, he goes back to faking. His hubby talks about how his actual wife is overdue to give birth and compares the situation to constipation. He leans into Soo Hyuk’s fake belly and whines how his wife has changed.

Seul Ah finally comes out of from her check-up and the boys immediately switch on. The photographer angles his bag’s hidden camera at her and successfully takes a shot. The star takes a taxi and they follow her.

She arrives at this luxurious apartment and walks in like a superstar. Soo Hyuk has changed out of his ahjumma costume and sports a suave hairstyle, dressed like a cool reporter. He tells his sidekick that they aren’t leaving until they get a shot of Seul Ah and her mystery boyfriend.

OMHE1-PHONEScreen Shot 2016-01-21 at 1.00.11 am

The scene jumps to Mi Mo, who’s driving her seemingly fine car to her date. She’s jamming to some music before a call from ‘My Heart’ comes in. She picks up in delight.

Boyfriend asks where she is and why is it so noisy. She reveals that she’s on her way to his hotel. He freaks out and frantically tells her not to come. Heh, something smells fishy. She ignores his pleas cutely and hangs up, thinking he’s acting a bit strange.

Suddenly, Mi Mo gets a text and pulls over. It’s boyfriend saying, “let’s break up, sorry”. Ouch. She calls him in disbelief and he’s not budging. She whines about how they’ve been together for a year and now could he end it. His decision is final and he coldly hangs up. She loses it.


It turns out the bastard is visiting Seul Ah at a hotel with a bouquet of roses and a ring. She comes out of her VVIP room and he asks her to marry her. She thinks he’s kidding and is disgusted. Meanwhile, Soo Hyuk and his sidekick is conveniently hiding around the corner and get their snap.

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 1.06.04 amScreen Shot 2016-01-21 at 1.10.03 am

The two check out their shots and asks if they’re okay. Soo Hyuk puts his professionalism on, citing they’re not because they need a proper shot of celebs acting lovely. Yoo Joon gets a buzz from his wife saying her water broke. He leaves his sunbae.

Going back into the hotel room, we see the place covered with roses and the Mi Mo’s cheating ex sits with Seul Ah on the couch. He asks if their baby (OMFG) is healthy. She replies that it’s fine. He wants them both to live happily ever after.

Mi Mo is seen crying her eyes out and cursing Jung Hoon to death.

Two kids appear onto the screen. The young boy reveals his dad cooked the yummy food they’re munching on. The chubby girl is amazed at his dad’s skill. The boy says his dad is good at everything except for seducing a girl. She tells him to teach his dad his ways. He says he never seduced a girl before, as they always liked him. The girl says that’s why he got no friends. He says there’s her. Aw.

Seul Ah and Jung Hoon are eating high tea at the restaurant Mi Mo’s friend works at. He realises it is Mi Mo’s boyfriend that’s talking about babies with another woman. He shits himself and notifies Mi Mo.

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 1.23.13 amScreen Shot 2016-01-21 at 1.24.44 am

Soo Hyuk makes his way to the hotel where Seul Ah is. He is about to go in, only to be stopped by staff because it’s idle time. Soo Hyuk says he’s here for afternoon tea. While he’s arguing the staff, he notices a lady dressed in a fur coat strutting past. And it’s Mi Mo!

The fiery Mi Mo walks into the restaurant in search for Jung Hoon. Soo Hyuk follows behind in curiosity. She immediately faces her ex and smacks his handsome face with what looks like a pile of crap in her hand. It splatters all over leaving everyone shocked.

OMHE1-ASS5Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 1.25.07 am

Mi Mo angrily interrogates Kim Jung Hoon while Seul Ah keeps her sunnies on. Mi Mo yells at him for not feeding her before dumping her. Soo Hyuk looks closer at Mi Mo and he realises that she’s the ahjumoni from the car accident. Mi Mo tells continues release her anger. Finally, Seul Ah takes off her mask and reveals her face. She asks Mi Mo if she’s going to pull out her hair again. Everyone’s jaw drops, including Soo Hyuk’s.

OMHE1-DARA9Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 1.36.51 am

Mi Mo isn’t impressed. She looks down at Seul Ah and asks why is it her once again. They are far from friendly after so many years. Jung Hoon tells Mi Mo not vent out on his Seul Ah but him instead. He asks Mi Mo to meet another day to properly end their relationship. Soo Hyuk isn’t going to let this scandal slip, as he starts clicking away from afar.

An emotional Mi Mo asks Jung Hoon if he could only see Seul Ah and not her. She says what is the point of meeting again if the outcome will be the same. She questions where the sweet Jung Hoon went. The scene tones down from fierce to a vulnerable outcry from the hurt Mi Mo. The moment shakes up reporter Soo Hyuk a little and he pauses from his photo taking.

She keeps on asking why Jung Hoon cheated on her instead of just ending it all first. He just remains silent. She notices the ring on Seul Ah’s finger and admits defeat to a ring. She narrates that Da Jung was right about marriage. Wiping her hands on a serviette before ditching it on his face, Mi Mo walks out on the brink of tears.

Dong Mi is seen at a church praying to get a guy of her dreams. A guy that is successful, looks good in a white shirt and jeans, has abs but eats a lot and looks sexy in Calvin Klein underwear. Mi Mo narrates, while she was getting dumped, Dong Mi is praying for a specific guy.

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 1.38.50 amScreen Shot 2016-01-21 at 1.45.01 am

Meanwhile, Da Jung is in the office talking divorce terms with her husband but tears up the contract in hand. Mi Mo narrates, revealing how Da Jung is struggling with her husband who wants to get a divorce.

Ae Ran is also at the crossroads with her engagement. She’s got lovely in-laws that gift her expensive jewelry and a wealthy and kind fiancé. However she isn’t as happy as she should be.

After the nasty confrontation, Mi Mo finds herself at the beach. Her heels are sinking into the sand, the wind is blowing through her messy hair and she’s shivering in the cold water. She’s having a mental breakdown.

OMHE1-NARA13Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 1.48.20 am

While Mi Mo is clutching onto her pearl necklace and contemplating whether she should dispose it into the sea, Soo Hyuk is at the same beach and is happily writing his gossip article.

He glances at the ocean view; only see Mi Mo on by herself. He wonders why she’s still there. Mi Mo is seen ditching away the necklace and her love for the bastard. As she’s walking off, her friend’s voice in her mind refreshes her memory that the necklace is worth $30,0000. She is wishy-washy for a bit until ultimately deciding to reclaim it for all it’s net worth.

Soo Hyuk catches her stripping off her coat and shoes before jumping into the ocean. He thinks she’s going to drown herself so he rushes down to save her. He yells at Mi Mo who’s already far from the shore. He calls her ahjumoni, ahjumma and finally ahgassi before demanding her to stay there. He takes off his shoes and dives in.

OMHE1-SOOHYUK16Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 2.00.22 am

Mi Mo is busy finding the necklace while Soo Hyuk momentarily forgot he doesn’t know how to swim. He hilariously screams for his life, asking for someone to save him. LOL. Mi Mo ends up saving him.

OMHE1-OTP5Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 2.01.02 am

She takes him back to shore and he’s unconscious. She is scared for his life so she performs CPR, not excluding mouth-to-mouth action. He wakes up thirty seconds later and frantically asks if she’s okay, like she was the one to regain conscious. He keeps on screaming at her with real distress, saying getting dumped is not the end of the world. After all the gibberish, he draws her in for a forced and super tight hug. She demands for him to get off her at an instant. Instead he pulls her in for another.

We return to the office and Da Jung is in an appointment with a client. He is an upperclassman and is full of high standards for a new marriage prospect. He wants to get revenge by grabbing a Gangnam girl who’s 12 years younger than him. Life’s hard for Da Jung in this business.

Mi Mo is driving Soo Hyuk in her car. They’re hair is visibly wet yet looks hella attractive. She tells him how stupid he is for thinking that she was going to commit suicide. She complains why was he peaking at girls anyway. He says anyone who saw a girl stripping and diving into the water think she’s crazy or committing suicide. She reminds him that she ended up saving him.

She asks, why does he look familiar. Then it finally hits her, she remembers him as the byuntae (pervert) that crashed into her car. He tries to convince her he ain’t a perve by revealing that he’s a reporter for Masspunch. She’s even more surprised and begins to ask about how much he knows. He says he knows everything. She accuses him for stalking a former celebrity, causing him to explain he’s a reporter that’s not a low-level to report on lowly celebrities. He reveals he only wanted to find out if Kim Jung Hoon and Goo Seul Ah are dating.

That flicked Mi Mo’s switch. She’s super mad but remains her cool, insisting that he’s lucky she’s nice. She asks him where he lives and he says he lives in Seoul. She loses it and angrily asks does Seoul belong to him and where the hell he actually lives.

OMHE1-OTP6Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 2.21.54 am

They arrive at Soo Huk’s place. It’s coincidentally the same apartment building as Mi Mo’s! To top it off, they are actually direct neighbours. In discontent, the pair storm into their own homes.

Soo Hyuk’s stomach begins to grumble and he recalls to a point earlier in the day where Mi Mo didn’t get to eat because of her ex. He looks on for a while but not far enough to ask her to eat with him.

Soo Hyuk finds his son’s post-it note stuck onto a photo frame. It says today’s snacks were 8 out of 10. Daddy is proud.

A moment later, Daddy Soo Hyuk is dressed comfortably in an opened checkered shirt – a look that suits the single dad image. He’s carefully chopping some tomatoes for a feed.

Surprisingly he rings his neighbour’s doorbell, carrying a tray of dinner. How sweet is he! Mi Mo asks if he cooked for her. Duh. He says she deserves to eat because she saved him but she rejects his offer. He turns his back but she immediately pulls him back. Playing hard to get already, I like it. She asks if he wants to have a glass of alcohol with her before inviting him in.

Mi Mo tells Soo Hyuk to sit comfortably and he’s looking for a seat but he stumbled across a messy lounge area, full of alcohol bottles. They sit down on the floor around the coffee table. Soo Hyuk finds some scrap lying around and it’s a piece of ripped packaging with Mi Mo’s ex’s face on it. She isn’t fussed.


Mi Mo takes a bite from Soo Hyuk’s bowl of curry and praises him for the taste. He’s glad she likes it. She grabs opened bottles of leftover soju and beer and pours it into a glass for Soo Hyuk. How classy of her. She then places a tissue on the glass of soju and beer, shakes it, throws the wet tissue to the roof and hands the drink to him. He takes a sip and reacts like it’s the best thing he’s ever drank.


We go to a classroom setting, where Da Jung and her husband (cameo by Kim Tae Hoon) are in a meeting with their child’s teacher. The teacher shows them a book their child made and it’s full of lonely pictures and words. She explains her worry for the child’s mental wellbeing. Then the estranged parents walk out of the school. Da Jung immediately blames her husband for everything. He blames her and leaves.

Heading back to Mi Mo’s apartment, the pair is tipsy after a few more drinks. She talks about she thought she was going to get a second marriage. Soo Hyuk questions her why she wants to get married so badly. She asks if she should just date forever. She explains the government acknowledges marriage and it’s harder to break up that way. He says if they really want to leave, they’ll leave in the end and no approval is necessary.

The two then go for another drink before finally introducing each other. Soo Hyuk laughs at Mi Mo’s name. She drunkenly asks why he’s laughing. He says it reminded him of a person he knew with the exact name. He reveals she called herself Olivia Hussey of their town. She gives him the evils and asks who is he and how does he know her nickname. She repeats his name reveals his bad face had been bothering her. They both think a bit harder about each other. At the same time they scream “DALBIT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL? ROMEO? JULIET?”


Flashback into the past and it’s the child version of the two. They are about 8 years old and are performing Romeo and Juliet. Mini Soo Hyuk lies on top of his sleeping Mi Mo and his stomach grumbles in pain. She reminds him of his line and the boy leans in for a kiss on her pouting lips. Just as he is about to kiss her, he is about to vomit so he runs off the stage. The show became a laughing-stock and Mi Mo’s hate for Soo Hyuk began.

The kids are playing soccer and Soo Hyuk strikes a goal. Mi Mo watches on, only to get embarrassed for the missed kiss by some bullies. She doesn’t take their shit and stands up asking them: “Don’t you know who I am? I’m Olivia Hussey!” She angrily makes her way onto the field in hunt for Soo Hyuk.

OMHE1-BABY3 Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 3.06.03 am

As soon as Soo Hyuk kicks another goal, Mi Mo jumps in the air, lands on her feet and pulls down his pants in front of everyone. He’s all WTF and calls her a pervert. She sneers at him and says she’s checking something because he can’t kiss a girl. She looks down at Soo Hyuk and checks if he’s a man. ROFL, I just can’t with this girl. She walks off as poor little Soo Hyuk is left holding onto his little balls.

Back to the present and Soo Hyuk is furious at Mi Mo for humiliating him and accuses her in being a child molester. He thrusts his hips up and pulls up his pants to show off the belt he can’t live without. HAHAHA, I’ve lost it. Mi Mo complains about how made her have a first kiss phobia.

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 3.06.07 am

They continue to scream at each other about being naked as children. Soo Hyuk hilariously reveals he couldn’t go to the public bathhouse with his mother after it. He claims the incident is his most humiliating experience. But come to a lull when Mi Mo asks him didn’t he hers today. She begins to cry as she explains how he saw her being pathetic. She says it is even more miserable to see the man she trusted propose to another girl in front of her. He shuts up and takes another sip with her.

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 3.13.14 am

Dong Mi arrives at a fancy function for singles. She’s visibly excited in her pretty coat and a face full of make up.

OMHE1-NARA19Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 3.20.12 am

Coming back to the drunk neighbours, Soo Hyuk is still there listening to Mi Mo. Her tears have dried up and her eyeliner has trickled down her cheeks. She keeps on calling her ex an asshole. As Soo Hyuk watches her, he is reminded of a crying girl from the past. He asks her why does she cry so beautifully and launches himself at her for a kiss. I died.

Mi Mo’s eyes are wide opened. He says this is what he couldn’t do back then. She calls him crazy. He agrees and asks her to do what she couldn’t do with him today.


We return to Dong Mi at the singles convention. She walks in only to be absolutely shocked at the men in attendance. Elderly, wrinkle overload, vintage suited and bald men they are. Instead of mingling she just drinks red wine by herself, glass after glass.

Mi Mo narrates through a close-up of mixed soju and beer and scenes of the future where she and Soo Hyuk are happily together. She speaks of a happily ever after with him.

Mi Mo is seen in bed, rolling around in a cow onesie and a shirt showing a fake rack. She is having a huge hangover. Dong Mi calls and asks if she used her ID for the marriage registration. Dong Mi jokes with her, asking if she’s scared of Jung Hoon running away hence the abrupt signing. Mi Mo complains about what Jung Hoon did to her before realising she’s got a the big yellow ring on her wedding finger.


Meanwhile, Soo Hyuk is seen throwing up in a toilet. He’s having a hangover too. He receives a message from his colleague, congratulating him on his marriage. The message also has a photo of him kissing a girl that looks like Mi Mo whilst holding a marriage certificate. “Oh it’s me.” What a simple reaction. He calls his colleague in confusion.

Soo Hyuk asks Yoo Joon why he is kissing his neighbour in the photo. Yoo Joon answers, saying that she’s Soo Hyuk’s wife that he got married to last night. Mi Mo looks closer at her finger and wonders why she’s got this childish ring. Soo Hyuk hangs up and zooms in on the photo, only to see is name next to Han Mi Mo’s. Mi Mo also scans her apartment, spotting her pink bra and roses on the floor.

OMHE1-SOOHYUK22 Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 3.35.56 am

The two both connect the dots and came to realize what actually happened.
After the kiss, Soo Hyuk asked Mi Mo if she wants to do it again. He says from today, she’s his wife and they should get married. Then they go to the marriage centre and he gets down on one bended knee and asks in English: “Will you marry me?” Mi Mo answers: “ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY!”

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 3.42.00 am

Bam, it’s just episode one and the OTP already became a married couple.

Thoughts of mine:

Gee, didn’t the drama start off with a bang! Jung Kyung Ho and Jang Nara flew the flag with their comedic acting and sizzling chemistry. It started off strongly with an entertaining cameo from We Got Married couple, Kim So Yeon (who was Kyung Ho’s former co-star) and Kwak Si Yang. Then came the introduction of the Angels. Each of the members were unique in their own way. 2NE1’s Dara did a good job in her appearance. Her character is the baddest bitch out there.

Mi Mo really had it tough with her boyfriend dumping her like that. It was nice of Soo Hyuk to help her. Despite Soo Hyuk almost drowning himself, he really showed that he cared about Mi Mo. He seems like a nice guy.

It is very rare that the OTP already shared a kiss, cried together and got married all in the first episode. The fact that the OTP has history together makes the drama even more interesting. I loved how fast paced the episode was. But perhaps the amount of juxtaposition made the flow a bit choppy at times.

Overall, it was a stellar start and everything is positive so far for One More Happy Ending.

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  • dramafan

    thanks for the recap

    “Mi Mo is at home pampering herself to a bubble bath and shaving treatment for her date” can you tell me which song is being played in the background…