Drama Recap: One More Happy Ending Episode 2

Following the shotgun marriage in episode one, a host of flashbacks, a depressing stormy night and glimmers of hope are in store for the One More Happy Ending mob.

This episode brings plenty of comedy and uncontrollable moments of laughter.

One of the highlights includes the revelation of the characters’ lack of happiness and the struggle to recapture it.

Episode 2 Recap:

The writers have gone for a reenactment of ‘60s film Breakfast at Tiffany’s to begin the ep.


Mi Mo hops out of a yellow taxi dressed like Audrey Hepburn. She is about to go shopping at a store called ‘Happy Tifanyee’, a poor man’s Tiffany & Co. Browsing through the window, she takes out a croissant from her paper bag and starts munching on it. She cites, ten years ago she liked all things big. She sets her eyes on a diamond ring but flutters her eyes across to the smaller rings. Big rings don’t equal a happy marriage. She believes the ring should be smaller for a second marriage so she won’t get tired of it. There’s so much truth right there.


Walking away from the store, Mi Mo bumps into a man selling fake Rolex watches and Tiffany rings. He addresses her as a nuna and says he’s got it all. She puts the foot down by saying she doesn’t wear fake things. The guy burns her by reminding her of being a fake Audrey wearing a fake ring. He says he isn’t on her level because he’s got A-grade replica goods so he won’t sell anything to her. LOL.

Mi Mo wakes up from her daydream. She’s staring at her fake yellow ring again.


Onlookers are staring at the drunken Mi Mo and Soo Hyuk, who are signing their marriage certificate. She calls Dong Mi to witness their historical event while Soo Hyuk is looking about to draw on himself with a pen. Dong Mi reminds her friend of the singles convention she’s going to. Mi Mo asks for her social security number instead.

At that point, the stunning, drop-dead gorgeous Kwon Yul makes his entrance in One More Happy Ending as Goo Hae Joon. He’s carrying a bouquet of roses too. Soo Hyuk says “Hi!” and waves not without tripping over. Soo Hyuk cheerfully approaches his friend. Hae Joon asks about his buddy’s sudden marriage because he did not know about him having a girlfriend. Soo Hyuk says of course he does, it’s 1501 (Mi Mo’s apartment number).


Soo Hyuk calls his wife. She turns around and waddles like a penguin over to her husband. Hae Joon is a bit startled by the blushing woman. Soo Hyuk introduces Hae Joon as his best friend. Mi Mo kindly gives a 90-degree bow. Hae Joon bows like a gentleman, causing her to giggle. He’s so uncomfortable with the pair’s drunken presence.

Soo Hyuk tells his friend to sign the document as a witness. Hae Joon grabs it aggressively but his eyes are still focused on Mi Mo. His stare is rather intense and perhaps a bit frustrated. It could be he doesn’t approve of her marrying his bud out of the blue or he potentially knows her.

The newlyweds go ahead to hand in their document. Soo Hyuk continues to yell his words out, announcing that they are number 34 in the cue. Mi Mo dramatically waves her arms in the air and happily reveals to any nearby ahjumma and ahjussi that she just got married. All Hae Joon can do is watch the freak show.


Mi Mo’s hubby returns to her side and slides himself down on the floor with Hae Joon’s bouquet. He proposes in English and she says “ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY”. They scream in glee as Soo Hyuk lifts his bride up in the air and swing her around in circles. The bystanders are cheering for them like it’s a scene straight out from an American film. Hae Joon is in a state of confusion. He doesn’t buy one bit of this sudden marriage.


Back to the present and Soo Hyuk is on the toilet floor, reflecting on what he’s done to his life. He says it cannot be right. Flip over to Mi Mo and she says the same thing. She ditches her yellow ring on the floor and sees a whole lot of other fake rings.

Mi Mo flashes back to the night before where she’s exiting the government office with the two men. They are all holding hands. Hae Joon goes to get his car and tells the couple to stay put. Soo Hyuk jumps and screams ‘stay’ like he’s a dog obeying his owner. Mi Mo plays with her flowers and calls Soo Hyuk her honey in the sweetest voice ever. She asks Soo Hyuk if they are a real couple and he answers, of course they are since the Korean government approves them.

Soo Hyuk asks his wife what they should do now. She bumps into his hip a bit too hard before suggesting they should go on a honeymoon. He mocks her honeymoon antic and gladly agrees. Their honeymoon starts down the road from the office.

He carries his wife in his arms as they walk along a street with people selling things. They stumble across an ahjumma selling rings. This ain’t Happy Tifanyee’s. Mi Mo asks Soo Hyuk to buy her a wedding ring. She uses her explosive cuteness before saying the ocean ate up her ring today. Soo Hyuk blames the ocean and pulls her along to punish the nature. LOL.


Mi Mo finally feels dizzy from all the alcohol she drank. To make her feel better, she asks Soo Hyuk to buy her a big ass ring. The ahjumma looks on thinking these people have mental problems. He screams that he wants to buy everything making Mi Mo admire him like a gold digger. He asks for the price as his wife is wearing three rings while her head is hurting.

The memory finishes and Mi Mo thinks there’s no way what happened was real. Her eyes scatter around her living room, finding animal onesies and a leopard print bra that she probably did not own prior to last night. Her head shakes at the bra before remembering where it came from.

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 1.52.26 pmOMHE2-NARA6

Turns out she asked her husband which bra he liked. The newlyweds went to a shop and Soo Hyuk chose the interesting cow onesie. She sexily tells him a red and black lace bra suits her more. He grins, showing his perfect teeth saying it is good but the cow one was better because of the breast-revealing shirt on the inside. The shop assistant asks Mi Mo what size she needs. Mi Mo takes a glance at Soo Hyuk to make sure he can’t hear. She asks for a 75A+, which actually isn’t a proper size. She reiterates to the assistant that she’s a full cup A. The shop assistant awkwardly accepts her request and goes off to find her size.

Mi Mo asks Soo Hyuk what size he likes: a B or C cup. He looks down at her chest and sleazily reveals he’s always gone for A cups since he was in school. LOL. She throws him a two-hand punch, calling him a naughty boy.


The sober Mi Mo questions her life decisions as she tosses the leopard bra away. She declares that she’s gone nuts and regrets drinking. Immediately running next door, she bangs onto Soo Hyuk’s door. No one answers, so she pulls out her phone. Realising that she married a man even before she got his number, she drops onto the ground.


Meanwhile, Soo Hyuk is driving in distress. He stops at a red light and pulls out his phone. He’s frantically looking for Mi Mo’s name on his contact list but fails. He thinks it is all a set-up.

Mi Mo is still at home, dazing around in circles, wondering what to do about the situation. She decides to give the Seoul Call Centre a buzz. She asks them about marriage registration and whether she could cancel it. She explains that she got married last night when she was not in the right frame of mind. The lady puts her on hold. The lady lists the ways she could help her. She asks her if the marriage was against either person’s will.

Mi Mo remembers that she and Soo Hyuk both aggressively demanded the office workers to approve of their marriage. She shakes her head and tells the lady they didn’t exactly give consent. The lady asks if they filed the documents without knowing a serious fault in the other party. Mi Mo says he seemed sane. The lady asks if the man forced her to marry him. Mi Mo denies. The lady comes to a close and says she can’t help with the withdrawal since Mi Mo gave insufficient answers. Mi Mo assures that they were very drunk and were unable to make such decision. The lady kindly rejects Mi Mo’s case and instead suggests she should go to the family court to follow the entire divorce process. Mi Mo angrily confronts her for asking her to go through yet another divorce.

Soo Hyuk drives into his apartment’s parking lot and pulls into his spot that is coincidentally next to Mi Mo’s red vehicle. He angrily gets out of his car and takes the lift upstairs. He impatiently pushes the up button a few more times. Mi Mo is taking the lift down and is why the lift is taking longer.

As the lift arrives on B1, Mi Mo runs out of one lift as Soo Hyuk takes the one next door. They do not notice each other. Mi Mo sprints outside into the parking lot. She’s muttering ‘no, no’ to herself as she enters her car. She’s vigorously searching for Soo Hyuk’s business card. She finds it in her glove box and quickly dials his number. It fails to reach because he left it in his car. She screams in agony.

Soo Hyuk is anxiously taking the lift. He bangs his hand on the wall, only to trigger another memory from last night where he and Mi Mo entered the lift.


He is seen holding Mi Mo hostage against the wall. He asks if she could handle a passionate love like him. Rawr. She sighs and pulls onto his earlobe. She breathes and says the more passionate, the better. He drunkenly bangs his free hand onto the wall to capture her.

Sober Soo Hyuk is still in a blank space with his naughty hand up in the air. He shakes his head and walks out with a serious expression. He violently abuses Mi Mo’s doorbell, calling his wife’s full name. But Mi Mo is not there, as she’s still in the lift.

OMHE2-12Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 2.50.15 pm

In the lift, a mother and her son enter while Mi Mo is trying to call Soo Hyuk. The son tells his mother ‘that thing’, as in Mi Mo, is the cow they milked at the farm. ROFL, you go boy. Mi Mo looks down at her appearance and looks down in both acknowledgement and embarrassment. The mother hilariously says that cow produced the milk he has with his cereal for breakfast. Mi Mo zips up her outfit to cover her face. Mi Mo is crying on the inside and so am I.

Cow Mo reaches her level and finds Soo Hyuk ringing her doorbell. They turn to face each other. At the same time, they roar “YAH!”

Inside Mi Mo’s apartment, the battle begins. She says she already warned him not to see each other again. He blames her for getting him drunk in broad daylight, saying the situation wouldn’t have happened if they were sober. She questions his ethical values as a journalist, quizzing him if he drinks with his sources. He reveals that three shots of soju is his limit. Well sweetie, you tore that limit to pieces. He continues to blame her for overdrinking first. She defends herself, claiming she obviously was a heartbroken mess.

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 11.31.12 pmScreen Shot 2016-01-22 at 11.09.00 pm

Soo Hyuk requests for Mi Mo to tell the truth and accuses her for planning the entire thing; getting him drunk so he would marry her. She denies it while reminding that it was him who wanted to do something crazy. He says it’s her fault for flirting with him and looking vulnerable. She says she isn’t that desperate. He educates her about being in the top one per cent of the male population and exclaims she doesn’t know how much he’s worth. Damn, that confidence. She’s like it’s my job to grade people, which makes his jaw drop. She doesn’t think he’s hot shit at all. He screams: “Grade? I’m not a dog or a pig!”

They finally take a breath and side eyes each other in anger. Soo Hyuk suddenly scans Mi Mo’s fake breast T-shirt. She awkwardly looks down and covers it up with her hands. He calls her a cow. Rude, but totally true. He looks around the living room and picks up one of the bras. He hesitates before asking if they slept together. She shakes her head and says no. He asks her again to make sure. She says she thinks so. They both don’t remember if they did or not.

Mi Mo shivers a bit before reassuring they could not possibly have. While Soo Hyuk sinks into a spot of bother, she insists she wouldn’t be dressed like a cow if they did because she doesn’t like such clothing. But he admits that he does! She is shocked and asks if he jumped on her last night. He has no clue.

They conclude they woke up separately so nothing could’ve happened. He reminds her about the marriage withdrawal and pulls onto her arm to head out. She reveals they can’t withdraw it because she called and they rejected her plea. She says it might be inconvenient however they need to get a proper divorce. He becomes stiff and asks what she’s on about. She asks him if he is willing to sacrifice himself. She pulls out the woman who’s been married card, saying she can’t get divorced twice. He is startled but asks why she needs him. She suggests that he should act like a weird person in order to show a defect for a withdrawal. She refers to a news story she watched about a woman withdrawing her marriage with a man that wears an ankle bracelet exclusive for sex offenders. He just rages at her.


Looks like it wasn’t a silly idea after all. The pair burst their way into the government office. Rocking up at the counter they signed the document, they slam their fists on the desk and demand for a withdrawal. Mi Mo asks the worker if he remembers them. He remembers their loudness. Soo Hyuk claims they were clearly off their face and drunk and asks how he allowed them to get married. Mi Mo puts the case to him, saying they weren’t in a state to make rational decisions. Soo Hyuk raises his voice and questions how a fatal error could occur in the Korean admin system. He asks again if he could withdraw it.

The worker calls them annoying for wanting different outcomes and acting so aggressively each time. In a flashback to the previous night, the worker clearly suggested to the drunken pair to register the next day once they’re sober. Mi Mo pulls out a quote from Benjamin Franklin: “Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today”. Soo Hyuk repeatedly asks him to give them the all clear. After getting witnesses, they put forward the document again. Soo Hyuk quotes, “Time is Money”. Preach, boy.

After the worker’s explanation, he backs his decision because of Soo Hyuk proposing at the office. But in the end, he got Soo Hyuk’s friend, Hae Joon, to persuade them to go home and register again the next day. He says in Soo Hyuk’s jacket, there should be a document. Turns out, it’s the marriage registration document! Mi Mo releases a sigh of relief. The worker says if it weren’t for Hae Joon then he would’ve faced trouble again. The neighbours express their many thanks.


The setting changes into a hospital. Three nurses are gossiping about some girl called Goo Yeon Mi. Suddenly, the hot Dr. Goo Hae Joon walks towards them and the nurses tells him his patient, Yeon Mi, wanted to give a card to him. They hand it over but wonders why Yeon Mi didn’t personally give it to Hae Joon. One of the nurses says the patient wanted him to read it in front of all the nurses. She says it is a warning to stay away from ‘her’ man. The letter is a hand-written song called Song of Hae Joon. Gross. It’s a cheesy confession to Hae Joon, the heartthrob of the hospital. Yeon Mi is a student, so it is no wonder she wrote something childish. The lyrics say she’s sad because she only saw him for ten minutes before the evil nurses took her away. She claims that she is the beauty of her school and will have a sexy body after puberty. She asks Hae Joon to wait two years until she turns legal.


As he is praising the student’s writing, his female colleague approaches him. She says these days, kids don’t hide their feelings. He says it’s more impressive than the usual letter or flowers. His colleague asks if he’s going to wait two years for Yeon Mi. He says it isn’t impossible! Heol, it’s a little creepy. Hae Joon you’re even keeping my hopes up. He thinks two years goes by quickly. The nurses query about his ideal type. A pure woman who’s been through a lot, he reveals. His colleague coldly tells him to pick one because a woman who’s had it tough can’t be pure. She basically wants him to pick her. He is hopeful that a woman that has both aspects is out there.


Mi Mo and Soo Hyuk are at a café being awkward as hell. She’s sipping her coffee and he’s avoiding her eyes. What happened to the bickering almost-married neighbors? Mi Mo is the first to speak, blurting out it’s not even a divorce they are facing. Soo Hyuk says they didn’t even date or break up. She says it’s tricky, a tough cookie to break. He is relieved and thankful the marriage didn’t get approved. He says it was a ‘happening’ due to alcohol, with Mi Mo immediately agreeing. Yeah, blame a substance when there’s obviously chemistry boiling on the 15th floor. Soo Hyuk smiles at their conclusion. Mi Mo says if they’re both quiet about it, which Soo Hyuk has no issue with, no one will know.


Mi Mo and Soo Hyuk walk out of the café. They give the slightest smirk at each other. Soo Hyuk says he’s going in the right direction for an appointment, feeling the need to explain since they live in the same building. Mi Mo points to the opposite direction. Soo Hyuk awkwardly waves at her and hopes she has a nice afternoon. He glances at her and strolls slowly away with his hands in his pockets.

Mi Mo narrates, the weather was gloomy and they ended whatever they had at a café. She looks at another couple inside that were seemingly in midst of a break up. She says the only difference between them and her situation was that she and Soo Hyuk wished for each other’s happiness.

Mi Mo finds herself outside the Seoul Family Court and she reminisces about the time where she separated from her ex, Kim Seong Jae. The judge asks the two if they have any objections to a divorce. Mi Mo holds a blank face. Seong Jae says no so she follows suit. As the judge announces they are no longer married, they’re eyes flutter at each other to see if they were still holding onto any glimmer of hope. Seong Jae and the lawyers stand up to leave. She gets up gingerly.


She reflects on her marriage, citing she clashed with her ex-husband in many ways, just like the former couples that are walking out of the court. She admits once the differences become unbearable, people just tear apart and aren’t able to look back.

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 12.43.06 amScreen Shot 2016-01-23 at 12.44.47 am

We go back into the past and Mi Mo is sitting at the same café with Seung Jae. She is on the verge of tears and so is he. She narrates, they both thought they’d feel good after the divorce but they were miserable and cried together.

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 12.49.05 amScreen Shot 2016-01-23 at 12.45.01 am

That day, Mi Mo stands on her balcony in her pajamas, staring at couples cozying up and kids happily playing at the park downstairs. It makes her feel even more depressed. She walks back inside and stares at a male sized white T-shirt hanging on the clothing rack. She folds it as it soaks up her tears. She uses it to sob into. She narrates; she continued to cry all night and she realised that with you, you have to give it your all in order to have no regrets.

Back to the present and Mi Mo returns to her apartment. She’s tired however she has to clean up the mess in her house. She acknowledges that she drank way too much and she didn’t even realize she wasn’t herself anymore. Da Jung calls her and asks if she is mad because she wanted time off but she got married instead. Mi Mo says it isn’t like that, causing Da Jung to demand why she isn’t at their office. Da Jung is agitated with the amount of missed calls she left and says this is why you never should do business with friends. Mi Mo looks at her watch and tells Da Jung she’ll come right away. Da Jung refuses because it is the day of the wedding that Mi Mo arranged. Mi Mo heads to the wedding.

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 12.58.25 amScreen Shot 2016-01-23 at 1.11.10 am

Meanwhile, Soo Hyuk meeting with a doll-faced girl. Gee, what a fast turnaround. He is sipping his coffee as the girl tries to flirt with him. He smiles at her. She is actually Min Woo’s teacher. She praises him for looking young. He explains, he was a charming boy and got a girl pregnant as soon as he became an adult. The teacher giggles and gives him a whack on his arm. He stares at his arm with an expression that screams, ‘how dare she touch my quality jacket?’ She compliments him about his job and how he must get all the girls. He chuckles.

She asks about his son’s mother but he cuts her off by saying he raised him by himself. He questions if she called him in just to ask about his relationship status. She denies and touches him again. He wants to tell her not to touch him and is just holding it in. She recommended Min Woo to an international school but he doesn’t want to go. He says his son will survive even if he doesn’t study. She initiates skinship again and agrees with his words. How cunning of her. He puts his hand off the table, LOL. They continue to talk about his son’s education before she lays another hand on him. He looks at the gesture again. He concludes that he accepts Min Woo’s decision, end of story. She tried to touch him again but he quickly grabs a hold of her wrist and places it down on her side of the table.

Ae Ran and her fiancé are shopping for a new steam iron. The man is interested but the woman could not care less. Ae Ran hates ironing the most. HAHA, I feel you. She says they could get it done cheap at a Laundromat, so why bother. Fiancé says he’ll do it and even iron her clothes too. Is he a man? He continues to chat to the assistant about the specifics of the product. Ae Ran has doubts about their engagement.

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 1.14.42 am Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 1.12.45 am

The couple sits at a café and fiancé is considering the things they should rent for their new house. Ae Ran finally asks if he’s nervous. He doesn’t know about the nerves she speaks of. She explains; guys usually get super nervous before a wedding. He says he is nervous because he is excited. He grins at her cutely. He tells her that he will never leave her so she has nothing to worry about. She still isn’t smiling.

Soo Hyuk is waiting for the lift in his apartment building. As one arrives, Mi Mo walks out of it. She stumbles at the sight of him but luckily he catches her. He immediately pulls his hands off her back like the cops caught him. She backs off too. She awkwardly says the door is closing on him. He lets it close. They say “Hi again”. He noticed her being all dressed up, contrary to a cow onesie. He asks her if she is going to somewhere nice. She says it’s just someone else’s special occasion. She asks him if he just got off work. He casually tells her he’s dropping by home before going out. She lets him go do his thing and bids him goodbye.

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 1.36.12 amScreen Shot 2016-01-23 at 1.30.26 am

Mi Mo walks outside the building and encounters a girl she knows. The girl addresses her as Mi Mi. Mi Mo kindly corrects her. Mi Mo compliments the girl’s dedication to exercise. The girl elaborates on early gym-goers like her work hard to get a voluptuous body including an apple hip. She advises Mi Mo to start working out and applying essence to her neck and hands because they’re the parts plastic surgery can’t fix. Mi Mo says knows all the tips but she is just too busy. The girl says she should start early because it will lead to her ‘happily ever after’. Mi Mo politely accepts her advice and says bye to her.

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 1.41.57 amScreen Shot 2016-01-23 at 1.38.34 am

Dong Mi is staring furiously at her computer. She’s looking up 1-1 matchmaking questions. Her colleague swings her chair over to get the goss from Dong Mi’s blind date. She sasses back; if she looks unpleased like this, does she think it went well. Dang girl, don’t bother to hold back. Her colleague tries to make her feel better as all blind dates turn out unsuccessful. Dong Mi whines about her paying a fee to enter the convention. She won’t let the organizers get away with toying with souls that want to get married. She goes back to the dating site and types up a complaint. She describes herself as the most sought after lady on the market before expressing her discontent about the event.

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 1.47.33 amScreen Shot 2016-01-23 at 1.52.13 am

Mi Mo and Da Jung are at their client’s wedding. Da Jung is mind blown by Mi Mo’s recount of her day off work. Mi Mo describes it as very dynamic and spectacular. Da Jung sips her champagne and agrees. Mi Mo lets her friend decide what was most crazy: Jung Hoon didn’t bring her a ring and his fiancé is Goo Seul Ah or that she almost got married to her long-lost friend. Da Jung says the fact that it all happened in one day is the most crazy. Mi Mo concurs, as she also drinks her champagne but quickly swapped it for water. Da Jung takes a sip of hers but Mi Mo dodges her glass out of the way. She tells her to watch her drink load because she is losing her capacity with age.

The married couple walks from the stairs and everyone is clapping. Mi Mo is carrying an envious expression as she watches on. She then digs into the appetizing buffet. She comments; high-paying clients are totally worth it for an expensive feast. As she is walking along the food bar, she spots her ex-husband, Seong Jae.

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 2.00.31 amScreen Shot 2016-01-23 at 1.57.30 am

Addressing him as the guy that used to be hers, she looks like she wants to cry in a corner. Poor girl. She drops her plate of food on the bar and walks towards him. On her path, she recomposes herself and runs through what she’s going to say to him. She comes up with “Hi, it’s been five years”. Her thoughts come to a halt as she sees a younger, sexy looking lady hook arms with Seong Jae. He introduces the lady to his friends as his fiancé, Song Si Ah. Oh no. Seong Jae suddenly turns around and Mi Mo flips around just in the nick of time. He keeps looking at her. Mi Mo grabs some random guy’s arm and asks him if she could hold onto him for a second because she is having a panic attack. On the other hand, ex-hubby’s fiancé asks what’s up with him and he says he thought he saw an old friend. Mi Mo finally lets the guy go. He offers to call an ambulance for her. She thanks him, saying she’s just going to rest. She glances at Seong Jae again. She is reminded of the time where Seong Jae tells her he isn’t happy with her.

Mi Mo narrates; she saw her ex smiling with a young girl that has a model-like body. The setting leaves the reception to a café. She bitches to her girlfriends that the girl’s bigger breasts were mocking her A+’s and how her ex lied to her. They all don’t look interested. They must’ve heard the same old story billions of times. Ae Ran is falling asleep, Dong Mi is reapplying her lip balm and Da Jung is reading a text from her husband. Mi Mo complains about Seong Jae wanting happiness and eludes to the fact he just wanted to marry a younger chick. She claims he tricked her. She finally notices at everyone’s lack of attention. Da Jung is sad because her husband wants to go to the divorce court. Dong Mi reveals in one week, it will be 3000 days since her last kiss. She believes she might die as a virgin.

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 2.18.35 amScreen Shot 2016-01-23 at 2.14.05 am Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 2.13.49 amScreen Shot 2016-01-23 at 2.13.36 am

Mi Mo is pissed at their unresponsiveness. Da Jung finally broke the ice and asks how is getting engaged to a girl brutal of him? Mi Mo reiterates that she got tricked. Da Jung raises the unknown factor of him having an affair before divorce or getting a girl after. She thinks it’s too late to find out and says she wouldn’t be surprised if he was flying in the air with Superwoman or wrestling with Wonder Woman. Mi Mo stares her down but starts to believe her. Ae Ran blurts out that she’s going to meet her fiancé today and call off her engagement. I wonder if she’s for real this time. Breaking his heart is already tearing her apart. Da Jung asks if it’s really the end. Ae Ran nods.

A client asks for a marriage prospect that has a natural hot body. Mi Mo gives a ‘tsk’. He says he vowed not to have sex before marriage and it made him miserable. At the word ‘miserable’, Mi Mo is reminded once again of Seong Jae’s infamous quote: “I’m not happy with you.” She clearly hasn’t moved on. Her client found out he got tricked on the night of his honeymoon. He compared his feeling to opening a bag of chips that’s half empty. Mi Mo reasons; not all guys go for sexy bodies. He refines her answer, saying that only applies to a girl who’s above average. He wants a girl that’s not flat on both sides. That rules out a lot, ahjussi. Mi Mo smartly tells him not to compare a girl to his favourite actress in adult films. OH SNAP. He says he won’t have to compare for much longer since he’s here like most divorcees.

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 2.40.53 amScreen Shot 2016-01-23 at 2.25.22 am

Mi Mo is reminded of Seong Jae’s fiancé once again. Gawd, she can’t get over it. She calls her client a pervert. You tell him! She interrogates him, asking him if he came here for a wife or a girl to sleep with. She asks if her office is a hostess bar and angrily asks him if he wants to her to check her out first. Disgusting. He calls it honesty. Mi Mo serves him her honesty, poking at his belly fat and suggesting he should lose it before having high expectations. She refers to the company’s motto – ‘Know yourself’. He leaves, questioning if liking a hot body is a sin.

Da Jung tries to lure him back for business but fails. She rushes into Mi Mo’s office. Mi Mo avoids her eyes in fear. Demanding that Mi Mo goes to meet Seong Jae because she knows Mi Mo will continue to react badly to clients in similar appointments. She advices her to ask him directly or else she’ll just keep on being victimized. She grabs onto her phone to find Seong Jae’s number. Mi Mo declares she’ll do it.

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 2.49.15 amScreen Shot 2016-01-23 at 2.46.05 am

Mi Mo is sitting in a dark restaurant. She’s staring at her glass with despair. She hears the door open but it’s just a customer. Time has gone past and she finally takes a sip. At that moment, Seong Jae walks into the place. He calmly walks to the table and takes a seat. They awkwardly exchange smiles. Seong Jae breaks the ice, saying it’s been a long time. She jokes about not seeing each other for five years until one phone call. He heard about her business doing well. She gives a ‘mhm’ before mentioning that for him, his dating is going well. She reveals that she saw him at the wedding. He’s like; then she would’ve seen the people I was with. She compliments his fiancé for being very memorable. So memorable that she can’t stop yapping about her. He says he’ll be going back to the US to handle some matters before marrying her in Korea. She says it’s surprising with a cold, hard look. She comments on how he’s become detailed and probably forgot about the purpose of their marriage. He’s like why not, it ended a long time ago. She squirms around, drinks a big gulp and crunches on the ice. She asks about how Ppoppo is going and how she misses their pet, not him. He’s going to put the dog up for adoption because his fiancée is allergic to them. He’s a dick but he’s honest and has moved on. She complains about him keeping the dog, only to throw it away so he may do the same to his children. It’s only a dog to him yet it’s her baby. He asks her if she’ll keep him. They continue to argue.

Seong Jae finally spits out; “Did you call me for the first time in five years for Ppoppo?” and things like this could’ve been easily dealt with over the phone. He’s busy and needs to prepare for a contract. He asks why she wanted to see him. She wants to know the real reason why they broke up. This quote channels my inner Younha fetish. Seong Jae frowns and closes his eyes. He says he’s told her why, it was because he wasn’t happy when they were together. She asks of him to be more specific. His explanation is just he felt like there was no place for her in his life. He continues on about her self-reliant personality and how she seemed fine alone. It made him feel unimportant and like she didn’t need him. She is tearing up, as she wants to know if his girl isn’t self-reliant. He feels valued by his fiancée. Mi Mo scoffs and laughs. She tells her ex to listen. She asks him if he understand her as a woman, relating to her many flaws. She wants him to admit he wanted a passionate relationship with a hotter girl, so she can apologize to him for being a 75A cup.

It starts raining. Seong Jae begins to talk and asks Mi Mo if she’s gotten more self-conscious over the years. He says if she made her own conclusion, why is she taking it out on a busy person. His eyes are a little watery. He doesn’t budge and continues on. According to him, the real reason why they got divorced because of Mi Mo’s desire to always be right, and only believed what she wanted to see. Mi Mo thinks to herself, she should’ve never of met up with him because now her good memories have vanished. She is filled with hate and resentment.

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A big storm has casted through the sky. Rain plummets on Ae Ran and her fiancé. They are outside of their car getting drenched. She’s on her knees. He looks at her in agony. She speaks up, breaking it to him that she can’t spend her life with him because she has too much passion. He can’t believe it. He says if she’s feeling this way then she should’ve told him before he arranged the wedding. They’re both crying. She blames herself for not realizing it sooner. He asks if all she cared about was her feelings while he organized everything. She apologizes. He asks the deadweight question; “Am I not good enough?” He says it’s way too late.

Mi Mo arrives back home carrying her and Seong Jae’s dog. She tells the dog, he’ll be living with mum from now on because dad’s abandoned him. As she is taking the lift, ahjummas are talking about how dangerous it is to live here alone. She sees a crime scene and gets out to see what’s happening.

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 3.28.57 amScreen Shot 2016-01-23 at 3.27.09 am

Neighbors reveal to Mi Mo that a girl with a nice figure from apartment 105 was suffocated to death from eating a chicken bone. She realizes it is Kyeong Yeon, the girl she talked to earlier. She is freaking out, especially when she thinks back to what she told her about finding happiness early. She imagines  how Kyeong Yeon died.

Kyeong Yeon was eating chicken and beer on her couch before choking on a bone. She can barely move but manages to call the ambulance. She obviously cannot say a word. Mi Mo narrates, if a person was with her at that moment then she wouldn’t of lost her life.

Mi Mo feels nauseous at that thought and begins to lose her feet. She regains her composure, only to imagine herself dying at home and getting stretchered off. Sadly, Seong Jae and wife are watching her die. Seong Jae promises to never leave her.

Mi Mo gets back home. She’s thinking about what her neighbors said about women having a husband and kids just in case. She finds a chicken bone in her mess and bans her dog from eating chicken.

Dong Mi is watching a Brad Pitt movie while eating take-out and drinking soju on this rainy night. Her eyes bulge at a kiss scene. She swallows her saliva and pauses the scene. She calls Da Jung, telling her she wants to kiss someone. She says it’s not her. They’ve both been deprived of men. Da Jung says at least she lives with a man, even if in separate rooms. Dong Mi hangs up in jealousy.

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Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 3.46.03 amScreen Shot 2016-01-23 at 3.44.25 am

Da Jung’s husband is seen sleeping on the coach. She’s in the bedroom. It’s been seven years since they last slept in the same bed.

Ae Ran sits by herself in the dark. She’s drinking soju and thinking about the things her fiancé said.

Mi Mo takes a bubble bath. She thinks about all her encounters with men the past few days. First, is her break up with Jung Hoon. Second, is Soo Hyuk proposing to her and concluding it due to their alcohol consumption. Third, is her encounter with Seong Jae. She lets her head slide into the water for a second but quickly gets up from her daze. She gives Dong Mi a call.

Mi Mo acts like a wuss as she requests for Dong Mi to give her a morning call everyday in case she goes missing. Dong Mi tells her to stop the nonsense and she doesn’t want to call a woman in the morning. Mi Mo says she ain’t talking shit because she actually feels dizzy. Dong Mi just tells her to sleep and hangs up. Mi Mo gets out of her bath to pick a nightgown. She picks a red and black lace one to match a depressing night.

Soo Hyuk is having dinner with his son. He tells Min Woo again, he will support him in whatever he chooses to do in life. He says, “Do whatever you want, that’s what is important”. Min Woo says he’s thinking of going to an international middle school, contrary to what his daddy heard earlier. Min Woo reasons, stating his got good grades and his teacher is recommending him so he should go. Soo Hyuk whines about why did he tell her he didn’t want to and how he sat through a meeting with her. Min Woo confesses; it was actually a blind date that he organized. He asks his dad how is his pretty teacher. LOL, I knew it. He explains his teacher is not young and is still not married because she likes good-looking guys. He’s like to his dad: “You know you’re good-looking.” Soo Hyuk shakes his head upwards with confidence. Min Woo says she may not like the fact that his dad has a son but she knows he is a very good student so there won’t be an issue.

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 4.00.40 amScreen Shot 2016-01-23 at 4.00.50 am

He encourages his dad to date. Soo Hyuk smirks and continues cooking. He thinks 34 is still young and asks why he doesn’t want to date. Soo Hyuk says he just needs him. Naw. Min Woo frets at the ‘scary’ comment and how parents who devote to their children too much become obsessive. He thinks it just doesn’t make sense. Soo Hyuk reminds Min Woo about the time he said it was cool that his dad only needed him. Min Woo whines, saying it was in pre-school and how could dad possibly believe it now. Soo Hyuk says his words kept him going over the years and warns him not to change them. Min Woo says he thought it was cool for dad to only love his mum but now it is scary. He’s scared of his dad following him when he starts dating. Dad tells his son not to worry because he just hasn’t found the one yet. He warns him, if he falls hard for a girl, he might abandon him. Tough chance. He tells her not to regret it if it happens and to eat dinner. Soo Hyuk watches his precious son ever so tenderly. He’s proud to see how he’s matured.

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 4.17.46 amScreen Shot 2016-01-23 at 4.20.59 am

Soo Hyuk opens a photo album in his room. It’s full of his childhood photos from. He flips to a page where there is a photo with Mi Mo from elementary school. He reminisces to the time he drunkenly kissed her. He smirks to himself like the biggest cutie.

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 4.21.57 amScreen Shot 2016-01-23 at 4.25.03 am

It is 2AM and Mi Mo is trying to sleep. She’s feeling extremely dizzy. She takes deep breaths to calm herself down but she’s still in pain. She tries to reach her phone but falls down on the floor and hurts her back. Crying for her mum, she can barely move. In her first attempt to call 119, she reaches through. The ambulance comes to get her.

In the ambulance, the female paramedic covers Mi Mo up with a blanket. She tells off her colleagues for looking at a nearly naked woman and if they want her to be embarrassed to death. Too late, Mi Mo’s awake and she already took a peek at them talking. The paramedic lectures her juniors about how they should’ve gotten a jacket for her no matter how rushed were they. They apologize to Mi Mo. She asks Mi Mo if she’s still feeling dizzy. Mi Mo says yes and asks why this is happening to her.

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 4.27.09 amScreen Shot 2016-01-23 at 4.34.23 am

They arrive at the hospital and it’s Hae Joon who is assigned to Mi Mo! The paramedics tell him Mi Mo felt dizzy and fell on her lower back. Mi Mo catches a glimpse of Hae Joon and remembers him at an instant. His eyes widen and ask if she is Soo Hyuk’s wife. She says she isn’t and tries to get up but screeches in pain. Hae Joon tells her not to move, as he will examine her. He checks her eyes and they’re fine. Next, he needs her to sit up. He grabs her hand and starts counting. She couldn’t even tell him to stop before sitting up right, flashing off her kinky nightgown. He immediately looks away. LOL. She starts sobbing so he quickly covers her up with the blanket. She shyly apologizes. He’s says it’s okay.

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 4.42.37 amScreen Shot 2016-01-23 at 4.37.49 am

Hae Joon looks back at the computer before picking up a pair of goggles to test her sight. Mi Mo calls him Doctor and begs him to save her. He gives her an assuring yet attractive smile, saying of course he’ll save her and people don’t die that easily. He puts the goggles on her head and asks her to look at his finger and follow it. He grasps his hands around her face, telling her he needs to reposition it. She mumbles in pain as he places it back on the pillow and up again. The blanket falls off her shoulder and her nightgown is flashing again. He looks down at it and takes his hands off her face.

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 4.51.36 amScreen Shot 2016-01-23 at 4.53.12 am

Mi Mo is found to have otolithiasis (an inner ear problem causing repeated episodes of vertigo) in her right ear. Hae Joon says she won’t die from it. She sighs in relief and thanks him. He suddenly takes off his white gown and tells her not to be surprised before pulling away the blanket. She lets out an “omo” and covers herself. He drapes his gown around her like a true gentleman. He even buttons it up for her. She looks at how caring his expression is and feels flustered by it. As he is taking off the goggles, she’s in a complete euphoria. He tells her to only look at him from now on, probably for examination purposes. But he’s also bringing out his dreamy smile, leaving her in a daze. He places his hands on her ears. Her vision is spinning around her, except for him. He moves her back and forth before informing her that she’s fine now. He giggles while she’s still blank.

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 4.58.34 amScreen Shot 2016-01-23 at 4.58.40 am

Meanwhile, Soo Hyuk is sleeping but gets disturbed by his ringtone. It’s Hae Joon on the other line. He loudly asks what’s wrong with Soo Hyuk and whether he is in a stakeout because his wife is in the emergency room. Soo Hyuk sleepily asks what he means by his wife. Hae Joon explains the story and says his wife didn’t want him to worry. He wakes up and quickly gets in his car on the way to the hospital.

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 5.02.24 amScreen Shot 2016-01-23 at 5.13.43 am

Mi Mo is sitting alone in the hospital lobby with an IV drip. She sees other patients having their loved ones by their side. She reveals she’s been in 11 relationships at the age of 34 and been married once. But no one is beside her right at this moment.

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 5.03.37 am

Hae Joon is working at his desk next to his female colleague. She witnessed his encounter with Mi Mo, so she asked why he gave Mi Mo his gown. She says there should be only one time a doctor gives up their gown and that’s when they make a mistake. He chuckles at her idiocy. He gave it to her because she wore close to nothing, he reasoned. She says it is none of his business and questions if he saw her as a woman instead of a patient. He doesn’t answer and poses the question back at her. He asks her if she could treat a man walked in wearing his underwear without blinking an eye. She’s like; of course she can because he is a patient not a man. He accepts defeat, admits he’s got a long way to go and shrugs his shoulders. She looks salty as he leaves. She can stay that way.

Soo Hyuk is driving and he’s talking to himself about Mi Mo. She gives him headaches and causes trouble all the time. He sighs and keeps driving.

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 5.15.00 amScreen Shot 2016-01-23 at 5.16.52 am

Hae Joon buys two cans of juice from a vending machine before darting his eyes around. He finds the lonely Mi Mo and offers her a can. He informs her that he called Soo Hyuk and he’s on his way. She just stares at him, making him feel uncomfortable. He offers the can more convincingly. Finally, Mi Mo snaps out of it and accepts it. Next minute he just sits two seats away from her. Dude, I thought you were going back to your salty colleague. He takes a few glances at her. She doesn’t look back at him. She’s just holding her juice tightly like it’s her treasure.

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 5.20.12 amScreen Shot 2016-01-23 at 5.27.10 am

He opens his and drinks it out of awkwardness. She finally turns to face him. He catches her staring. It is like she is dreaming as she thinks back to their examination. He manages to finish the drink in one go but struggles to swallow due to her strange aura. He says “Hello” and gives a mini bow. HAHAHA. He looks away from her. She abruptly announces she has butterflies in her stomach and she thinks it’s because of him! He looks back at her, and he’s completely lost. She asks if she told him she’s fallen for him, would he think she’s crazy? OMG, somebody hold me. He replies: “Pardon me?”

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 5.22.07 am

Mi Mo says in her mind that she should get married again, and to this man.

Thoughts of mine:

Lord, what have we got here? This episode took me on a rollercoaster. The first half was so hilarious to the point that I haven’t laughed so hard because of a drama before. Mi Mo in that cow onesie while taking the elevator with a mother and son – a scene to remember. The middle chunk gave us a lot of background and closure for the four Angels and Soo Hyuk. Once everyone weathered the storm, the games really begun. Hae Joon entered Mi Mo’s bubble and unintentionally took some helium out of it. It is still early days, and the two main leads have gotten Mi Mo wavering but she was not in the right mindset during those moments. She was either drunk, in pain or drugged out. It is ‘even Steven’s’ so far, with Soo Hyuk leading by a nose hair.

Out of the ladies’ storylines, Ae Ran’s bothers me the most. She obviously is unhappy with her engagement. Her fiancé is basically the perfect man and he organized their wedding for her. While he’s working hard for the relationship, she only cared about her own feelings and ways to break up with him. I find this extremely selfish of her. Everyone has the right to find happiness but if she had doubts, she shouldn’t have been tempted by a ring and say ‘yes’.

Soo Hyuk’s relationship with his son is my favorite. He is a great role model for his son. He’s suffered a lot to raise him. I really like the way he unconditionally supports his son’s decisions. Min Woo is more mature than I thought. I was surprised by a young child like him understood that his dad shouldn’t be single forever. It is nice to see him approve and encourage his dad to find new love. Well, Min Woo might not have to wait too much longer.

Many things happened in this episode. It was super jam-packed but it was important for the drama to dissect the characters, to allow us viewers to get know them more. Things are likely to heat up next week, starting with Soo Hyuk rocking up at the hospital where his neighbor has supposedly fallen for Hae Joon.

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