espressOH! – Cosmic dreams come true with Instagram filters

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Mamamoo, DIA, Violet Evergarden, and now WJSN. Oh and Instagram too let’s not leave that one out! [whispers~ one of my team members insist on Tumblr as well so that too]

The first thing I realized after watching the teaser is that I might need to bleach my eyes later on. Don’t get me wrong. The visual presentations in this teaser and supposedly the full music video soon, is fairly understandable and maybe on point. WJSN is almost always going to preach about many kinds of love but depicted in fantasy or fictional worlds. Places where imaginations can go wild. Where you can express love in many ways. Visually, or alongside other mediums such as sound and words. The aforementioned forms of communication are used to convey and exchanging messages from an entity to another. We can understand them. The information may seem clear or vivid. It all goes down to one’s interpretation and perception.

I would deduct that the Instagram filter approach used in this clip is to emphasize that the girl is actually in a dream. It can be lucid or it can be about their half-remembered dreams. The full music video should answer that question. In a dream, everything seems to be moving in the same pace as real life but in reality it only happens in a few hours or even minutes. Within a dream, physics law does not matter. The dream is the law and if they wish for something, it will happen. But most dreams are quickly forgotten. Good things always come to an end. Perhaps in real world, they can achieve their dreams? But instead of dreaming, they need to work hard on it with sheer dedication and determination. Who knows? This song might be WJSN’s stepping stone to become more successful in the future. That could be their dreams, but surely the dream of all Ujungs.

p/s: But I still need to bleach my eyes.



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