espressOH! – Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku Episode 01

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Oh hey look, it’s another isekai anime! OHHH BOIIIII~

Frankly speaking I am tired of reading or watching isekai stuffs, but some are pretty good. Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku (or just Death March) is one of the good isekai for me. I love the light novel (a good read I must say), and the manga adaptation is pretty well done. Not sure about the web novel though because I haven’t yet to give it a go, perhaps next time. So what is this show about?

Putting aside the usual isekai trope, this story is about 29 years old programmer Ichirou Suzuki whom without any explanations whatsoever (of course, one of the thing I hate about isekai) finds himself transported in a fantasy RPG (role-playing game), as a teenager. This kind of premise that pretty much makes about half of every isekai stuffs out there. Luckily for us there’s no need for banana peel, truck-sama, falling in a pit, and et cetera to force the plot into a hyper-drive. He..simply ends up in a RPG. Hm, well that’s helpful. But with many questions unanswered, it could be good.

Main love interest coming through!

Since I already know the plots from here, I am trying my very best not to spoil anything but if you are looking for a fantasy, harem isekai with pretty girls and good world building – Death March is just for you. Though you will stumble with some interesting stuffs as the story goes on and you will start to have a second thought. On the other hand, back to the anime, the opening and ending song are horrendous for me. I can’t finish both of them, and just skipped both in record time. You should do the same and spare yourself from pain. The visual’s alright (with some horrifying CGI that we don’t deserve), knowing that this anime might be done for the sake of promoting the source material (normal marketing strategy in the industry). Now go waste your time!

P.S. The alternative name for this anime is Reverse Netorare and Frequent Blueballs in the Parallel World.



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