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After the success of the hit TV survival program Produce 101, other broadcasting companies also tried to venture out and ride the survival show trend. KBS, one of the front-runners in Korea’s entertainment industry, is no exception with their “idol rebooting project”, The Unit. Actually, I had been keen towards the female contestants initially, being that my girls NC.A, Yebin of DIA, former April member Lee Hyunjoo, and Dal Shabet’s Woohee & Serri are participating, but as I watched further into the show, I fell deeper in love with the male contestants. Here are my nine most favorite Unit B contestants that you surely should look out for.



If you had been active on the forums then you might notice that my avatar is a gif of Ungjae from the Question MV. What can I say? I JUST LOVE HIM SO MUCH. Ungjae is very very very talented while being very young. In 2016, at the age of 17, he produced all of the songs in IMFACT’s debut album. Here are some of my most favorite IMFACT title tracks where Ungjae gave his golden touch.

He is a lyricist, composer, producer, a rapper, and a pianist at the same time. Don’t forget about his angelic visuals though!!!!


U-Kiss Jun

You spell triple threat as “T-R-I-P-L-E T-H-R-E-A-T”? Well guess what I spell triple threat as “J-U-N”. Jun is arguably the best rapper in The Unit B. Jun’s dancing skills are fire. Jun is a very great singer. Jun can do anything. Jun is so amazing. I love Jun.


HBY Marco

Sorry, the old Marco can’t come to the phone right now… Why? Cause he got rid of those ugly dreads and is now FIRE with his new hairstyle!

/fanning myself enthusiastically



IF I SAY I LIKE TAEHO, I LIKE TAEHO. End of the discussion. Taeho is a great singer and a great dancer. Such a talented individual.


MyName JunQ

I swear first seeing JunQ I was so stunned because he looked oh so damn fine! I ain’t even going to talk about his talents let us all just swoon about his visuals.


Lee Jungha

DON’T JUDGE ME. I know choosing Lee Jungha is a questionable choice but he is just too precious for this world. As Ungjae said before, seeing Lee Jungha just makes you smile!!!! His improvement is also very commendable. Clearly, Rain and the other 3’s boots for Jungha is not going to waste.


Bigstar Feeldog

I know. What kind of a name is Feeldog. I understand. I truly understand if you have those thoughts. But always know, that Feeldog, the owner of the weirdest name in K-Pop, is a very cute fluffball of sunshine, a talented rapper, The Unit’s best dancer, and is a very very hot man.


Im Junhyeok

/cries in My Day language/



By this point I assume you may have figured out that I am truly NOT biased towards IMFACT. Jeup here, is polished to be the main vocal of the final group being the power vocalist that he is. Let’s not even talk about his visuals, and his abs, and his body, and his abs, and his visuals…… His singing skills is CRAZY!

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