espressOH! – Pop Team Epic Episode 01

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2017 is now a not so distant past, but for some it is better to forget about it since lots of shit stuff has happened during that accursed year. That includes the parallel world (English for isekai.. hold on wait a second..) to ours that is known as, anime. Yes, that’s true. Technically speaking we are isekai’d. But without those perks and waifus. Just wasted time and minor brain damage. Could be major if you slam your head way too hard on the damn table. Really.

Now we are entering 2018, and already we have been greeted with several anime that quickly became the talk of the town. If you read the title (goddammit of course you’ve read it before clicking the link), you might’ve heard about this anime on Twitter, 4chan, Tumblr, other social media networks, or wherever you can find memes from. Name: Pop Team Epic. No, it’s not about isekai and turning yourself into an overpowered (OP) farmer. It’s.. uhm.. uh.. about Pop Team Epic? Haha.. ha.. ah.. hm.

Mind you, this is me speaking about the first episode of this anime and I do this blindly without Googling anything. Just a pure, unstained first experience watching the show.  The opening is very misleading, and would catch the untrained eyes off guard. It did catch me off guard, and supposedly I have trained my eyes well. But you have to cut me some slack because I watch lots of anime and at this point, I would just go along with anything.

I genuinely thought I was watching the wrong anime at the time. I was wondering, what’s with this Hoshiiro Girldrop shit I am watching? Don’t get me wrong, some anime of this genre is bearable but most are terrible. Only that group of people which these type of anime are trying to cater to will enjoy them. See what I did there? I just talked about an anime that never existed and we’re still on the opening song. Whew!

I won’t dwell too much into the story (or rather the episode, because what story is in there?) because it is better for you all to watch it yourself. Pop Team Epic is full of references and memes. From Makoto Shinkai’s hit movie Your Name, to Marvel’s Guardian of the Galaxy. Even fidget spinners and the obvious fourth wall breaking can’t escape from it. And we’re still in the first episode. Now what are you waiting for? Go watch the show!

P.S. One of the best shows this year to watch while you’re stoned.



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