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With the unveiling of Sakanaction’s new song, Kagerou, in a recent video drifting across the Japanese spectrum of YouTube – which you should all listen to, in my humble opinion – my nostalgia was heightened, and thus, hours of binge listening to Sakanaction ensued. As one of my favourite Japanese bands, it’s safe to say the group have created some good ass music. So, here I’ll explore the ‘critically acclaimed’ good ass music. This ‘best hits’ list will be completely subjective and based wholly on my own opinion of music. If you find that it’s uncultured, then good for you.

Anyway, on we go!

Hit #1 – Goodbye is Emotion

I probably shouldn’t start off by talking about the music video of this particular song, but really, music stimulates all the senses so I’m going to mention it anyway. The use of monochrome visually makes the video mesmerising, as well as how the scenes reverse themselves and play out in a repeated fashion, adding to the already enthralling experience of listening to this song. This song has a very mellow tone to it initially, which is carried by the unique vocals of Ichiro Yamaguchi, our main man. Honestly, this song just wells emotions in me with it’s beautiful melody and the feelings reflected in the strong vocals. It’s definitely one to zone out to, or even sing along to – as I have done frequently in the past. It’s one of the more heavy songs by Sakanaction, featuring some alternate rock elements too, but definitely a solid hit.


Hit #2 – Slow Motion

Unlike the previous hit, this song is much more upbeat, and shows off another side of the talented band that Sakanaction is. Slow Motion has more of a retro feel to it, and the music video doesn’t fail to deliver highly thought provoking imagery. To be honest, I still don’t understand the music video, like why was there a tooth that wanted to fight everyone? Though I did love the dramatic popping of bubbles and falling of apples highlighted during the dance-inducing chorus. Things get a bit weirder when the mannequin is introduced, but I’ll stop there. There’s something simply timeless about this track, as it puts a very Sakanaction-esque spin on a dance beat then contrasts this completely with a guitar solo. The versatility of this experimental track makes it rightfully one of my favourite songs by the group, and easily one of their best hits.


Hit #3 – Years

This is one of the Sakanaction songs that got to me pretty deeply. It’s a hell of a listen, and I think this is what makes it so immersive and easy to get lost in. I’d never wholly believed how much impact the concept of music translating to words had until this profound song came along, carrying it’s message. It’s one of their slower tracks, but I think that’s what makes it so beautiful. Also, the importance on vocals is almost non-existent, but the gorgeous voice of Yamaguchi only adds to this ambient listen. I almost can’t delve deeper into why this track is so highly scoring for me, but I’ve never gotten bored of this beautiful song.


Hit #4 – Maybe, the Wind

While this is one of Sakanaction’s more well known songs, as it was used as the commercial song of a cosmetic brand “Anessa”, it’s still well deserving of a spot on this list of their best hits. This song combines electronic music with folk and alternative themes, creating an upbeat melody. Furthermore, Yamaguchi’s vocals are stellar in this track, flowing perfectly alongside the beat, making this song an enthralling listen. The video itself features scenic shots, fitting with the aesthetic of the music. The synths in this song are beautiful and the production is impressive, making this immersive song stand out in Sakanaction’s already impressive discography.


Hit #5 – Aruka Around

Like all good lists, I had to leave the best till last. This was my first Sakanaction song, and the beginning of a journey which led me to finding a new world of music outside of what I was frequented with in society. In a way, this song encompasses Sakanaction’s main music tropes. It has electric synths that recreate a dance track, paired with the deep lyrics of Yamaguchi – a perfect pair. I never knew that a bite of an apple would bring me to a group I’d learn to love. This track, regardless of the nostalgia, is still amazing regarding production and the beat and rhythm of the song. A list of Sakanaction’s best hits wouldn’t be complete without this track.

While I wasn’t able to fit every single song I love by Sakanaction into this list – since it would simply be too long at that rate – all of these songs have stood out to me as some of Sakanaction’s best tracks. The group have a vast variety of songs that may move you or speak to you in different ways, so if you enjoyed any track from this list I’d recommend you check this amazing band out!

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