espressOH! – Violet Evergarden Episode 01

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Violet Evergarden.

Kyoto Animation’s Violet Evergarden.

Netflix’s Violet Evergarden.

Violet FUCKING Evergarden!

Ever since the news of Kyoto Animation is adapting this popular light novel of the same name last year, anime community never stops talking about it. Even now. Even in your wet dream, you can hear and see them talking about it in all sorts of language and manner. One of the people includes me but with much, much lower expectation as to not disappoint myself more than it could and should be. Remember, expectations can kill enjoyment and hype. Lesson learned over the years as an ultra weeb. Whew! Gosh I am so proud of myself, now in my mid 20s and is able to distinguish between the good and the bad. Hold on a second. Never mind that. Alright enough with the unnecessary self-indulgent and self-mocking. Sheesh..

Alright, of course I won’t be talking about the episode itself because this is not a recap nor a review. If you want to know what’s in there, go watch it! I’m here to point out several, notable things that I’ve noticed while watching the first episode. First, let’s talk about the graphic. It’s captivating. Gorgeous. Especially the artwork. But, the infamous KyoAni’s Instagram filter and blur gave me a headache. I am a short-sighted megane, but during the first few minutes the show somehow managed to convince me that I am also a long-sighted megane. How can a harmless show did something like that to me? Have I ever sinned to the anime gods? Was it because of me having more dropped anime than picking them up? I sincerely apologize, anime gods. Darn you isekai! Darn you harem!


Don’t get me wrong though. That’s KyoAni for you. It’s still looks extra pretty and sets itself apart from other anime created by other studios. Though I believe if they tone the tweaking down just a notch, there will be less visual disturbance and subsequently we can enjoy the show better. On the other hand, if you watch the show in lower resolutions, want it or not you’re not going to see the magic of it. Watch it in full high-definition, so you won’t experience frame stuttering, fps drops, and the filter and the EverBlur in its worse mood.

Moving onto the second things that I want to talk about. The soundtracks and voice acting. Both met my expectations. I like it, the soundtracks so far suit the atmosphere and the world around it. It has an immersion level of a full-blown movie. Props to the studio for doing a great job to ensure the audience will experience high quality OLE (overall listening experience).

The voice actors/actresses so far did well though in this episode, most of the dialogues are of common talks. Nothing is challenging yet for them to show us what they are truly capable of. I had mixed feelings after knowing that Violet will be voiced by Ishikawa Yui because her voice doesn’t seems to fit the character that she works on. I made such assumption after watching the PVs. Now, I think she actually did fine as Violet. I am still not fully accepting it though. Heh. But my mini, grumpy rants should not stop you from continue enjoying the show. I just felt like letting out some of it from my pink kokoro.

P.S. For now I’m calling this show Violet Everblur.



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