Everybody’s Talking About It : Our Times

‘谢谢你出现在我的青春里, 谢谢.’ (Thank you for appearing in my youth, thank you)




Tears trickled down my cheeks as the raw emotions hit me for the first time and I ended up looking like someone who bawled terribly after a food fight. Thankfully, I was not alone as I observed that many others had the same reactions, clutching on the soiled tissue papers and sighing deeply. No, I was not exaggerating at all.

This amazing film had touched the hearts of many, as I recalled strolling down my Twitter feed and seeing many people reviewing this heartfelt film, showering it with endless praises.


Our Times, literally known as The Time of My Teenage Years is a 2015 Taiwanese romance film.

The film stars Vivian Sung as Lin Chen-hsin, an ordinary schoolgirl, and Darren Wang as Hsu Tai-yu, the school’s notorious gang leader.


Initially, I have no expectations for this movie because I had watched a dozen of movies before with similar story lines but however, there was tingle of hope lingering in my heart as I had a feeling that something about this film is going to be different from the rest. With that, I waltzed through the heavy doors of the cinema to watch this film.


The beginning of the film starts off on the present day, where Lin Chen-hsin is an ordinary office worker who is ridiculed by her fellow subordinates. Dejected, Chen-hisn hence listened to an old cassette recording of an old Andy Lau’s song. This brings back to her high school days where she was an ordinary high school girl and she had a crush on Ouyang Fei-fan, which was the school’s most popular male student.


So one day, Chen-hsin receives a chain letter, warning her of impending doom if she doesn’t pass it on. Naively, she passes it to Tai-yu, the school notorious gang leader, her math teacher and Tao Min-min, the school’s most popular girl. As Tai-yu was reading the chain letter, he was knocked down by a car, which was part of the impending curse. After weeding out the letter’s sender, the angry Tai Yu made Zhen Xin his ‘friend’ and forced her to run errands for him in exchange for leaving Fei-fan alone, thus making her his errand-girl.

By chance, Chen-hsin accidentally overhears a conversation between Min-min and Fei-fan and discovers that they are in a secret relationship. Dejected, she creates an alliance with Tai-yu, who likes Tao Min-min, to break the couple up. Throughout the course of events, Chen-hsin and Tai-yu began to understand each other better, and their friendship evolves as they began to learn a thing or two about true love.

However, Tai-yu gets into trouble with the school authorities and to avoid anymore problems, his parents decide to send him overseas, leaving Chen-hsin with no way to contact him in an era without social media.

18 years later, Chen-hsin leaves her unhappy job and relationship upon having rediscovered herself. She is still unable to book a ticket to an Andy Lau concert that is set to take place in Taipei, where our two main characters, Chen-hsin and Tai-yu will be reunited.


As the credits were rolled out on the screen, I couldn’t help but to sigh sadly. It was an intensely gripping film and it brings back many nostalgic memories for people back in high school and they would reminisce the times spent then. As expected, I did not regret watching this film because the actors and actresses did a fairly great job in portraying their characters, which made me fell deeper while watching.

In my opinion, Tai-yu was the type of person who looked tough in the exterior but in fact, he is actually a soft hearted person interior. Just like how he dived into the swimming pool to save Chen-hsin from drowning because a past similar past memory and he had the urged to prevent such incident from happening again. It was touching that even though they were barely friends, Tai-yu had went in to save her and not leave her to drown by herself.

Also, Chen-hsin bittersweet one-sided love with Ouyang was suffering because Chen-hsin found herself falling for Tai-yu each time they met up but she was afraid to proclaim her liking for him because she thought that Tai-yu was still chasing Min-min when in fact, Tai-yu actually likes her too.

It was incredibly frustrating to see two high school students being ‘stupid’ in a way that they were unaware of their liking of each other, and sometimes, some minor clues had been gone unseen because they are just nervous around each other that they don’t see the clues being left for them. Nonetheless, it was great watching their relationship progress slowly & seeing that Tai-yu finally confessed in the old cassette recording, which let the moviegoers cry their hearts out.

Of course, there were some cliche parts in the movies where I snorted unintentionally but that response wasn’t well-received by my mom as I felt that she was giving me a hard glare, even in the darkness. Oops, I guess. Knowing that my mom is a huge movie & drama fan, I knew I had crossed the line even though this is already our second time watching the same film. My mom perceived this film as ‘heartfelt & it reminds me of my past youth,’ so I guess any sort of bad criticism wasn’t allowed.

As I sat down on the comfortable seats for the third time again, I was prepared to hold in my emotions in order not to bawl like a silly person before but I received strong opposition from my mom, who commented bemusedly, ‘how can you not cry? it’s so touching that tears would naturally gather in your eyes.’ Sorry mom, I prefer to protect my image than to cry over a movie.

Joking! I guess I was concentrating on the different perspectives of the characters that the tears didn’t come running to me like before. I suggest watching this film a few times in order to deeply understand each character’s personalities and behavior, just like how I did in the second & third time ^^

So much of tears, joys and laughter were heard throughout the movie and I couldn’t help but to chuckle at those enthusiastic and synchronized responses. I look forward to watching more of such similar films and perhaps, I would like to bring a box of tissues to share too.

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