FAKY Announces Major Debut EP in June


FAKY has announced that they’ll make their major label début under Avex with a mini album! FAKY debuted back in July 2013 with the digital single “Better Without You.” After they debuted with YouTube exclusive tunes, they started to release the songs digitally in January 2014. Their first single “P.O.V.” was announced with a video shoot but was quickly cancelled in early 2014. On June 16, 2014 it was announced that the group would be ceasing activities for the remainder of the year. The group planned on making a comeback under a revamped FAKY in 2015.

In September 2015 a comeback sign and a new FAKY logo were uploaded to their official social networks and website. On October 16, the first teaser was uploaded for their return, titled “FAKY is BACK”, and new member Akina was introduced. After releasing several digital singles and then their EP “Candy”, FAKY is finally making their major début with 3 new songs, including “Bad Things”, “Someday We’ll Know” and the unreleased teaser track “Keep Out.” It’s also going to include already released songs “CANDY”, “Surrender” and “Are You OK?” for a total of 6 tracks. The mini album is set to release on June 14, 2017.

[CD+DVD] RZCD-86355/B : 3,024円 (tax in)
[CD ONLY] RZCD-86356 : 2,160円 (tax in)
[CD ONLY] RZC1-86357 : 1,500円 (tax in) *This edition will only be sold at events FAKY appear in!


Keep Out
Are You OK?
Bad Things
Someday We’ll Know
Bonus: Remix tracks

Candy Music Video
Are You OK? Music Video
Surrender Music Video
Someday We’ll Know Music Video
Bonus: Behind the scene/Making videos

Bad Things
Someday We’ll Know

Check out some of their previous songs and digital singles down below!

(Source: FAKY Official Site)

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