FAKY’s Major Debut: Fan Book Project


As a long time fan of FAKY, since their debut back in 2013, I wanted to do something special for them. After seeing a lot of successful fan and collage book projects that fansites have done for J-pop groups, I thought we should do the same for FAKY to show our support. I want to collect messages and fan art for a FAKY fan book to show out support for their major debut since it’s been about 4 years since their digital debut. Submission are due by May 18th.

-Send us your message to FAKY in general, or a member in particular, down below. You can also add an image, it can be a selfie, an image of your country, a collage, a hand-written message, art work, etc. Just let your creativity fly and show your support!
-Your work MUST fit on a A4 Paper Sheet. (You can use one or both sides of the sheet).
-All messages will be printed in color and compiled in a folder.
-Messages preferably in English or Japanese (are easier for the group to read).
-Messages MUST Include name/nickname and country of origin. (Messages without ANY of the two won’t be included)
-Just ONE message / Sheet per person.
-You can also add your Twitter/Instagram username so that FAKY can identify you.

Submissions are due May 18th, it gives me time to compile everything into a PDF and have it printed by a printing company.

Submit your photo entries to the following address:

[email protected]
(Subject: FAKY Fan Book-2017)

Another way to support FAKY is to purchase their new EP coming out this June, it comes with a poster.

Major Debut EP CD Version/Major Debut EP CD+DVD Version

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