First Impressions: Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Main Cast:
Park Bo Young as Do Bong Soon
Park Hyung Sik as Minhyuk
Ji Soo as Detective Gook Doo


Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is based on a story about a woman who was born with superhuman like strength. Bong Soon’s strength was passed down from the women in her family tree. Her dream goal is to create a video game with herself as the main character. She encounters Minhyuk during an incident where she helps a bus driver who was attacked by a group of thugs. From then on, Minhyuk, who is a CEO of a video game company, employs Bong Soon as his personal bodyguard to protect him from death threats. Bong Soon’s friend and long-term love Detective Gook Doo ends up being her bodyguard in light of various female murders in their neighbourhood. The cold Gook Doo has a girlfriend but he always showed extra care for Bong Soon. From this point forward, the trio become entangled into a suspicious crime case and a love triangle starts to develop.


This drama has kicked off with high ratings, starting at 4.04 per cent and 5.7 per cent for the first two episodes. Spearheaded by talented actress Park Bo Young, the drama has hit the ground running. Bo Young’s younger male leads, ZE:A’s Park Hyungsik and Ji Soo are shining in a modern set after disappointing turns in historical dramas. The first few episodes were simply a delight to watch.

Acting wise, the three leads have faired pretty well, especially Bo Young’s portrayal of Do Bong Soon. Bo Young is a versatile actress but she really shines in her role as a pocket rocket with a superpower of unbeatable strength. She’s already established a brewing chemistry with the other characters. Hyungsik and Ji Soo’s roles are a chaebol and a tough detective which are very similar to roles they’ve played in the past. The trio has brought extra life to their characters, which keeps everyone intrigued.

The plot is quite simple. A cute, single woman nearing 30 years of age gets exclusively employed by a rich CEO. Also, the love link she has with her taken guy best friend who’s hot and cold, is nothing outside the norm. But the true selling point of the plot is Bong Soon’s superpower. The computer graphics, narrating and comedic elements are all used effectively in making her superpower more interesting. There’s a whole lot of excitement surrounding how the plot will develop as the drama continues.

Overall, Strong Woman Bong Soon has made a promising first impression. Thumbs up across the board despite it being very early days. Let’s hope the drama keeps on delivering because with the strong start, it would be a shame if that were wasted.

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