Flop but Dope #1: D-Unit

Flop does not necessarily means bad. It is just an outcome from an effort. An effort is noble. In K-Pop context, this usually translates to how does an act fare on charts. Numerical superiority is somewhat considered as a major indicator for success. It is quantifiable, something that is easy to grasp by gasping K-Pop fans. Even so, flops can be dope too. Lesser known acts or ‘nugu’ can offer us with great jams just like more popular acts. Sometimes or most of the time, they are even better. Flop but Dope is a column made specifically for me to share with fellow K-Pop readers of how awesome some nugus are. You guys just need to pay them some attention and give their music a listen. Of course, I will only recommend nugus with good music or it will beat the purpose of me writing this whole thing.

J-ney was added as a guest member in March, 2013

D-Unit is our first nugu to be featured in Flop but Dope. I chose them for doing us an honor, because their whole discography never failed to amaze me.  D-Unit made their début in August 1, 2012 with a full studio album (a rare occurrence in K-Pop), with a trio consisting of Ram (younger sister of T-ara’s Boram), U-Jin, and Zin. Later the next year, they added a guest member, Janey of GP Basic.

Unfortunately, the group is now either defunct or disbanded and their label never released any sort of official statement to answer questions from fans. Ram left the group and re-debut under the name Rami in the co-ed rock band Five Run Strike while Janey (now a trainee under LOEN) is currently participating in the third season of MNET’s Unpretty Rapstar. U-Jin left the group prior to that due to undisclosed reasons.

Moving on. Without further ado, here are the best of D-Unit. Their discography is small but it harbours many great tracks. I had to limit the list to only the best ten or else I will end up asking you guys to listen to every track. Which you should because they are that good. Enjoy!

I’m Missing You

I’m Missing You is their début track that got people talking. You can’t blame them really when a trio debuted with a powerful and upbeat track, and they are girls.

Crush (feat. Dok2)

Crush is actually the first song that we heard from them, through an acoustic snippet.  The intro gives us a glimpse of what Dok2 would sounds like as a girl group member.

Turn the Lights On

This track proved that D-Unit does not have a single filler track.

Luv Me

Arguably their best. Give it a thorough listen and you won’t even think of arguing with me whether it is awesome or not. The only bad thing about this song is that in the music video, U-Jin is wearing Justin Bieber’s weave.

Live Until the End (feat. Vasco)

This track showed us what these girls are truly capable of. Bring it on girls!

Talk to My Face (feat. Zico)

Talk to My Face is not what D-Unit is known for.  It made them known for being versatile by pulling the traditional K-Pop girl group theme, but it still does not stray away from their trademark strong image.

Sleeping In Part 2 (feat. C-Luv)

Sleeping In gave me a hard time. It has two parts and both are great. The first one is slower and gives off sweet and melancholic vibes. The second part is more upbeat and accompanied is with C-Luv’s smooth vocal. I chose the latter.


Not only a great song but the well written lyrics is something to be admired.

Thank You (feat. Beenzino)

A very stylish track, good for those who want to chill around and have fun while cherishing precious moments and memories. If you are a fan, you might end up crying. If you are not, I will cry instead.

It’s You

It’s You is the last track released by D-Unit. The track was recorded with only Ram and Zin as U-Jin had presumably left the group at that point. One member less does not mean the song is less great.

So there we have it. Do you guys enjoy listening to those tracks? Is it any good? Does it make you feel like you should to give other nugus a listen? Leave us a comment and let us hear your thoughts!


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