Food Review: The Street Bistro

Trendy cafes opened by celebrities are a must-visit in Seoul but not just for the lucky chance to meet your bias.

The Street in Cheongchamdong is a sophisticated bistro opened by the veteran beast-dols, 2PM, in 2014.

Located nearby JYP Entertainment and CUBE Entertainment, The Street may be a good spot to bump into idols but it’s also one fine modern eatery.

From the pretty décor and outdoor chill area to the Western-Korean fusion menu, The Street exudes a fancy ambiance that’s different to the average café.

After a spontaneous trip to JYPE, I took my mum and her friend to the joint for lunch.


Sketches representing JYP artists.
Sketches representing JYP artists.

The menu featured plenty of salivating choices, so it was hard to decide what to order.

In the end, we ordered a share plate of spicy buffalo wings and cheesy, chicken quesadillas, beef soybean pasta and kimchi fried rice with bacon-wrapped asparagus.

For drinks we ordered a hazelnut latte and a fresh made grapefruit tea.

Buffalo wings and chicken quesadillas served with pickles, salsa and sour cream.
Buffalo wings and chicken quesadillas served with pickles, salsa and sour cream.

The buffalo wings were just like what grilled chicken should be – perfectly cooked with a slightly charcoal crunch and a spicy, gochujang glaze.

Part two of the share plate was a nice accompaniment to the wings. The chicken quesadillas had sweet corn and avocado inside, topped with cheese and spicy mayo. The tortilla was crisp on the outside, acting as the shell to the tasty goodness on the inside.

Beef and soybean paste pasta.
Beef and soybean paste pasta.

I’ve had my fair share of Japanese-Italian fusion before but not ever soybean paste pasta. We could have gone for the familiar bolognaise option to avoid the risk. However, we were glad we went outside our comfort zone and chose this dish.

The beef and spaghetti were cooked well to compliment the hero of the dish – the soybean sauce. That sauce was reminiscent of a traditional soybean tofu soup and a bit of miso. We were fighting for the last drop of the sauce. It screamed Asian-style pasta and it’s a dish worthy of praise.

A classy serving of kimchi fried rice.
A classy serving of kimchi fried rice.

Kimchi fried rice with a runny, sunny-side up fried egg, spam and corn could never go wrong. My mum said the fried rice tasted like what I’d whip up in our own kitchen. Personally, I’d give it more credit than that. The rice was seasoned evenly and had a bit of fried crunch. It was not too spicy either. The classy touch of the asparagus was a nice decoration that set the dish apart from a home-cooked dish. However, it was a bit too oily.

Hot hazelnut latte and grapefruit tea.
Hot hazelnut latte and grapefruit tea.

The drinks were delightful additions to the meal. The hazelnut latte was flavorsome without being too sweet. It was not as impressive as the fresh grapefruit tea. House made grapefruit marmalade brewed into a hot cup of tea is simply heaven for a frosty winter day. Those little bits of fresh, juicy grapefruit proved to be the highlight of the meal.

Another good attribute was the friendly, attentive and English-speaking staff. Their service was better than a regular Korean eatery and it felt like they liked working at The Street.

The Street is a bit expensive but they cook up delicious food, inspired by Korean and Western cuisines. The bistro is a cool place to hang out in the sunshine or warm up in the cozy inside. It is definitely worth a visit for not only 2PM fan’s but foodies and tourists alike.

Address: 125-18 Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Phone: +82-2-547-8898
Trading Hours: Everyday from 10am to 11pm

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