A Gathering of Stars: Harper’s Bazaar Charity Night 2016

Friday, September 9 was a long anticipated day for many fans, as their strenuous charity battle came to an end.  Of course the charity aspect is the most important, but there was definitely something or rather someone for everyone to tune in for.  In a gathering of some of the trendiest stars, both currently rising and established, Harper’s Bazaar Charity Night was an event one just could not miss.  As the sun disappeared into the horizon and the cameras aligned preparing to snap, in rolled the red carpet.  There was a large list of celebrities, dressed in the most elegant and beautiful evening downs, neat suits and dashing tuxedos. Everyone shone as bright as a star, but what’s in question was who was so blinding, we couldn’t help but be mesmerised?

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Let’s start with males. In attendance we had Huang Xiao Ming, Deng Chao, Wu Yi Fan (Kris Wu), Zhang Yixing (EXO’s Lay), Li Chen, Wang Kai, Tong Da Wei, Chen Xue Dong, Zheng Kai, Li Yi Feng, Darren Wang, Ethan Ruan, Wang Cho Lam, Wallace Huo, TF Boys, Huang Bo, Huang Jingyu, Chen He, Jacky Heung, Kong Korn, Xu Zheng and the list goes on. Suits and tuxedos can only really be described in certain ways, but they’re almost always perfection.  It’s usually just a difference of colours and patterns and I will still never understand why they ruin perfectly good suits by adding strange patterns to them.  When it comes to most daring, it’s definitely Wu Yi Fan with his, well, lack of suit.  He donned very casual attire, perhaps because he had to leave straight after the event. Most flashy suits would go to Wang Cho Lam, and Darren Wang. Chen Xue Dong’s and Li Yi Feng’s patterned suits are questionable, and would go down to personal preference.  Best dressed for the night goes out to Li Chen for me.  He kept it refined and simple, with a button undone; to not make it look strange he didn’t have a tie or bow tie.  His embellishment of a nice simple brooch amps up the suit a little without being too much and he kept it to the basics with black dress shoes.  Now goes for the award no one wants to receive. Worst dressed of the night goes hands down to Darren Wang.  I don’t have any formal fashion education, so excuse me if I can’t appreciate ‘art’, but I just don’t like the suit.  I can’t say I know if the hoodie he wore with it is a good touch or not.

Male Best Dressed
Male Best Dressed (Li Chen)


Now onto the more exciting section. The many female guests of the night included Li Bing Bing, Sun Li, Liu Yi Fei, Liu Shi Shi, Yang Mi, Ni Ni, Angelababy, Ruby Lin, Leanne Li, Tang Yi Xin, Zhao Li Ying, Tong Li Ya, Chris Lee, Bai Bai He, Wang Li Kun, Song Qian (f(x)’s Victoria), Sandra Ma, Liu Tao, Lin Chi Ling, Jolin Tsai, Guan Yue, Huang Yi and more. Flowery ball gowns, trendy pieces, embellished in jewellery, metals, flowers and lace, all exquisitely made and designed.  Li Bing Bing donned an extravagant, mesh like gown, one of the most unique outfits of the night. Liu Tao, appeared in what seems like a gladiator inspired dress, one of the most edgy of the occasion, but still very wearable unlike Jolin Tsai’s interesting arrangement.  Wang Li Kun and Chris Lee ditched the dresses and appeared in sleek pant suits.  There were dresses in colourful fabrics that almost looked perfect as curtains.  All that aside the dress of the night goes to Liu Shi Shi. The elegant pink pearl embellished, floral dress with a long train is from George Hobeika’s Fall 2016 Couture line. Bai Bai He, who we saw change outfits after the red carpet, also wore a dress from the same collection.  Although Sun Li and Guan Yue appeared a little under-dressed for the occasion, it’s Jolin’s and Liu Yi Fei’s attire that I liked least.  Jolin’s was a little too busy, especially in the neck area, and her choice of earrings did not help with this at all.  Whereas with Liu Yi Fei, the choice of fabric and the rose in the center made the dress look tacky and not deserving of Liu Yi Fei’s elegance.

Best Dressed~
Female Best Dressed~ (Liu Shi Shi)


Looking past the clothes, everyone was beautiful and shone equally as bright.  Which dress or suit did you like the most?  Do your opinions differ from mine?  Do you work in the fashion industry and can explain the outfits I dislike?  Comment down below, because I would love to hear from you.


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