Ghost Sightings in K-Pop Music Videos

The pitter-patter of feet gently pressing against the cold hard floor awakens a certain sense of intrigue on nights such as these.  A vision, a blur, perhaps a shadow, quickly disappears, leaving one’s sight with the faintest memory.  There’s no one there, but people swear the noises, the shadows, the motion in items that should not have moved did occur.  On the nights in which the moon lights way for spirits and wandering souls to awaken, a darkness leaves scarring memories for many that scientifically cannot be explained.  These sightings soon become a topic of conversation amongst friends and families. Whether it did happen is left questioned by numerous others.  But as technology continues to progress, the capturing of such events on camera can simply not be dismissed.  Below is a list of K-Pop music videos, with unexpected visitors.  Can you see them?


  1. 2PM’s Promise (I’ll Be)

“Promise (I’ll Be)” is the title track of six member, South Korean boy band 2PM’s sixth studio album, Gentleman’s Game.  Composed by  member Ok Taecyeon, the song captures the group’s talents and charms that have progressed immensely over the last 8 years of their career.  Being the group’s last Korean release before the impending enlistments of the Korean members, it’s a song held dear to many fans.  If you pause the video at 2:25 seconds, you’ll notice something on the left side of the screen, next to the pot plants.  Be quick, because it disappears almost instantly.  Something also seems to appear at 2:48.



  1. 2PM’s Without U

It seems like 2PM’s charisma is a likely attraction for wandering spirits and souls.  Once again in a 2PM music video, this time for “Without U,” released in 2009, something doesn’t seem quite right.  In an album that addresses the group’s many haters, the six members prove that they’ve overcome many hurdles to achieve their position in the industry.  If you notice at 0:51 as the lights suddenly flash, something else seems to be spotted in the darkness of the set.


  1. 2PM’s ADTOY

In their long anticipated return after a two year hiatus, “All Day I Think Of You (ADTOY)” was released in May 2013.  The six men take a classier, yet still incredibly sexy approach in this track.  At 1:47 you may notice something behind the blinds?  Is it just the shadows from the trees outside the windows, or are those definitely a pair of glistening eyes?


  1. 2PM’s My House

The second title track composed by member Jun.K, 2PM represent different fairy tale characters in a music video for “My House.”  At 2:09 in the car window, darkness seems to not be the only occupancy of the vehicle.  Was it attracted to Nichkhun or the Lamborghini?


  1. 2PM’s Heart Beat

It’s believed that ghost sightings are a sign of success.  Undoubtedly, “Heart Beat” remains one of the group’s biggest hits, with impactful dances moves which incorporate a human pyramid.  If there’s one song people know from 2PM, it’s probably this one.  Whilst the set, for many parts of the song, is relatively open as the camera spans further out at 3:30, near the ground on the right side of the screen, something seems to have appeared.


At this stage, this list has become a catalogue of 2PM’s music videos.  But who can blame these wandering souls?  This group of perfectly handsome men prove that whether conscious or unconscious, dead or alive, attraction to them is not deterred.  So, did you see the departed soul; the soul that is now absent from my body, as the result of a uterus explosion?


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