Guide to Fangirling : How I met your oppars!

Last December, I dropped by Haru & Oneday and I .. unexpectedly saw Donghae oppar!

Oh, did you see the subtle smile that’s adorning his beautiful face? Oh my, that cute hand that emerged from his pocket just to WAVE AT ME? I mean come on, I’m sure he recognized me from the sea of people during the previous Super Show 6 concert in Korea! He looked absolutely perfect standing next to the Christmas tree, totally a package ripped off an advertisement!

Wait, hold on, hold on!

Do you know what is beneath his jacket? You should know the obvious!

Mmmmm, yeah, just my cup of tea!

Feeling slightly giddy from my unexpected meeting with Donghae oppar, I left the café (saying goodbye to oppar of course!), I went to a theater hall to catch an orchestra performance.

Upon entering, I saw someone dressed in black from head to toe, darting his eyes nervously while he was at the information center. Feeling curious, I tiptoed closer to the man.

“Excuse me?”


I recalled Eunhyuk grinning at me while he placed a finger to his lips, motioning me to be quiet. I placed a hand on my palpitating heart as I quickly took a selfie with him before thanking him profusely.

Although I enjoyed the performance by the orchestra, I couldn’t stop thinking about how lucky I was, bumping into my two favorite oppars! I was doing a happy dance on the way back to the hotel, despite receiving odd stares from people.

So next time you are in Korea, just follow my route to see your favorite oppars!

I wish you all the best!

hyukjae's only one, resident cutie.

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