Interview: EvoL talks about their goals and their music.

OneHallyu was ecstatic when Stardom Entertainment accepted our request to interview EvoL. EvoL is a five-member South Korean girl group that consists of Say, Jucy, Hayana, Yull, and J-Da. The group is under the label Stardom Entertainment which was founded by Cho PD, a hip hop record producer and rapper. In 2012, They debuted with the track “We Are a Bit Different”, an upbeat and powerful song that demonstrates their confidence. In this interview, OneHallyu asks EvoL about their music, hopes, aspirations, and their upcoming comeback.

OH!: Hi! Can you give us a little introduction about yourself ? What is the role of each member?
J: Hi I’m Jucy, I’m EvoL’s darling, but a powerful rapper and the oldest unnie.
Y: I’m Yull, who is in charge of main vocals.
S: I’m Say, I’m our team’s leader.
H: Hello, I’m Hayana, I’m in charge of having a charming voice in EvoL.
JD: I’m J-Da. I’m EvoL’s maknae (the youngest). I am in charge of both rap and vocals.

OH!: What was your inspiration to pursue music?
J: When I am rapping, it doesn’t matter if they’re from Korea or a different country, I get inspired by a lot by other rappers, especially out of Korean rappers, Dynamic Duo sunbaes, and out of overseas rappers, Nicki Minaj. While watching these rappers, I learn a lot and receive a lot of inspiration.
Y: I get inspired by Mariah Carey. I end up learning a lot from music. As a girl group, I think we get inspired and motivated from other girl groups and other artists.
S: There are a lot of people who inspire me. Family, fans, and musicians around me all inspire me.
H: Since I spent my childhood in a foreign country, I wasn’t able to experience K-Pop very much. When I first came to Korea, seeing all of my seniors being able to live their dream is where a lot of my inspiration to be a singer came from.
JD: Normally I try to find videos from my favorite artists on their YouTube channels. While watching videos rather than just listening and because I get more visually stimulated as well, I think I can understand the meaning more deeply. Oh, also when I was young, I used to study classical piano, so sometimes I listen to classical music as well.

OH!: Is there anyone you look up to as a role model? Why?
J: Nicki Minaj! My dream is to be the Nicki Minaj of Korea. Really that artist, from not only her rap skills, but the thoughts she fills her songs with, I can feel that she is such a cool artist.
Y: Beyonce, Ariana Grande, and Jessie J. But still, Mariah Carey is how I became interested in music, so she is my role model. I don’t settle on just one person as a role model, I am trying to learn different things from many different artists.
S: For me, Michael Jackson. Everything about him is what makes him my role model: choreography, costumes, music, mind, thoughts etc. Everything about him affects me.
H: Hmm.. for me there also isn’t just one particular person. I am trying to learn different things from many different artists.
JD: I love Lee Hyori sunbaenim*. Since I was young, I’ve been watching Lee Hyori on stage. I think her music style and fashion style are really cool. I respect you Sunbaenim!!!

Sunbaenim is a term to refer to mentor figures.

OH!: How would you describe your music?
J: In EvoL, I am the powerful one. Even though the music I want to do is Jazz, our music is hip hop with a heavy beat feeling.
Y: Rather than one genre, I think that we can express many different genres like a chameleon who digests and challenges different things. Haha.
S: We are still in the making ^^ The art of music is formless, you know? Because of that, I don’t think you can do music perfectly. If I had to say, I think our music is a “9”. Even though our music isn’t perfect, I think that we can say that because we are trying to make our music come close to a perfect 10.
H: I have a charming voice. I think our vocal color is our biggest advantage.
JD: EvoL’s title songs are very powerful and have easy, addictive choruses. In our album, you can listen to many different musical colors.

OH!: Out of the songs you have done, which one is your personal favorite and why?
J: For me, the song called “Love” has a really positive sound, so it’s the best. It’s a love song, but I think it’s a song you can experience love vicariously through. I like singing, but I don’t like formally training so I didn’t try to learn. When I sing, I feel the most free, and I am able to express myself better. I gain energy, and it bursts out of me.
Y: I love all of ours songs, but for me also, the song “LOVE” is the best. Because the members sing it well, and it’s bright and lovely, it is even better.
S: I can’t just pick one. The songs are more than just songs but now they are our closest friends. (fig meaning: music became our lives)
H: I’m different… I personally like “1,2,3,4,5”! While practicing this song, tears decided to flow. Because we personally wrote the lyrics, it’s the song that I personally identify with the most and have an unusual attachment to.
JD: Haha me too! Personally, I think the song “LOVE” is a really bright and lovely song, so I want to recommend it to everyone. Ever since I was young, I’ve always really liked songs that I can dance to. If I sing a song I can dance too, I feel excited and happy.

OH!: How long does it take to film a music video?
J: It took two full days and nights. Even though we were really tired, it was a pleasant and meaningful experience.
Y: That’s right! It took about two days and one night.
S: If we look at it by hour, it took more than 24 hours. By length, maybe 48 hours?
H: Ha.. normally it takes all day.
JD. That’s right. Normally we film all day and night.

OH!: How do you feel when you are on stage?
J: Haha.. Even though I still get nervous and excited, the biggest thrill is our fans supporting us and cheering us on! Fans are jjang (the best)!
Y: I think I know why the word “stage addiction”** exists. It’s really thrilling to communicate with fans and to show the performances that we have been preparing. Just communicating with fans in of itself is so comfortable.
S: I don’t think about anything. When I feel the spectators that are watching me on the stage and the music, I feel like “I am alive”.
H: I’m trying to communicate with the audience members through the stage performance.
JD: Before we go on stage, we have a team cheer we always do. From that moment on, it becomes really thrilling. Our cheer is “THRILLING”, literally “thrilling” . After doing the cheer, tension rises, and we explosively perform what we have been preparing. First of all, I get joy and excitement when I meet the eyes of the fans or when they are looking at me, words cannot be expressed. Best!

OH!: What were your first impressions of each other?
J: Yull seemed like she had a strong personality. J-Da seemed like just a typical girl group trainee. Hayana felt like she came from abroad. I was told Say looked like king cobra the snake. Hahaha
Y: J-Da seemed like she was a high school student. Hayana seemed really feminine, like a princess. Sei looked strong but she didn’t look younger than me. And Jucy, since the first impression and until now, she has always felt really playful.
S: Jucy unnie looks like a joyful kid and J-Da looked like a girly girl. Yull unnie looked really cold so it was really hard to approach her at first. Hayana looked like a freshman in college.
H: To me, uh.. there was nothing special. No one had a bad impression.
JD: Finally.. my turn! My first impression of Yull unnie was that she was kind of strong. I thought that Jucy unnie came from abroad. Say unnie looked different from how she looks like. She looked really pure and innocent. Hayana unnie seemed kind of feminine, like how she still is now.

OH!: Are there any artists you would want to collaborate with?
J: Nicki Minaj! If I really could, it would be an honor.
Y: Ariana Grande and Jessie J!
S: For me, It would be Timbaland. He’s a producer I really respect.
H: HA:TFELT sunbaenim! I received a lot of inspiration from listening to her solo album. If I have the opportunity, I would definitely love to collaborate with her. Sunbaemin is so cool.
JD: For me, its really Lee Hyori Sunbaenim! She is my role model. I really would love to meet her and stand on stage with her!

OH!: What do you think about your international fans from all over the world?
J: I always am so grateful to them. Even though we can’t see each other closely, I always read supportive letters and messages and gain strength from them. Thank you, I love you all!
Y: It’s a shame that there are not many to directly communicate with them while being overseas. I don’t forget and I am always thankful for the support they give and for liking us.
S: Thank you so much! Even though their bodies are far away, it feels like their hears are always next to us. Fans are such a cool inspiration and because we are always grateful for their existence, we really want to meet them. Let’s meet soon ㅜㅜ
H: I love you guys! Even though you are far away, because of the fans who are always loving and supporting us we continue to make music and have become the driving force behind our development.
JD: Thank you guys so much. Even though we can’t see each other for the time being because we are far away, you are people who always support us and give us strength. Really~ I want to go to every country and repay the support we have received through performances. Please wait for us, everyone~

OH!: So the word is spreading around that there is an album being prepared in the future, what can we expect from this album? And when will you make a comeback?
J: Even though I want to stand on stage as soon as possible, we are still in the middle of fixing up the lacking points (in making an album).
Y: Hmm.. we don’t have a set schedule. We have personally been working with friends, and we are intensely preparing so we want to go out but we are still checking over everything. I think there will be good rumors soon.
S: That’s right, we are preparing now. Although we cannot be certain as to when because there are still things that are lacking, when we feel things are perfect we will immediately make our comeback. I hope everyone will anticipate it. Don’t you think we can meet soon?
H: As for me, I want to try many different things. During the long break period, I was able to spend the time learning about many different things. I want to show the fans the best of the many things that we prepared. Don’t you think we’ll be able to meet soon?
JD: We are preparing a different image from our first album! However, honestly even though yesterday we didn’t know when it would come out, even tomorrow, it could suddenly come out so we are always preparing!

OH!: What is your dream/goal for the future?
J: This is what I really, really want to do. My goal is to have more EvoL comebacks and a solo concert.
Y: Me too! The EvoL members always talk about it, EvoL solo concert!
S: I also want to have a solo concert, but my goal is to win an award at an awards show! Apart from that, there are many different things. That is what I have been dreaming of for a long time.
H: We haven’t won first place in a weekly chart yet. I definitely want to win first place!
JD: Right now EvoL is really greedy. I want to win an award at an award show and have a solo concert. Later, I would like the opportunity to individually shoot a CF or try acting.

OH!: Thank you so much for doing this! We will update our site whenever you release a new song! Please leave one more message for your fans as well as those who will check out your music.
J: It’s already the last question ㅜㅜ As EvoL, we promise to always continue to grow and develop! Because we can communicate through music, even if it’s only for one minute, I hope that we can feel empathy with each other and get excited together. Please continue to love EvoL~ I love you guys <3<3<3
Y: Hmm what can I say~ I’m so thankful that everyone keeps waiting and we will continue to work hard to sing for you guys. ^^
S: I mean seriously I would love you guys to listen to our effort in our songs and what we want to exclaim to the world beyond just melodies. I am really grateful to the fans who come visit us. I’ll try best not to disappoint you.
H: We also want to come out with a new album so we are preparing hard. Look forward to us and support us! See you soon.
JD: Ahh it’s the last question ㅜㅜ Even though 1 year has gone by, thank you to the fans who have believed and waited for us. We will greet you through good music!! I love you all!!

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 Thank you to Stardom Entertainment for allowing OneHallyu to interview all the members of EvoL! Also, we would like to thank Amanda M for translating this whole interview and mes for spot editing.

All images and videos belong to Stardom Entertainment. Please credit OneHallyu for the interview and translations. 

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