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CHERRSEE is a Japanese pop girl group created by K-Pop producer Brave Brothers. Their name comes from the words “cherry seeds” because the flower they develop into, cherry blossoms, attract people in great numbers. The group is comprised of five members, MIYU, SAYURI, LENA, NENE, and HIKARU.

Two years prior to their debut, Brave Brothers auditioned 5,800 people in Japan. The winners, four Japanese members and one Thai member, were trained in Korea, getting assistance from Brave Brothers. Their debut single, Mystery, was released on May 25, 2016. They have gone on to release two more singles, Shiroi Shirts and Cry Again, and recently their first full album, Cherry Seeds. They’ll be holding their second live concert on April 1st, which will also be SAYURI’s graduation concert.

Congrats on your newly released 1st album, “Cherry Seeds.” The word CHERRSEE comes from the words cherry seeds, how would you like to incorporate this concept in this new album?
NENE: This album contains both songs that have been released so far and newly recorded songs. Since this is the first album for us, everything released up until now about CHERRSEE is included in only one album. And through the new songs we also hope to convey expectations for the group’s future. The words “Cherry Seeds” that came directly from the name CHERRSEE became the title of the first album and it has a deep meaning for us. That’s because, with this album and with the feeling of being back to the beginning, we would like to work as hard as before in order to blossom like flowers and become a sensation. So, we hope to receive love from a lot of people!

Before debuting, all five of you trained in South Korea with Brave Brothers. Would you like to tell us about that experience?
SAYURI: During trainee period in Korea, we learned the basis. For example, during dance lessons we spend all day working on how to perfectly extend our arms and hands out to the side. We took time with angles, timing until all the members were ready to join together. It’s not good when only a person can do it, and we had to practice so that everyone was able to do it. And to become even better we continued to practice until we reached that point.

It’s been over a year since your debut with “Mystery,” what is a genre of music/concept that you would like to try?
HIKARU: I’d like to sing some songs that don’t have any dance or songs that have more rhythm and groove. Until now, we remained on the freshness of the “sexy and cool” feeling but, in the future, as artist, as CHERRSEE, we’d like to show our real skills and charms.

After a few years, some artists start writing their own lyrics or choreographing their own dances for their group’s music. Do you see CHERRSEE doing the same?
MIYU: We want to do it! HIKARU likes songwriting and I often listened to her when we were trainees. When training got hard, I listened to her songs and it gave me energy. So, someday I will write songs and make choreography with the members to bring comfort and support to all the fans. This is my goal. And also to fulfill the dream for CHERRSEE to get bigger.

In the music video for “Cry again,” it had a more mature aura than the first two singles. Was there anything hard to learn, for example emotions, in the “Cry again” music video?
LENA: In Cry Again, more than the 2 previous singles’ bright expression, I exercised a lot on how to convey sad and intense or angry expressions. I didn’t expect it to be difficult because I’m usually very straightforward in expressing emotions but I tried aiming at acting more like an adult.

What do you like to do for fun on your days off?
HIKARU: Since there aren’t many days off, everyone spends their time separately. I often go to the gym, I watch movies, I go practicing and I use most of my time as maintenance doing my nails or going to the hairdresser. Sometimes we go to dinner together and take our leisure time.

What is your favorite part about singing and performing?
MIYU: Expression. Skills are important in order to spread the width of communication. During practice there are many things to worry about everyday, but when we stand on stage it’s the most fun. While working hard for synchronized dancing, we follow five types of expression in which only expressions of that particular day, like what we did in the morning or what we ate or how did we spend time, are born/incorporated on live stage. Our motto is to challenge ourselves 100 percent that day and it’s one of our fun points.

What is your favorite song to perform?
LENA: The song I like the most when performing live is Shiroi Shirt. It has a bright and fun melody and fans can groove to it. And since our dance is also very energetic, I like it very much.

You will hold your 2nd live concert on April 1st. Tell us about your impression of the first live and what you’ll expect from the second live?
NENE: The “1st” live, no matter what kind of live was, it will always have that “once in a lifetime” feel, and we were preparing it thinking of all those who would see us so that it would also remain on their minds. We’re thankful from the bottom of our hearts that so many people came, more people than we imagined. For the 2nd live we will take advantage of the experience of the 1st live and make it even more powerful. And since it’ll be the last live we can do with 5 people, we want to do a performance to thank all the people who supported us and of course, to thank all the staff that was involved in it too. We’ll prepare and work hard so that the people who came will enjoy it, and so that CHERRSEE will receive even more love from now on and will be even better for future lives and preparation. I hope a lot of people will be there!

It will also be Sayuri’s graduation performance, what kind of stage would you like to show to the fans in the end?
SAYURI: I want to do a live to convey my feelings of gratitude. For about 2 years, I received a lot of support and energy from everyone. Now, I want to repay that support. I want to work hard, putting my all in conveying that thanks.

We think that there are plenty of new projects in store for the next live, what kind of things do you want people to look forward to?
HIKARU: Our first live left the impression of people who were frantic/desperate and determined to work hard, but for our next live we want to show a CHERRSEE who has moved onto the next step, a step towards the future. We’re still deciding on the content of the live but please look forward to it since we’re preparing at 100 percent and we, as 5, will put ourselves on the line.

Do you have any dreams or goals as a singer? For example, performing at a certain music venue or collaborating with another artist?
MIYU: Now, while we’re studying we watch music programs with dreamy eyes but we want to do our best so that in the near future CHERRSEE will be lined up next in music programs too. Moreover we have another dream: one day, we want to stand on the Butokan stage. We just want to become amazing artists who don’t want to stand purely on stage, but artists who can move the hearts of the people filling that same place.

If you could perform internationally, where would you want to perform?
LENA: If we could perform internationally, I’d want to stand on the stage of Mnet Asian Music Awards where many KPOP artists gather. I think that it’s truly wonderful if you can show others your song and see other performances at the same time, not just your own.

Where do you see CHERRSEE in the next 5 years?
NENE: We want to become a group with an unprecedented music genre and a group with never-seen-before charms. Furthermore, we want to become a group where every member shines alone, and then when we’re all together we’ll become a great power. To that end, we will give everything we’ve got and we hope we can establish the existence of this kind of CHERRSEE five years from now.

I’d like to thank CHERRSEE for taking the time to answer all of these questions in detail. Was there something awesome or new that you found out about them and what was your favorite track from their first album “Cherry Seeds?” Leave your comments down below!

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