Introducing Golden Child: The 11 Princes of Woollim

June 9, 2010 marked the beginning of a new chapter for the South Korean entertainment company, Woollim Entertainment. It was the debut date of once “nugu” but now world stars, INFINITE. It has been seven years since INFINITE debuted and from being the “princes” of Woollim, they are now most likely the “kings.” Now, lets meet the new princes of Woollim, the eleven men who will be the start of a new generation, eleven boys who will show us their talents and charms in the future. The group that means “born one in 100 years that will lead the music industry for the next 100 years”, let’s meet the members of Woollim’s newest boy group, Golden Child!


Starting off the members of Golden Child is the most popular member (thus far), Lee Daeyeol. He is the younger brother of Sungyeol from INFINITE which is also the label-mate of GNCD. Daeyeol’s birth date is February 11, 1993 making him the eldest member of the group. His position in Golden Child is the group’s leader & main dancer. Prior to the announcement of GNCD, he already made several appearances and exposures to the industry. He appeared on the SBS drama “My Lovely Girl” and portrayed the role of Sana. Yes. Sana. Sha sha sha. Sana is a member of fictional boy group “Infinite Power” along with three other members portrayed by INFINITE’s L & Hoya, and group mate, Y. He was also the male lead for the music video of ToHeart’s song Tell Me Why. In 2017, he was featured on Woollim Entertainment’s pre-debut project called “W Project” that featured their trainees in rap, dance, and vocals. He was in the dance performance team alongside Donghyun & Jaeseok. His “squad number” in Golden Child is the number 11 symbolizing the 11 members of GNCD.


The next member is one of the groups’ visuals, Y, born July 31, 1995. His birth name is Choi Sungyoon but in Golden Child, he will be known as which came from the initial of his second name. Along with Daeyeol, he also appeared as a member of “Infinite Power” in the SBS drama, My Lovely Girl. Many fans had been speculating that he is the group’s main visual for his stage name is reminiscent of his label-mate, L, who is INFINITE’s main visual. Y was a back-up dancer for INFINITE stages, and his most notable one was for INFINITE-F’s Heartthrob stage where people even thought he was a member of the group. He is part of the group’s vocal line and is an aspiring singer-songwriter. A live snippet of his self-composed song “The rest” was aired in the group’s pre-debut show “2017 WoollimPICK.” Y’s squad number


Park Jaeseok originally debuted in 2014 as a member of boy group “I.D.” under KeyEast entertainment. He used to be known under his stage name, Jaeho and was a member of the group with co-GNCD member, TAG. The group disbanded and he left KeyEast to train under Woollim Entertainment in 2015. His squad number is number 20 and was born November 20th, 1995. Now, in Golden Child, Jaeseok is one of the group’s visuals as well as main dancer. Along with Daeyeol and Donghyun, he was featured in the dance team of W Project. Prior to GNCD, he also served as a back-up dancer for INFINITE, in which he got buzz for his visuals. His nickname is “Parkjumma” because of his affectionate and mother-like nature.


Next is the group’s vitamin and mood maker, Lee Jangjun. Jangjun is the group’s main rapper and at the same time, the member who is in charge of variety. His fun and witty personality makes him stand-out among the rest. Jangjun is born March 3, 1997 and was a trainee since 2014. He was featured in W Project as part of the rap team along with his co-member, TAG, in a song called “Drought.” According to Lovelyz’ Sujeong, Jangjun is a funny person and what he appears on TV is his actual self in real life. He calls himself as “Golden Child’s energy, everyone’s tonic super amazing awesome perfect great oh-my-god wonderful excellent Jangjun”. His squad number is 82 which was inspired from Korea’s number code meaning they will be the representative boy group in the future.


TAG, birth name Son Youngtaek, was born April 13th, 1998. He is one of the group’s main rappers. Along with Jaeseok, he was a member of KeyEast’s disbanded boy group “I.D.” He originally used his actual name for promotions. He left KeyEast and trained under Woollim in 2015. He was featured in W Project along with Jangjun as part of the rap team. They released a song called “Drought” which also featured solo artist BeE.


Seungmin is the smallest member of Golden Child! Everything about him is cute and smol. Bae Seungmin is born October 13, 1998. He auditioned for JYP Entertainment originally but is now debuting in Woollim as a member of Golden Child. Aside Joochan, he is assumed to be the group’s main vocalist for his strong and powerful voice. His nickname is “Shy Guy” which is actually unbelievable for he is one of the funniest and most stand-out members in WoollimPICK. With his cute charms and talent, he is already garnering popularity. His squad number is 98, which came from his birth year.


Born January 4, 1999 is the team’s “sloth,” Bong Jaehyun. Jaehyun is one of the members of Golden Child’s unofficial sub-unit, the Gugus. Gugus came from the Korean term of 99 and consists of the GNCD members born 1999. Jaehyun is a vocalist in Golden Child. Prior to GNCD, he made a cameo in the 2015 sports film “4th Place” top-billed by Yoon Jaesang and Park Jaehoon. He appeared as a member of a swimming team, only wearing swimming trunks, which will probably hunt him in the near future. His squad number is 19 and it symbolizes his debut age.


If you have seen my previous articles and saw my profile, you would have wondered who the cutie in my avatar is. Now you have finally seen the light as I introduce to you the ultimate bae, Kim Jibeom. Jibeom is born February 3, 1999 and is also a member of the Gugus. Upon the release of their first ever batch of photos, Jibeom gained a lot of popularity for his outstanding visuals. He is also assumed to be the group’s center as hinted in Golden Child’s squad number teaser. He is also one of the speculated main vocals along with Joochan & Seungmin. Jibeom’s nickname is “Pacifist” and is often referred to as “Busan’s real man.” Jibeom is also popular for having many idol look-alikes such as BTS’ Jin, GOT7’s Mark, and Highlight’s Doojoon as well as a vocalist with a powerful voice. His squad number is 33, see its meaning in Joochan’s section.


Kim Donghyun is born February 23, 1999. He is part of the Gugus along with Jaehyun, Jibeom, and Joochan. Donghyun is one of the group’s main dancers along with Jaeseok and Daeyeol. He was featured in the company’s pre-debut project called W Project as part of the dance performance team. Don’t be confused with Produce 101’s Donghyun though! They are totally different people. His squad number is 80 based off the ideal height of 180cm. Donghyun’s nickname is “Young Man Bread Mania” which is pretty self-explanatory.


The group’s official and only announced main vocal as of yet is Hong Joochan. He is born July 31, 1999 and he is the youngest member of the Gugus. Joochan was the first Golden Child member to officially make music as he is featured in the first release of W Project. Woollim released a duet track of Joochan and Woollim Girls’ Soyoon titled “No One Like You.” The song managed to chart in melOn and it peaked at #90 which is actually impressive for a song sung by only trainees.  Joochan’s squad number is 55 and along with Jibeom’s which is 33, it means “dumb and dumber.”


Lastly, the final member is Choi Bomin. Bomin is the group’s center, youngest, and is one of the dancers. Personally, Bomin is the most good looking member of Golden Child. He is born August 24, 2000 making him technically still a minor so to pedos, back-off! Bomin is one of the most exposed members prior to the group’s announcement. In 2016, he appeared in the music video of INFINITE’s special summer song called “That Summer: The 2nd Story” as a part of the band. He also appeared in the music video of label-mates, Lovelyz’ latest song “Now, We.” Bomin’s squad number is 89, the difference of 100 symbolizing 100% and 11 symbolizing the members of Golden Child.

With these 11 men, we will see the growth of Golden Child. They are currently in their own variety show called “2017 WoollimPick” airing in Mnet and also in VLive every Tuesday, 7:00 PM. The vocal line consists of Joochan, Seungmin, Jibeom, Y, and Jaehyun, the dance line consists of Bomin, Daeyeol, Jaeseok, and Donghyun, and lastly the rap line consists of TAG and Jangjun. Together let’s anticipate the debut of the future of Woollim, Golden Child!


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