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Here we go!

O.P.P.A #1

What are your hopes for K-pop/J-pop/C-pop in 2015?


I’ve been having a pretty good Japanese music year so far. Some great music steadily releasing throughout the year made it an entertaining one without much downtime. There was always something to listen to. All I hope for is for this to continue. Some new music from Salyu and Bonnie Pink would be welcomed too.

Cpop started out really sluggish. It was the opposite of my Japanese music experience. There was a lot of waiting for releases to drop. The big named artists either still haven’t released anything yet or dropped duds. There were some good albums released here and there but my hope for 2015 would be more releases from everyone and to see Waa get some nominations at the next Golden Melody Awards.

My interest in Kpop is holding on by a thread. I don’t know what it can do to bring me back. I have tried looking under the surface and checked out some indies but I didn’t hear much that grabbed my attention. My Kpop hope for 2015 would be to find enough music that interests me or I will finally move on.

Hemlock hopes Bonnie Pink will return once more
Hemlock hopes Bonnie Pink will return once more


For K-pop, I hope there will be a significantly smaller amount of scandals compared to this year. At the same time, 2014 exposed us about the not-so-pleasant side of the entertainment industry. Hopefully, they will be improvements or more regulations on the idol industry for the health and the safety of the idols, but there will probably be little progress made due to the lack of government enforcement.

Personally, I have a sinking feeling 2015 will be the deal breaker for K-pop whether it continues progressing or regressing in popularity. The music charts of 2014 have been dominated by mainly hip hop artists and artists with the “ballad” sound compared to previous years where idols have dominated these charts. It’ll be interesting what strategies companies will employ to keep the momentum of K-pop going. In the end, I hope 2015 will continue to keep me interested in K-pop and for there to be more diversity in the Korean music scene.


To be honest, I am starting to lose interest in Kpop really fast. I still like Kpop but I am not as interested as I was before. However, I am still satisfied with the releases this year. First, there were many talented rookies that debuted. Got7’s debut song wasn’t satisfying to me, but I really loved their side tracks! I hope they continue to rise and it’s nice to see Jackson on many variety shows.TROY also debuted this year and they quickly become one of my favorite rookies!

As Banhbao stated, this year was full of scandals, member leaving, and tragedies. For the year of 2015, I really hope there is no tragedies at all and less scandals. I know some people complain about the number of rookies that are debuted, but I don’t have a problem with it since there are some rookies that are talented and have good songs so I hope we have the chance to see more amazing rookies. Also, please let Big Bang comeback!!! It’s been so long and I really need some Big Bang in my life!!

Maisha hopes TROY can continue from their hot debut
Maisha hopes TROY can continue from their hot debut


For J-Music, I liked a lot of what came from my favorite artists. Fair warning, I don’t really look into much outside of my favorites. I liked the direction NICO Touches the Walls and UVERworld went this year, and I hope to see more of that next year especially with UVERworld officially adding Seika into the group. I just need my favorite bands to just continue what they’re doing because that’s what keeps me a fan.

For KPop, 2NE1 kept me alive the most this year. 2NE1’s ‘Crush’ album was absolutely perfect. Super Junior was good too, and it felt like they continued right where they left off. I just want them to be able to keep coming back with albums that suit them and fit them. I hope K-music comes back stronger next year because I wasn’t into kpop much this year.

For C-music, i don’t listen to it much, but I do follow Seven Sense and their new direction in music has kept me interested. It should be interesting to see what they come up with next year since they’ve started subunits. The other songs I came across were good, and I hope it continues into next year.

2NE1 kept Momo's interests alive.
2NE1 kept Momo’s interests alive.


As much as the KPOP fan culture and juicy idol news are a large part to the community, I believe that the Hallyu Wave starts with the quality of the KPOP acts—which, for the most part, has improved greatly within the past couple of years. In 2014, we have been blown away by newly debuted artists and rookies. It seems that more companies are putting talent before visual appeal, which is a whole lot more captivating to me, who finds more interest in the quality of the stage performances than the aesthetics or the personal lives of the performers.

In 2015, I’d like to see this trend continue and I’d like to watch these idols grow musically and otherwise, because part of the fun with watching rookies is following them as they find their style and really perfect their craft (ex. VIXX becoming the masters of strong concepts). I think that this generation of KPOP artists has some of the most talented individuals and praising them for those talents and celebrating good jams is a positive way to enjoy the genre, which I think a lot of people forget when they get wrapped up in the dramatic world of gossip and fanwars.


#EVERYBODYKNOWS that Kpop had its ups and downs in 2014 and I hope to see it get back on track in 2015 with some killer comebacks. I had an amazing (yet short) comeback from 2PM and the response from fans was great even if the national reception wasn’t fantastic. Kara has somewhat recovered from its split earlier in the year, and new member Youngji is the group’s revival many of us wanted. I want to see her continue to make herself more well-known in 2015. 2014 almost overwhelmed us with rookie debuts and the start of the next generation of idol groups with Red Velvet, GOT7 and Winner as the flagship debuts for the big 3. I kind of like seeing new groups get success straight away, and who knows which one will win the rookie awards later this year. I hope 2015 is great for all those groups.

I would love to see 2015 as SPEED’s breakout year. After making themselves more prominent with Don’t Tease Me and the Speed Circus album, I hope they can carry the momentum forward into the new year and wow us again. It only takes one hit to propel them into a higher tier and be regarded as a top group. My main hope for 2015 is of course… *whispers* JYP. I would like to see controlled, scheduled comebacks… maybe once a month – doesn’t seem like a stretch for all the groups they have in their arsenal, not to mention the soloists. But I guess this is wishful thinking…

lawlaw needs to see the whole of the JYP Nation in the spotlight
lawlaw needs to see the whole of the JYP Nation in the spotlight


So what about you? What are your hopes for 2015?

Let us know below~

23-year-old reporter from the UK. Onehallyu Mod.

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