Introducing: OH Blog Tips

Hello from OneHallyu’s Press Team!

This year, we want to be more interactive with the users of this forum, and see what you all want on the blog. Thus we have decided to open up OH Blog Tips Forms. “Tips” are the equivalent of ideas/suggestions. We want to write about what the community likes and wants to see written by our talented bloggers.

Send us a tip by completing this form:

Suggestions will be open for 24 hours, so get in there quick!

OH Blog Tips announcements will be posted each fortnight (2 weeks), so you all have a good chance to suggest what you want on the blog if you don’t suggest the first time.

Thank you and we hope to see some awesome tips from the community!

Please pay attention to the announcement board on the forums for future blog features!


Haru ☆
Maknae of the bloggers; passionate WJSN & Twice stan.

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