Are the IOI girls being overworked?

IOI. A project girl group to debut on May 4th 2016. What’s up with their promotion cycle? Are they being overworked?

IOI is a new girl group debuting as the “Nation’s Girl Group”, whose members were literally chosen by the nation on Mnet survival show Produce 101. I’d been watching the show closely and keeping my eye on a few girls, when it just so happens that a majority of who I was rooting for made it into the final line-up. I was excited for this, and ever since the end of the show I’ve been looking forward to their debut.

But one thing hit me, the companies (YMC, Mnet) are aiming for this group to be the Nation’s Girl Group, and to win all the end of year awards and become the power rookies. How will they do this? Well, IOI are planning to release 2 mini-albums and 2 digital singles in the 11 month cycle of promotions, when at the end of it, all 11 will go back to their respective companies. But, IOI will be constantly promoting, and the companies even said themselves that it’s “promoting without rest”, which is unfair on the idols themselves because being overworked can lead to controversy or health issues – especially when most of the group consists of minors who are still growing up and need to get the right amount of sleep and energy to progress throughout their adulthood.

What I’m trying to get at is, why can’t the girls be promoted well but not over-worked at the same time? Releasing 2 mini albums and 2 digital singles means constant practice and constant promoting, which I know for me would be hell. Seeing how the girls did sign the contract for this, they obviously really want it, but is making a name for yourself more important then good health?

What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll respond with my opinions towards yours! 🙂

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  • lipslocked✿

    Most probably? In the past year or so, there have been numerous debuts & in order to stay relevant, companies usually push their groups to do promotions more than usual. It could be the greed to achieve the top-tier but at the same time, the members well being is the most important. I’m sure when everyone is in pink of health, they would be able to perform better mentally and physically. Sadly, some of the companies out there believe that making money (priority) is more important then one’s health. Nonetheless, IOI are still considered new & ‘fresh’ in a way so they would need more time to adapt to different exposures.

  • pyopyo

    You only mention the albums and singles, but I’m surprised you didn’t mention any of the CF’s and photoshoots. This past week or two has been absolutely crazy with daily new releases of a CF or photoshoots. If you aren’t new to kpop you know how they always mention how these photoshoots can take upto 14 hours of non stop filming or something, so I’m actually worried for them. This combined with their upcoming debut AND variety appearances that they are scheduled for..

    Pretty scary actually.

    • Wow, forgot about the CFs! Good point, makes it even worse. 🙁