J-Pop Artist of the Week – Bump of Chicken (Nov. 25th – Dec. 1st)

BUMP OF CHICKEN is a rock band from Sakura City, Chiba under the TOY’S FACTORY label and managed by LONGFELLOW. The band’s members originally met in Kindergarden and were classmates all throughout school. They were formed by members Masu Hideo and Fujiwara Motoo at the age of 14 and their first performance was in 1994, during their 9th grade cultural festival, where they played a cover of The Beatles’ version of “Twist and Shout”. The band continued to play in several music competitions (96TMF and Beat Rush 1996) and won. In October of 1998, they released their first limited CD, “BUMP OF CHICKEN”, and the next year they released their first indie album FLAME VEIN. BUMP OF CHICKEN got their first major successful release after they transferred to Toy’s Factory and released the single “Tentai Kansoku” in 2001, landing in the top 10 on the Oricon charts.

Most of the band’s songs and almost all lyrics are written by member Fujiwara Motoo.



Recent Releases

[Single] You were here
Release Date: August  1st, 2014
Editions: Digital Only


Upcoming Releases

[Single] Fighter / Parade
Release Date(s): November 28th & 29th
Editions: Digital Only


Websites and Social Media

Official Website
Official Toy’s Factory Profile
Official Youtube Channel

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