J-pop Artist of the Week (Oct. 14th – Oct. 20th) – Mizca

Mizca (whose real name is Mitsuoka Masami) is a pop/electropop singer currently under the indies label Sound Move. Under the stage name MASAMI, she was originally a member of the dance-vocal unit Sister Q from 2005-2006. Once the group disbanded, Masami signed with Pony Canyon and released her debut single “Hana” (Flower) in 2007. After the release of her 5th single “FREE BIRD”, she announced she was changing her name to Mizca and was going to release electropop music. She changed her name back to Masami in 2011.


Recent Releases

[Single] Nijiiro no Hana (Rainbow Colored Flower)
Release Date: March 13th, 2013
Editions: Digital Only

Upcoming Releases

[Single] Say hello good days
Release Date: December 10th, 2014
Editions: Type A/Type B

<Type A Tracklist>

1. say hello good days
2. Dark the World
3. Daisy
4. say hello good days (Instrumental)

<Type B Tracklist>

1. say hello good days
2. Dark the World
3. FREE BIRD ~2015 Acoustic~
4. say hello good days (Instrumental)

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