J-Pop Artist of the Week (Sept. 23rd – Sept. 29th) – Do As Infinity

Do As Infinity (or DAI, which can mean “great” in Japanese) is a pop-rock group under Avex Trax. They are named after composer and creator Nagao Dai, who as of their reuinion in 2008, is no longer with the group. Their unique mix of samples, electric guitar solos, and acoustic guitars along with vocalist Tomiko’s singing helped establish the group’s unique sound.

DAI debuted in 1999 with the single “Tangerine Dream”, holding a free concert in Shibuya. They released three more singles before releasing their debut album Break of Dawn in March of 2000. Later that year, Nagao Dai made the decision to devote all his time to composing music and no longer appeared at live events. On September 13th, 2005, Do As Infinity officially announced that they would disband on their six year anniversary (September 29th). They reformed later that year in November for a final concert with Nagao Dai.

In 2008, Do As Infinity announced their revival, followed by a new single “∞1”, in June 2009 and their seventh studio album Eternal Flame. The band will be celebrating their 15th anniversary on September 29th, 2014.


Recent Releases

[Best Album] The Best of Do As Infinity
Release Date: January 1st, 2014
Editions: 2CD, 2CD+DVD

2CD+DVD Cover
2CD Cover

If you enjoy Do As Infinity’s works, please consider purchasing them to support the band! You can order their albums and singles from sites such as CD Japan, HMV, or Yesasia!

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  • Maisha A.

    Omfg I remember hearing them because of Inuyasha LOL the memories!

  • Mandilinn

    Yeah, I seem to remember them doing one, but I was never really an InuYasha fan. My sister was a bigger fan of the show than I was. I was a bigger fan of games, which is why TAO is in this post. /biased

    They’re a really great band, though. I’m not normally a band person, but I love them. <3

  • Tomiko’s voice is just awesome. Great band.