K-Pop idols that are surprisingly of the same age!

“Oh my! Oppa is so hot!!!!!! Oppa please copulate with me!!!!!! OPPA!!!!!! Wait…. Oppa… YOU’RE 15?! HELL NO! GOODBYE! SCREW THIS!”

“Oh… another oppa…. He looks young…. I need to make sure he’s legal before I stan him…. He doesn’t look like he’s of legal age though…. hmmmmmm.. WHAT?!!!! HE IS ALREADY 27?!!!!!!”


If you are from another country, you are most likely correct if you guess whatever age a certain person has.. But in Korea, whatever your guess is… it is probably wrong. The actual ages of our loved Korean stars may confuse us in relation to their visuals. Some are young-looking but are actually in their mid-twenties and some are beastly but are not of legal age. Here are some K-Pop idols you wouldn’t have thought were the same age!

Note: The ages indicated are their Korean Ages which may differ from their International Ages


Sunye (Ex – Wonder Girls) & Sunggyu (INFINITE)

Age: 29



Bora (Ex – Sistar) & Cheetah

Age: 28


Xiumin (EXO) & Seungri (Big Bang)

Age: 28


Junho (2PM) & N (VIXX)

Age: 28


Seohyun (Girls’ Generation) & Irene (Red Velvet)

Age: 27


Hyorin & Hyunsik (BtoB)

Age: 27


Key (SHINee) & CL

Age: 27


Jae (DAY6) & Sohee (Ex – Wonder Girls)

Age: 26


L (INFINITE) & Sunmi

Age: 26


Hongbin (VIXX) & Hana (Gugudan)

Age: 25


Ravi (VIXX) & IU

Age: 25


Suzy (miss A) & Mijoo (Lovelyz)

Age: 24


Minhyun (Wanna One / Nu’est) & Jimin (BTS)

Age: 23


Eunbin (CLC) & Yena (April)

Age: 18


Which was the most surprising for you? Did we miss some idols out? Don’t forget to voice out at the comments box!


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  • Newton’sApples

    Seohyun and Irene tho!

  • Ducky

    okay L and Sunmi, Hyorin and Hyunsik surprised me. N looks 23-24.

  • Counting Pulses

    The fact that Suzy’s only 24 and has already accomplished so much…..
    And Sunggyu’s baby face. You would never think he’s almost 30.

  • Bora looks so young, I didn’t know she was 28 :O


    Wait, Jimin was born in October ’95. That’s 24 in Korean age? He isn’t even 22 in intl age!

    • SLY

      Oh sorry about that! It’s a typographical mistake. Jimin and Minhyun in Korean age are 23 years of age. 🙂

  • guest

    “Some are young-looking but are actually in their mid-twenties” maybe because they.. uhhhh. you know.. are young? is a 12-year-old writing these blog posts or something?