K-Pop stars as Super-Heroes and Villains

This summer saw us not only celebrating Sistar’s comeback but also lamenting the apparent loss of  a DC Super-Heroes/Villains concept from the early teaser pictures.

Whether the concept was ditched or was never meant to be part of the comeback proper, I don’t know. It did get me thinking though… What if our favourite idols were Super-Heroes and Villains?

So here they are, the first additions to my Super-Hero/Super-Villains ‘Top Trumps’ deck!

I hope you liked the first batch! If you are crazy like me, you can find printable copies of the cards HERE (be warned they will hog some ink though.) Feel free to request future additions to the deck in the comments. I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to do all of them, but I will certainly try to do as many as possible!





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