K-Pop Workout Playlist: Tracks To Get Your Heart Rate Going

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As someone who enjoys working out, I am constantly on the lookout for songs to add to my workout playlists. Whether you’re like me or you’ve lately felt the need to introduce a new fitness regime into your schedule, here’s a k-pop workout playlist that might just come in handy. And if you’re one of those people, it’s still not too late to stick to that New Year’s resolution.

2NE1 – I Am The Best

Kick things off by first getting into that head space with the right hype song. What better way to push yourself off that couch than the classic k-pop hype song I Am The Best? Play this one as many times as necessary until you’re finally in full workout gear. Don’t forget to warm up them muscles before you get going, especially if you’re extremely rusty.

KARA – Mamma Mia

Kara Mamma Mia

Once you’re all warmed up, get that tempo going with KARA’s Mamma Mia (a song that deserved way better). Remember to take things at your own pace, though, especially if you’re only just beginning. Hit the lights, let’s go, people!!! Just don’t wear shoes like the ones in the music video.

SISTAR – So Cool

This is one of my personal favourite songs to listen to whenever I hit the elliptical machine. The key to cardio training is to keep that heart rate up, get that little organ of yours really going. SISTAR’s So Cool helps me maintain that steady pace.

EXID – I Feel Good

EXID I Feel Good

Working out should make your body release more endorphins. But we could all use that little extra external mood-booster. Let one of EXID’s earlier tracks I Feel Good help trick yourself into feeling good enough to keep going and push yourself just a little bit harder. Still, remain mindful of your body’s limits!

f(x) – Papi


Next, use the ultra-catchy refrain from the missing SM quartet f(x), “Papi let’s go! Cause I kinda like it!” as your own personal cheerleader as you work those glutes. And if it helps, picture any of the f(x) members telling you that they kinda like it too. If you know what I mean.


Blackpink’s first single was met with mixed reviews when it was first released — its harsh beat is something that you either 101% love or completely hate. But when you’re in the middle of a workout, sometimes all you need is a track to rock out to. And Boombayah fits the bill, really.

CLC – Black Dress

CLC Black Dress

At this point, you’d probably feel like you’re about to hit your absolute limit (unless you’re that much of an athlete). CLC’s Black Dress’ pre-chorus and chorus help keep that momentum going, while still granting you moments in between where you can cheat just a little bit and catch your breath.

Luna – Free Somebody

Remind yourself of the reason why you’re going through this self-induced, special kind of hell – freeing yourself from wasting away. But really, it’s a bop. A bop that’ll keep your head up enough for you to stay in the game and maintain good, proper form.

Brown Eyed Girls – Abracadabra

Gain Abracadabra

This one is yet another one of my very own classic K-Pop workout regulars! In all my years of working out (be it in the gym, running outdoors, or at home), Brown Eyed Girls’ Abracadabra’s iconic synths have never failed to keep me on my toes until the very end.

Block B – Very Good

Block B Very Good

The end is nigh! Personally, towards the very end of my workouts, I’d usually push myself even harder and truly test the limits of what I can do. This is where I need another hype song like Block B’s Very Good. I highly recommend doing the same. It can be very fulfilling. I’m very very good, and so are you!

EXO – Power

I still have mixed feelings about this song on most days, but oh boy is this one a good one to listen to when you’re on the elliptical machine and your limbs feel like falling off. Listening to that refrain is like directly injecting some kind of powerful magic jojo right into my bloodstream, especially at the very end.

SISTAR Soyou workout

Honourable mentions: SHINee – Lucifer; Taeyang – Ringa Linga; SNSD – Catch Me If You Can; BTS – War of Hormones; 2PM – Going Crazy

And there you have it! If you’re a gym rat yourself with your very own k-pop workout playlists, do share your selections with us here. We can never have too many of them. Don’t forget to cool down after your workout, rehydrate and refuel! Most importantly, get enough sleep, even if it’s just for that night after your workout. Your body’s going to need it.

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