A Killer Comeback: How Cube Entertainment Turned it Around

After losing their primary breadwinners girl group “4Minute” and boy band “BEAST” (now known as “Highlight”), all hope seemed lost for Cube Entertainment. The company was left with numerous once-promising acts, but constantly mismanaged them which subsequently prevented them from hitting it big. The company seemed to be in a slump and their status as one of the top South Korean record labels was rapidly plummeting. However, in recent months, Cube Entertainment seems to have made a massive effort in order to manage their artists effectively. So exactly what steps have the record label taken to turn things around?


Following K-Pop can be especially frustrating for fans who don’t speak Korean. Therefore, record labels offering subtitles on their YouTube videos can prove helpful and appealing to international fans. Recently, Cube Entertainment has opened closed-caption contributions on their official YouTube channel, allowing fans to contribute subtitles to Cube videos. This opens Cube’s videos up to a global audience.


For the second season of Produce 101, Cube Entertainment made the right call by sending the now-famous Lai Guanlin and Yoo Seonho duo. After the two adorable trainees performed in the first episode of the show, they were dubbed “chick trainees” due to their young age and inexperience. After Produce 101, Yoo Seonho is now a beloved Cube trainee and Lai Guanlin debuted in the show’s resulting boy group “Wanna One.” Given the success surrounding Wanna One, Guanlin is likely to bring much popularity to the group that he eventually debuts in under Cube, and Yoo Seonho just seals the deal.

Cube trainees Yoo Seonho and Lai Guanlin performing on Produce 101 Season Two


After Produce 101 Season 2 wrapped filming, Cube Entertainment has continued to ride the momentum of the smash hit Mnet survival show and they have not hesitated to promote trainee Yoo Seonho to the best of their ability. Cube regularly posts Seonho updates via their “Cube Tree” SNS accounts and are allowing him to partake in photo shoots, variety shows and other promotional events. Much like Jeon Somi, (season one winner of P101), hopefully Seonho will continue to partake in various activities prior to début and continue to promote for a long time to come.

A Seonho update via the “Cube Tree” Instagram


Joo Woochan is the adorable rapper currently taking the world by storm after competing on Mnet’s rap competition “Show Me the Money.” Not only was he the season’s youngest competitor, but he’s been rapping for less than a year! Despite this, Woochan proved himself to be a worthy adversary and was praised for his rhythm. Woochan is rumoured to eventually début alongside labelmates Yoo Seonho and Lai Guanlin in the future, building even more hype for Cube’s next boy group. Cube Entertainment definitely made the right call by allowing Woochan to compete on Show Me The Money.

Woochan on SMTM


It is a little-known fact that Cube girl group CLC was originally supposed to début with a powerful concept. However, their début concept was changed at the last minute to more cutesy and fun in order to suit the market at that point in time. After the release of numerous underwhelming albums and poor reception from the public, CLC finally reverted to their original badass concept for their “Crystyle” comeback. The group completely transformed, from their facial expressions to their logo. It turns out that the change was a good idea because “Crystyle” was highly praised for being a strong album filled with powerful and cohesive tracks. Furthermore, the album’s title track “Hobgoblin” is CLC’s best performing track to date. The music video has exceeded twenty million views and the song has performed well on charts. CLC even promoted B-side track “Meow Meow” whilst performing at music shows, allowing the group to gain further recognition. Overall, giving CLC this concept was clearly a good move on Cube’s part.

CLC’s “Crystyle’ concept


Cube Entertainment demonstrated incredible bravery when they allowed CLC member Sorn to start her own web-series in which she talks about her life experiences. Most Entertainment companies don’t allow their artists to divulge the details of their trainee experience, but Sorn gets fully into the nitty-gritty. She is able to interact with her fans through her live-web show, and each episode is packed with excellent life-advice. CLC fans will also be pleased to know that the other group members frequently make guest appearances on Sorn’s show, injecting an extra dose of fun. Overall, Sorn’s story is incredibly compelling, and it translates so well into her videos. The videos aren’t contrived, they’re filmed in Sorn’s own bedroom, which feels incredibly authentic. The web show is also largely in English, so it appeals to a global audience. Cube definitely took a risk with ‘Produsorn,’ but the gamble completely paid off.


Lately, Cube has updated both their SNS and official YouTube channel with plenty of additional content for fans to enjoy. Not only do the artists regularly update their fan cafes, but Cube has been extra diligent with managing their social media too. Cube have begun prioritising V-live a lot more, with major content increases visible on their artist’s channels. They have been taking advantage of Cube’s kitchen, with numerous artists filming live cooking videos. CLC’s Eunbin now even has her own regular cooking segment! Furthermore, boy group “Pentagon” finally filmed their very first dance practice video, for their song “Critical Beauty.” Cube has also uploaded a dance practice for Peniel’s (BTOB member) “That Girl,” despite it not being a title track. Cube artists like Oh Seunghee and the Pentagon members have even been releasing covers! Allowing their artists to put forward fun additional content has really taken Cube to the next level.

Overall, Cube Entertainment have obviously implemented a number of drastic improvements when it comes to how they handle their trainees and artists. They’ve slowly but surely been crawling out the hole that they dug, and it’s evidently paying off for their acts. However, Cube still has a long way to go and needs to maintain these changes long-term if they want their artists to find success. With that said, Cube has undeniably made some commendable changes and hopefully, they continue to grow and make many more positive choices well into the future.


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