Knowing Brothers Episode 68 Review: Every Day Girl’s Day

Main Cast:
Kang Hodong
Lee Sang Min
Seo Jang Hun
Lee Sugeun
Kim YoungChul
Kim Hee Chul
Min Kyung Hoon
Girl’s Day

Knowing Brothers is a Korean variety TV programme by JTBC. It airs at 850 pm KST every saturday. The current format of this show explores the high school concept where the casts act as high school students with the guests acting as students that had transferred from another school. The segments for this show includes “Entrance Application”, “Guess About Me” and various segments that are customised accordingly to the guests that will be on the show. For this particular episode (Episode 68), Girl’s’ Day are the main guest with cast member Youngchul’s sister making a short special appearance toward the end of the episode. This episode received a viewer rating of 4.8% according to AGB Nielsen.
This is Girl’s Day making their first appearance on the show. And naturally, I am excited to see how they fare on this show that are famous for pushing jokes to their limit. But before I talk more about Girl’s Day, let me talk about Youngchul a bit.
What is noticeably about the episode is that Youngchul didn’t even appear for 1 seconds in the show! Apparently, he decided to honor his promise of quitting the show if the program hit 5% which was achieved when one of Korea’s top actress; Kim Hee Sun made a guest appearance on the show in episode 66. I must admit that I felt the absence of Youngchul while watching the episode. His gags and jokes always make me smile even if other people might not appreciate it. And it does look like the cast miss him too even agreeing among themselves that they won’t cheer for whichever guest that will appear in the show. Alas, they broke their promise as soon as Girl’s Day made their appearance. Every day, Girl’s Day!

Oh boy, Girls’ Day made me laugh so much throughout the episode! Minah and her flapping dance have me laughing my head off! It is fun to see Girl’s Day competing against the casts to determine who are better at moving the cup with the help of a straw. Girls’ Day emerge as the winner at the end with Yura proving to be the ace. It is also interesting to note that Hodong noticed Hyeri’s potential to rise to be a top star when she had just debuting, even going as far to mention that Hyeri remind him of Yoon Eun Hye. It is also fascinating to see Girl’s Day getting addicted to doing Seo Janghun’s famous celebration, even getting up a few time to imitate him doing the celebration! The Song-stagram segment is pretty cool as we learn about the top 5 spring songs that Girl’s Day has chosen. After that, Girl’s Day got me in a laughing fit as they exited the show while pretending to fall off a cliff.
Wait wait, the episode is not over even though the main guest had left! Youngchul’s sister popped in for a short while to chat about her brother. I am touched by the love she have for her brother even asking the casts to treat the promise Youngchul made as a stupid promise to be forgotten. With that being said, she got a standing ovation from me when she departed the classroom pretending to fall off a cliff with a scream! Hopefully someday we will get to see her featuring as a special guest on the show!
Overall, I really enjoy the episode. It is funny and witty as usual with Heechul even pulling out some cigarette jokes in the beginning. Girl’s Day are pretty funny with the stories they shared. Watching the episode made me realise that I really miss Girls’ Day too. Also, I realised the importance of having Youngchul in the show. Various girl groups like IOI, AOA, WJSN, Gfriend and Twice had attended the show just to name a few and I must say that Girl’s Day’s episode is among one of the funniest among girl group. So be sure to watch it if you have not!
I feel at ease in the darkness.

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