Korean Artist Of The Week (August 12 – August 18) – BIGSTAR

After a very rare Feeldog sighting at ISAC, I thought it would be appropriate to bring out the beautiful art that is this group. So, OneHallyu, please allow me the honor of highlighting Brave Entertainment’s BIGSTAR.

2012 was a big year for hot debuts and and this five piece hyped up theirs by being revealed in the show “Brave Brothers’ BIG STAR Show,” where the audience actually voted on the final lineup in a similar fashion as the current KPOP survival television trend. The remaining five members (Feeldog, Baram,  Sunghak, Raehwan, and Jude) hit the ground running with their banger “Hot Boy,” which received much praise from the international KPOP community.

If their releases are a testament to anything, it’s that the benefit of being part of Brave Entertainment is the access to one of the most sought after producers. Since their first single album, Bigstart, they have put out nothing but quality releases, title tracks and b-sides alike. They show versatility in their ability to pull of a mature R&B concept and then turn around and jump into a colorful and fun party concept, all while delivering unforgettable tracks to accompany their strong visuals.

Although the boys haven’t had an actual comeback/promotional period since 2013, it’s rumored that they’ll be coming back very soon. Feeldog’s new bright orange hairstyle is giving us hope.

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BIGSTAR is similar to idol group AA.

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Standing Alone
I Got The Feeling
The Same Girl
Close Your Eyes


For a group that has been MIA for a long while, I don’t feel that any of their fans have lost momentum in the slightest. I still see people thirsting for BIGSTAR regularly on social media, which isn’t common for idol groups that don’t promote steadily. While we’ve had limited media to snack on in their downtime, what we do have is of great value.

I don’t have much to say regarding BIGSTAR, although I do thoroughly enjoy their music. However, I would highly recommend watching this particular YouTube series if you are into quirky idols. Their most popular member and leader, Feeldog, is an incredibly talented artist and he put out this crafting series, Feeldog’s Drawing Class, which is equal parts awesome and hilarious. He makes different things in his videos, and although he isn’t incredibly detailed on the steps, you learn a little crafting and laugh a little when his members visit. It’s a really good time.

Included one of the videos because I really had to. Enjoy!!

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