Korean Artist Of The Week (August 5 – August 11) – SHINee

SHINee doesn’t need a fancy introduction. They don’t even need their own week on the OneHallyu blog. But because this (insert fire emoji) group just put out one of the most entertaining MV’s that I have ever seen, Married To The Music, I can’t really write about anyone else.

SHINee is a five piece boy group from SM Entertainment (if you didn’t know) that debuted in 2008 with the iconic single, “Replay”. The group consists of Onew, Taemin, Key, Minho, and Jonghyun, who are all known individually for their own unique sets of talents. These boys have their hands in plenty of different activities, including acting (drama and musicals), fashion, and music production, and they dominate everything they participate in.

After over seven years, SHINee has released plenty of albums in both South Korea and Japan, and have made their name as one of the most impressive performance groups in all of KPOP with their mix of powerful live vocals and stunning choreography. Their concepts range from your typical run-of-the-mill aesthetic to downright outrageous (AKA what the f#$*!?), but the members’ ability to fit into any setting allows them this type of versatility, and in turn gives us something to scream about. Is there anything that SHINee can’t do?

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Is there anyone comparable to SHINee? You tell me.

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Ready or Not
Y Si Fuera Ella

*I added a bit of variety for those who haven’t really gotten into SHINee. They are capable of doing many different styles, so I feel like it’s impossible to not find something that you like in their discography. There are plenty more that I like, but I tried to keep the list short(ish).


SHINee is quality, and that’s coming from someone who has never called themselves a Shawol (fandom name short for “SHINee World”). They are one of the first names people hear about when getting into the wide world of KPOP, and with good reason. They offer enough variety to fit any taste, and there isn’t a shortage of variety appearances and other visual media to feast on. I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface when it comes to SHINee, but I stand impressed by what I have seen. I hope to follow their Japanese releases more in the future, because I only know their Korean songs, but I’m about to jump to that as soon as I finish posting this article 😉

If you guys have any Japanese SHINee song suggestions or shows that I should check out, let me know in the comments!

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  • Lee Taemin

    awwww my baes<3

  • Anon

    listen to “Picasso” and thank me later

    • Holke

      Wow! Awesome recommendation! Thank you!!

  • Myy Na

    Boy Meet You, Juliette, Your Number, Lucifer, Every Body, Fire, Lucky Star, 3 2 1, View, Ring Ring Dong, Sherlock, Downtown Baby

    • Holke

      I checked out some of these that I hadn’t heard and I’d like to let you know that I was majorly digging “Your Number”! Very awesome ^^! Thanks~

  • The whole Misconceptions album is fire tbh

    • Holke

      I totally agree.

  • Their “1000 Years…” single is gold. ?

    • Holke

      I liked it a lot! Thank you!

  • For ballads, I recommend Symptoms, Selene 6.23, An Ode To You, Romantic, Please Don’t Go, Quasimodo.
    For fun songs, A-Yo, Colorful, Hitchhiking, Romance, Haru, Green Rain, Stand By Me.
    For darker songs, Nightmare, SHINe, Obsession, Trigger.

    Japanese discography,
    upbeat/non ballads songs, Dazzling Girl, Moon River Waltz, 365, Kiss Yo, Run With Me, Downtown Baby, 3 2 1.
    Ballads, 1000 Years, Always By Your Side, LOVE, Keeping Love Again, Colors Of The Season, I’m With You.

    I tried to give a variety of recommendations to suit more people tastes.
    Here are some of my personal favourites, Aside, Close The Door, Graze, In My Room, Punch Drunk Love, Excuse Me Miss, Better Off, love Sick, Honesty.

    Let’s share the SHINee love ♥

  • bangs

    Japanese recommendations:

    Your Number (the video is really good too because of the slick choreography from Rino Nakasone)
    1000 years

    And more!

    I can’t even narrow down their Korean albums but start with the four Married to the Music new tracks and Odd Eye (written and composed by jonghyun), Alive, Trigger, and Romance from the Odd album.

  • shinee <3

    my favorite shinee japanese songs are: the world where you exist, picasso, and password.

  • sw

    aww my favorite kpop band!!! they are my babies<3