Korean Artist Of The Week (July 22 – July 28) – Hyukoh

Hyukoh is a four piece rock group consisting of Oh Hyuk (vocalist, guitar, leader), Im Dong Gun (bass), Im Hyun Je (guitar), and Lee In Woo (drums). Their debut album, 20, came out in September of 2014, which had the breakout song “위잉위잉 (Wi Ing Wi Ing).” Their mellow tracks (that I feel could be 60’s rock inspired) mixed with Oh Hyuk’s soulful voice have gained the group much recognition in the past year, landing them appearances on Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook and even Infinity Challenge.

2015 is proving to be a big year for the four men of Hyukoh. They put out their sophomore album, 22, in May of this year, and their leader has been busy creating buzz with his own string of collaborations. Then, as if things were not already golden, it was just announced on July 21 that Hyukoh is the first artist signed by Epik High’s Tablo to YG sub-label, High Ground (stylized as HIGHGRND). What’s next? Global domination (maybe not, but they’re rad).

Featured Songs

Other Songs

Panda Bear
Big Bird
Settled Down

The next couple of songs aren’t official Hyukoh releases. They’re live recordings and Oh Hyuk’s solo work with Primary, but they’re definitely worth checking out.
Hyukoh – Isn’t She Lovely (Stevie Wonder cover live)
Hyukoh – Comes And Goes (live)
Primary & Oh Hyuk – eTunnel (Feat. 개코)
Primary & Oh Hyuk – Bawling


To put it simply: I love Hyukoh. Like many, I found them by catching wind of their leader, Oh Hyuk, who did an awesome mini album with Primary. I fell in love with his voice quickly and had to find out where the heck he was from. That’s the road that lead me to Hyukoh, whose music turned out to be vastly different than what I had expected, yet refreshing and enjoyable. They’ve quickly become one of the most played artists on my Google Play account and I’m excited to see what they do with Tablo’s support in the future. Being signed to HIGHGRND is a huge advantage.

As you’ll see, I left out the “Similar Artists” section this time around, but it was hard for me to choose artists that sound like them, as Hyukoh has a lot of different elements from a long list of artists from all over the world. However, even with a familiar sound, I find that Oh Hyuk’s voice brings a whole new level of uniqueness that is hard to match. If you did enjoy Hyukoh and did want a couple of music recommendations, I’d point you in the direction of America’s Of Montreal and Canada’s Reverie Sound Revue. You’ll hear plenty of differences, but give them a chance and you’ll understand my choices (I hope).

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