Korean Artist Of The Week (Oct 21 – Oct 27) – Pungdeng-E

If you’re the average KPOP fan, you probably didn’t hear Pungdeng-E’s latest release. Don’t worry! I’ve got your back. You just have to read a little more to see it. 😉

Who is Pungdeng-E?

They’re the girl group from DOMA Entertainment that debuted in late 2013 with “알탕 (Al-Tang)”. Pungdeng-E’s members are Blue (leader), Yellow, and Red (yes, those are their stage names).Their songs are generally hip hop mixed with cute visuals. While their music isn’t mixed to perfection, they are packed full of charisma and their MV’s are unforgettable (you’ll see). Their videos range from street performances to a confusing story about really important cabbage.

Although Pungdeng-E hasn’t been granted much screen time since their debut, they have performed on several music shows and even landed a spot competing on an idol sports show– a show that some may remember, as it sparked outrage because of some of the participating idols’ not receiving pay based on their popularity. They have yet to make a splash in the international community, but they are nice to listen to and the girls are quite active on social media (and they’re so cuuuuuuute).

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I’ve found myself being really into Pungdeng-E after watching a dance cover of their “Beachu Bossam” choreography done by a girls volleyball team (which I found to be really interesting/weird).

They aren’t my usual type of group, but I think their music is really fun. I also hang out with a friend that is madly in love with their main rapper, Red.


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