Korean Artist of the Week (Feb. 7 – Feb. 13) – Crush

Korean Artist of the Week: Feb 7th-13

Crush (크러쉬)

 Crush is a fast rising, talented R&B singer-producer who debuted in 1/4/14 with “Sometimes”. He is under Amoeba Culture, home to Dynamic Duo, Zion T, Primary, Yankie, and others. Though he promotes as a solo act, he is also the maknae (born in 1992)  of the group, VV, which includes other talented artists such as Zion T, Elo, Gray, and Loco.

Fun fact: He’s also pretty close to Lydia from YG and was part of a duo called “Masterpiece” with female rapper Cheetah, who is currently on the show “Unpretty Rapster” (source).

Featured Songs

Sofa (소파)

Just with Zion T (그냥)

Hug Me feat Gaeko


 Other Songs

A Little Bit feat Lydia Paek

Whatever You Do feat Gray

Hey Baby feat Zion T

Give It to Me feat Jay Park and Simon D

I Fancy You

Beautiful You feat Choiza

 Thoughts on Crush

First of all…MAY THE USER WHO REQUESTED CRUSH BE BLESSED FOR ALL ETERNITY! I’m sorry to be screaming at the very beginning, but when I saw Crush as a request, I was extremely happy. Before, I used to think he was overrated and then “Sofa” came out; it felt like my entire life changed (okay, that’s a huge exaggeration but I went back to listen to more of his songs and fell in love).

2014 had many wonderful releases, but in my opinion, “Sofa” takes the cake. Crush always does R&B justice, and this song is no different.The beat of the song is amazing, and his sultry voice makes it even better. My favorite part is definitely the chorus; it’s the best part of the song. The way he hits those high notes gives me tingly feelings on the inside. Honestly, I believed the song was erotic judging by the title so I was stumped when I found out it was about a break up. Crush’s emotional delivery was excellent, and it just made me like the song even more. I hope to hear more songs like this in the future!

Another song that I adore is “Just” which features Zion T. Two R&B kings with amazing voices in one song is bound to result in perfection, which is exactly how I would describe “Just”. I loved the black and white mv so much (Zion T needs to go back to his black hair; that blonde hair is a no no. Crush looks amazing though especially with his down.By the way during his rapping part, does anyone also agree he sort of looked like B.I in certain aspects?) and also really liked how the song progressed from a slow tempo to a more upbeat one. Their voices meshed really well together so I am definitely anticipating more collaborations from them in the future.

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