Korean Artist of the Week – Gilme (Dec 18 – Dec 24)

 Korean Artist of the Week: Dec 18-24

 Gilme (길미)

 Gilme is a talented rapper and singer under GYM entertainment, which was founded by former Sechskie member, Eun Ji Won. She debuted as a solo artist in 2009 with “Love Cut” and is also part of the hip hop trio Clover, which consists of Eun Jiwon and Mr.Tyfoon (source)

 Featured Songs:

Success (Don’t Kill My Vibe)

Love is War (사랑은 전쟁이다) ft Outsider

Love Cuts ft Eun Ji Won


Other Songs:

 My Turn

Fly High

Hey Boy Playboy

Me First ft Eun Ji Won

My Sweetie

Standing Still

Thoughts on Gilme:

When people think of female rappers, Yoon Mi Rae immediately comes to mind. Other well-known female rappers that also pop up are CL of 2ne1, Miryo of Brown Eyed Girls, and LE of EXID. As a hip hop fan, it’s a bit upsetting to see how underrated Gilme is considering her talents; just like Yoon Mi Rae, she is gifted at singing and rapping. In certain songs, her rapping and husky tone has a lot of power (I’m not sure how to explain correctly; think of Iron from Show me the money and his angry raps).

I first noticed Gilme in her song  “Love is War”, which featured the fastest rapper in Korea, Outsider. In terms of skills, she did not lose to Outsider; in fact, I paid more attention to her than Outsider! She’s no E.via/Tyme but her speed is at a nice pace in that song, and she has her own style, which I really love.

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