Korean Artist of the Week (Jan. 18 – Jan. 22) – M.I.B

Written by Maisha A.

M.I.B (엠아이비)

M.I.B (Most Incredible Busters) is a hip hop group from Jungle Entertainment, which was home to well known rappers such as Tiger JK, Yoon Mi Rae, Paloalto, etc. Its current roster includes M.I.B, Leessang, Jung In, 4ten, and Cho Moon Geun.

M.I.B consists of members 5Zic (Leader and Main Rapper), Kang Nam (Main Vocalist), Young Cream (Vocalist, Sub-rapper), and SIMS (Lead Rapper, Maknae). Before they debuted, they each released their own solo songs. They officially debuted on October 26, 2011 with “Girls, Dreams, Money”. SIMS is also part of an underground crew called Royal Class. (source)

Featured Songs

Dash (들이대 )

Only Hard for Me (나만 힘들게)

Nod Along (끄덕여줘)


Other Songs

Before Biting a Cigarette (담배를 입에 물기 전에)

Reading (낭독)

Hello Goodbye



Everything Is Obvious (모두 다 뻔해)

 Thoughts on M.I.B

When I think of how underrated M.I.B are both internationally and in Korea, I feel bitter. I am thrilled that Kang Nam is gaining more attention these days, but this is a group that deserved attention since their debut. Their songs are so darn catchy. “G.D.M” was a song I hated at first, but eventually it grew on me. It’s such a fun song to twerk to! The lyrics are kind of meh but hey, it’s more of a party song after all.

I became a fan after listening to Dash.The chorus is quite addictive (it kind of reminds me of something Block B would do) and the choreography is simple but cute! The MV is full of pure eye candy. 5zic is one of the sexiest Korean man in my opinion. He has a great body, awesome tattoos, and a cute face. Plus, I like him and SIMS as rappers. Young Cream is pretty adorable as well; he looks like a gangsta and seems more on the quiet side, but he’s hilarious. Men in suits always look good to me.

M.I.B side tracks are excellent as well. One of my favorite song is “Before Biting a Cigarette ” since it’s more R&B styled. Kangnam’s sweet voice matches this sorrowful song the most as the men talks about breaking up with their girlfriends. If this song is your type, please check out “Hello Goodbye”, which features Yoon Mi Rae. The story is similar to “Before Biting a Cigarette”. Yoon Mi Rae was the perfect person to add on this song.

If you’re new to M.I.B, I would recommend searching for their variety show, “M.I.B Academy”, which you find on YouTube. It’s a good way to get to their personalities more. They are a bunch of crazy guys with a great sense of humor!

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