Korean Artist of the Week (Nov. 4 – Nov. 10) – Mad Soul Child

Mad Soul Child (매드 솔 차일드)

In 2001, a producing team of Chung Mookyung, Lee Sangyeol, and Yang Chanwoo made their mark by by collaborating with some of the biggest stars such as Jo Sungmo, Lee Hyori, and Shinhwa as well as collaborating with companies like Etude, Samsung Mobile, and SK Telecom. In Spring 2009, Mad Soul Child decided to relaunch themselves as an eclectic, electric-house trio consisting of vocalist Jinsil, VJ Kwon, and DJ Chanwoo. They released their debut album La La La, and their debut was very successful. source

Featured Songs

We Can Fly



Other Songs

VIP Girl

Beautiful Day



Bad (Tablo ft. Jinsil)

Happy Ending (Primary ft. Jinsil and Gary)


First off, apologies for being away for a couple of weeks. I was really busy with school so I didn’t have any time to work on this. ><

I actually never heard of Mad Soul Child until recently, and I found out Jinsil, the vocalist, belongs to this group. I really enjoy Jinsil’s vocals (especially in her featurings) because her voice is so versatile. She doesn’t stick to one sound; she dabbles in a variety of genres such as electronic, ballad, pop, etc. I’m glad she gets the recognition she deserves as a vocalist through her collaborations with various artists such Tablo, Primary, and MC Mong (which have charted on top of music charts).

Mad Soul Child has a prominent electronic sound throughout their whole discography. Their music sounds like the type of music that would played in a fashion commercial or a commercial in general. Some of their electronic songs are a hit or miss for me, but I do enjoy Mad Soul Child’s slower songs. Even though I don’t enjoy all of their songs, I do recognize that they are an extremely talented group since they control almost every production in their music, and I look forward to their future releases.

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