Korean Artist of the Week (Sept. 22 – Sept. 28) – SPEED

SPEED (스피드)

SPEED is an all male idol group under Core Contents Media. The group currently consists of Jungwoo, Taewoon (Leader), Yoohwan, Taeha, Jongkook, Sejoon, and Sungmin.

Prior to the creation of SPEED, the members: Taewoon, Sungmin, and Jungwoo were under a mixed group called Co-ed School in 2010. In 2011, CCM announced that it would be dividing Co-ed School into two groups. One group was a female group called 5Dolls, while the male group was delayed for the time being.  The male group at the time consisted of the male members in Co-ed school which included Jungwoo, Taewoon, Sungmin, Kwanghaeng, Kangho, and Noori. On November 2011, Kangho left the group and was replaced by Jongkoook. In January 2012, they were given the name SPEED. In addition, SPEED released their first digital single “Love Dovey-Plus” which was a homage track to T-ara’s song “Lovey Dovey.”

The following month, CCM added Sejoon, Yoohwan, and Taeha, while ex-members Kwanghaeng and Noori left the group. In January 2013, the group made their “official” debut with the single “It’s Over”. They also released their debut album Superior SPEED and the following month, they released their repackage album Blow SPEED.  Recently, SPEED has released a mini called SPEED Circus with much of the production being controlled by SPEED’s leader Taewoon. source

Featured Songs

It’s Over

Don’t Tease Me!


That’s My Fault

Other Songs

Tears of Mind (w/ T-ara, 5 Dolls, and The SEEYA)

Hey My Lady

Look At Me Now

Luv Ya

Bbang Bbang

Why I’m Not

Zombie Party

Wrap Up

As expected being under Core Contents Media, SPEED has a very solid discography like their labelmates T-ara, Davichi, 5Dolls, and The SEEYA. I really didn’t expect many of their songs to be so hip hop influenced, so it came as a nice surprise to me since I’m a huge fan of K hip hop. I personally found every track I listened to be very enjoyable, and there really were no “filler” songs I could personally fine. SPEED is a very fortunate to have such a talented leader (Taewoon) who can compose and write songs.

They’re a very entertaining group to watch, and I like how much variety they offer when it comes to performing to music shows. In “It’s Over”, they showed off their intricate tutting, while in songs “Zombie Party” and “Don’t Tease Me!” present some theatrics to their performance. Also, they dance with total synchronization which makes every performance enjoyable. I look forward to their upcoming comebacks because  everything about them is top notch.

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  1. One of my favourite groups out there at the moment. A seriously underrated group in the realm of boygroups right now. Musically talented with a real range of appeal. If anyone wants to check out some more SPEED goodness, I suggest you start with their debut documentary, Deep Speed.

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