Korean Artist of the Week (Jan 31-Feb 6) – Park Ji Yoon

Park Ji Yoon (박지윤)

 Park Ji Yoon is a Korean singer and actress that debuted at the age of 13 as a Haiti model. She released her first album in 1997 and gained recognition as a singer through her hit singles “Skyblue Dream,” “Coming of Age Ceremony,” and “I’m A Man.” Due to conflicts, Park Ji Yoon left JYP after her sixth studio album and took a six year hiatus from singing to focus more on acting. After leaving JYP, she released two other albums in which she had more control from writing, producing, and even taking part in the album design. Both albums received praises. In October 2013, Park Ji Yoon officially became part of Mystic89, home to talented artists such as Puer Kim, Eddy Kim, Lim Kim, Cho Jung Chi, etc (source)

Featured Songs

 Adult Ceremony (성인식)

Mr. Lee featuring San-E (미스터리 )

Yoohoo (유후)

Go Away

Other Songs

A Step (한 걸음)

Inner Space (나의 뇌구조)

Witness (목격자)

Don’t Look Back (그럴꺼야 )


Tree of Life (나무가 되는 꿈)

 Thoughts on Park Ji Yoon

 I first heard of Park Ji Yoon through her iconic hit “Coming of Age Ceremony.” This song is one of my most favorite songs in all of Korean music history. It has that perfect old school R&B flair with a catchy and sexy choreography as well as her alluring tone. There’s just something so captivating and seductive about it. Its popularity is proven through the numerous time it has been covered by a plethora of idol groups such as Girl’s Day, Nine Muses, SNSD, Kara, etc.

In terms of other songs, it’s either a hit or miss for me. I loved songs like “Mr.Lee”! The beat is upbeat and the black and white MV was quite beautiful (she’s so gorgeous to me; I would watch all of her mvs just to see her pretty face). The mixture of the piano and the trumpet in the background really added a jazzy feel to this song. The rap part wasn’t really necessary, but the second time I heard it, I found it very cute! Some of her other songs are a bit bland for me but I would still highly recommend checking her discography!

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