Krusty’s Killers: Best Dance Covers

Swag, sass and sexiness are the usual feels associated with the best K-pop dance covers out there.

Many idol choreographies are formed in dance studios. It is the masterminds behind them that often have superior skill and flare. Covers by non-celebrity dancers also show some class. Do yourself a favour and check out these handpicked dances!


A dance cover list is not a list without an example from popular Korean dance studio, 1Million. Hip-hop choreographer Junsun Yoo is a self-confessed Zico fanboy. His silky smooth cover of “Eureka” is full of charm and has great company in his colleagues Koosung Jung and Mina Myoung. The dance itself involves plenty of fast footwork and dabs. One of the highlights is the shoulder rolls that the trio executes to perfection.


Waveya are known for their girl-group covers and they do not disappoint with their “Cheer Up” video. Their version is relatively more mature and sexier than the younger TWICE girls’ original version. Waveya’s bright energy matched well with their flawless moves. The duo did a very nice job with this dance cover.


Korean dance school Def Dance Skool is home to many young dancing machines. They seem like a talent factory. These girls definitely do SNSD’s “You Think” justice. Their dance is very much in sync. It seems like they’ve practiced for 1000 hours before their monthly evaluation and it sure has paid off because of this flawless cover. Nevertheless, these girls are like mini SNSD and should be in the eyes of any idol scouters out there.


One of the better “Crazy” dance covers is by Aussie dance crew, Kaotsun’s Cover Dance Crew. From the choreography to the styling, KCDC executed their version of 4Minute’s MV to great effect. It is quite impressive to see each dancer resemble their chosen 4Minute member. Arguably the best portrayal would be Jiyoon’s Aussie counterpart. She killed it.


Dance squad Malhada immense talent and charisma is best shown in their dance and MV cover of EXO’s “Call Me Baby”. EXO’s epic choreography is lifted to new heights in Malhada’s female version. The girls’ moves are almost identical to the original, which is admirable considering the difficulty. They wore sly, foxlike expressions that were quite alluring. One of the highlights would be the setting and their outfits, which made the MV a visual spectacle.


Wrapping up Krusty’s Killers Pt.2 with another slaying choreography from 1Million. Sass queen Hyojin Choi, who is currently dancing alongside Infinite’s Hoya in Hit The Stage, created this badass dance cover of “Hello Bitches”. Hyojin and her girls’ powerful moves and fierce expressions make you want to join in with them. The boys in the second group led by Denny Kim in the middle did an arguably better job than the girls. That ass-grab move is simply priceless.

Dance covers are the second installment of a three-part series. Let us know your most loved covers in the comments section. Stay tuned for pt.3 of Krusty’s Killers.

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