Krusty’s Killers: Best Instrumental Covers

Highly-talented musicians have brought songs with addictive instrumentals to life with their own style and finesse.

From violinists to pianists, there are plenty of fans out there that produce mind-blowing covers of their favourite tracks. These covers not only provide new perspectives of originals but they inspire others to want to learn an instrument.

Below are some of the most impressive covers on the World Wide Web!


YouTube star JunCurryAhn is known for his smashing violin skills, dance moves and being the visual of BgA (WongFu Production’s idol group). He has covered songs by Sam Smith and One Republic. The coloured hair man’s version of “Save Me” sounds prettier and more dramatic than the original. He gets brownie points for dancing and playing his instrument simultaneously.

Grab the popcorn before watching this cover. Japanese Hottest and piano prodigy jntwjchi is well-known within the 2PM fandom. She often covers 2PM’s ballads, Japanese releases and B-sides. This particular cover of “Game Over” features the electone and piano. She and her friend is a very formidable duo. The ladies adds in brass, strings and drum effects to accompany the piano tune. Their version of “Game Over” sounds like a blockbuster musical set in the wartime compared to the less-epic original.

Piano expert Joyce Leong draws on all the feels and deep emotions from SNSD’s “Into the New World (Ballad ver.)”. This ballad version was sung at a concert after Jessica’s departure. Joyce’s piano cover sounds even more heart breaking. If you cannot bear to cry another river, just let Joyce’s beautiful instrumental cover heal the old wounds. Check out her world; a world filled with of glorious, multi-lingual piano covers.

Out of thousands of Jay Chou covers on YouTube, MissMei69’s gorgeous cover of “枫” is a standout. Jay Chou has only performed this B-side once and it is not a popularly covered track either. Her version is not as depressing as the original as it carries a more bittersweet sound. Full credit must be given to MissMei69 for gifting fans with this amazing cover. It is fitting tune to listen to during sleepless nights.

Brace yourselves for the supremely talented KK Yim‘s thrilling violin cover of JJ Lin’s “可惜沒如果”. While keeping the original background instrumentals, KK Yim replaces the vocals with his violin. His confidence and skill can be heard from the get go. He adds an elegant touch to song. The bridge is where his instrument pulls onto the heartstrings. There is one word that best describes this cover and that is, breathtaking.

Instrumental covers are the first installment of a three-part series. Let us know your most loved covers in the comments section. Stay tuned for pt.2 of Krusty’s Killers.

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