Krusty’s Killers – Best Vocal Covers

The beauty of popular songs with addictive vocals is that fans from all over the world, who have lovely voices, go ahead and make a cover of them.

Narrowing down to a handful of vocal covers is extremely difficult as there are millions of real gems out there. Below is a list of some of the best vocal covers by regular people and YouTube personalities.

Covering a Park Hyo Shin song is a big task for any vocalist out there but Ha Tae Kun from iPlay music academy in Seoul gave “Wild Flower” a red hot go. Tae Kun seems to have grasped an understanding of vocal technique as he supports his voice for most of the song. His dreamy tone coupled with his gripping emotion makes his cover one of the best. Plus, he did not majorly flop the climatic bridge so that is a bonus.


This soulful and snazzy acoustic cover of GOT7’s “Fly” by another iPlay product, PLAYUS; a group of vocalists, pianist and a guitarist is like honey to the ears. From the instrumental rearrangement to the excellent musicianship by the vocalists to change up the song, the cover is mind-blowing. The three vocals have different tones and sound really nice when harmonizing. The guy also did well with the rap. This is worth way more than the 13,000+views it already has.

EXO’s “Growl” is one of the biggest K-pop hits in recent years and has been covered endless times, whether it be dance, instrumental or vocal covers. Talented YouTube star Daeho makes “Growl” his own with this smooth, slow-tempo cover. His buttery vocals fit in perfectly with his keyboard arrangement. The highlight would be his second verse and bridge where he incorporated more R’n’B elements to his singing. This cover is something that D.O would easily eat up.

There is nothing better than a cover composed of vocals and an acoustic guitar only.  Younha’s “Run” is a popular track and the sweet vocals of Connie Bak and solid chords from Jon Kang will probably make Younha proud. Connie may not have the biggest voice out there but she has a pretty tone and makes an attempt to support her notes. She even did a few change-ups at the end, which were really nice.


Girl next-door Alina Yu takes on powerful ballad, Davichi’s “It’s Okay It’s Love” from the drama of the same title. This song carries so much emotion and high notes and Alina gave it her all in her cover. She even brings a little tongue and cheek in the video to break from her sentimental singing. What is admirable about this cover is that she goes for Haeri’s money notes and she did not flop them badly at all. Her tone actually suits this song a lot and in addition to her solid vocals, it proves why this is one of the better Davichi covers out there.

Vocal covers are the last installment of a three-part series. Let us know your most loved covers in the comments section. Hope you enjoyed the Krusty’s Killers series.

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