Lion Heart’s Digital Charts Manipulation: Yay or Nay ?

Thread: Lion Heart: Success or Sajaegi

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From OP – “According to some users on OH and Twitter, SM is doing a major sajaegi with Lion Heart because they don’t want SNSD to lose the title as the ‘Nation Best Girl Group’ (especially after kicking Jessica out of the group). Do you agree with these opinions?”

1. [+69] I feel like people are only saying that because they were enjoying being able to taunt Sones about how Lion Heart was charting but now that it’s doing better they need to find something else to get on them about.

2. [+37] “According to some STAR1s on OH and Twitter.” Fixed.


3. [+32] So let me get this straight.

– Girls` Generation went from the group who was able to sell any songs regardless of the “quality”, even audio farts.

– To, Girls` Generation who has to result to sajaegi because there’s no  way that people actually like their songs.

6gHiqzZ.gif 6gHiqzZ.gif

So which is it? Cause I’m getting tired of these lame downplays and backtracking

4. [+18] Sajaegi means Sistar

5. [+11] It’s funny that “Lion Heart” a song that has been received well by the public from the beginning and slowly has risen during the day and drops at night is being accused of sajaegi yet groups songs that got a bad reception by the public and did very well can possibly not be sajaegi. Ok.

6. [+7] Success, is not like this happened over night lol i cant at some people. LH started to going up the charts consistently and it tends to stay consistent throughout all day, anyone with an ounce deduction skill would know this is success. Haters can stay mad tbh, meanwhile Soshi stays winning


7. [+7] SM would have to care enough in the first place.

8. [+7] I didn’t see any sajaegi accusations when Baek Ahyeon shot up to #1 three weeks after release, against Big Bang EXO and IU lmfao. A low tier solo like her can shoot to #1 three weeks after with zero promotions, zero music show appearances, zero hype, zero scandals, zero buzz, and an uninteresting lyrics mv but SNSD as a group having full promotions can’t rise to 5? K.

9. [+5] SM didn’t market the full album comeback in the right way, so many people didn’t even know about it, but then, after winning music shows, the public started listening to LH and loving it. I’m sorry, pressed antis, but SNSD is not going to flop, never.

10. [+4] If it was an ugly song then that could’ve been an excuse but so far I’ve not seen one complaint from knetizens about not liking it. It’s exactly their taste and that’s pretty much what it was pointed at when it was released anyway (Lion Heart – public favor, You Think – fan favor) (though personally I like Lion Heart more). It really is a catchy bop people of all ages can enjoy. When LH was released most people weren’t even aware SNSD had another title because they thought Party was the main comeback. Which makes sense since SM’s never promoted pre-releases before. Repackages from SM don’t often get much attention on the charts anyway. So the fact that people are finally picking up on Lion Heart and enjoying it is pretty damn impressive.

Author’s Note: 

Actually, why is this an issue? It’s not abnormal for South Korea’s #1 girl group to do well on digital charts, heck even in everything that they do. Digital sajaegi (manipulation) or any form of manipulations are of course, not tolerable but it is even worse to accuse others of wrongdoing. Would you like it if others downplay your efforts and hard work? Would you be fine if others accuse you of doing things you never did? A big nope is the default answer here.

No one is going to take anything seriously without proves and evidence. If aforementioned subjects are well presented, then people can talk in a more productive and healthy environment. Not in a redundant and boring, “I am right, you are wrong” discussion (if.. you call that a discussion of course). Oh and on a friggin’ loop. GASP!

But since the negative comments are from an internet forum, being provocative is one of its fundamental element. Yet it won’t stop people from taking the bait and play with them until both are satisfied. Who are the winners? If the “attackers” find satisfaction from teasing and provoking other people, they are the winner. If the “defenders” find satisfaction after managing to look cool by putting down all these seemingly unintelligent people but still worth their time because their heart is not of a lion after all, they win. YES! Trophies and medals for these people. Let us give them a standing ovation, and maybe a human wave too for unlocking an achievement.

If we take a closer look on this issue, it’s easy to tell that this is all about bitter rivalry between fandoms. Humans, of course, they love to blame others, or shift the blame on other subjects if they find it not to their liking. Make one wrong move, and that will be the bane of your life. But in showbiz; accused of making a wrong move, and 99.9% of chance it’ll be the bane of your life. That’s just how it works. It’s easier for an individual to become bitter and salty rather than sweet and tasteless (this one is a given since some people might have a bad taste in music and choice of style. Just kidding!).

Netizen pH Scale

As for the peeps in the thread, those who are living in a world of make-believe, they are rated at pH 3 and also for those who can’t seem to accept the truth or at the very least facts that don’t come from weak accusations, a pH of 11 for them. Salty bitter-gourd. YUCK!

Leave a comment if you have something else in mind. Have a nice day!

Advice of the Day:

“The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.”

– Gloria Steinem –


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  • 4. [+18] Sajaegi means Sistar

    right boo. it’s just pissed star1’s

  • Shirley

    Lol at sones saying this is good… Who cares if sajaegi when al 3 songs are bad

  • Ash

    I think all of us have earned that achievement! [Pissing of a Sone]

  • Lena

    I’m not a sone (or an SM stan), but lol at these sajaegi claims. What would SM gain by manipulating the digital charts? What does it prove? There’s not that much money in it and SNSD is already the #1 girl group, so it’s not like SM is trying to make the more popular….. Pressed antis~