[MV & EP Review] THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE – Frontiers

The Rampage

THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE is a Japanese pop male dance & vocal group that debuted in 2017 and is signed to rhythm zone and managed by LDH agency. All members of the group were chosen from the EXILE PERFORMER BATTLE AUDITION, VOCAL BATTLE AUDITION 4 and GLOBAL JAPAN CHALLENGE auditions.

Frontiers is the second single released by THE RAMPAGE, three months after their debut single Lightning. It was released in two editions: a CD+DVD version with a slipcase packaging bonus and a CD version. Frontiers is also used as the theme song for the variety show, “Onegai! Ranking,” for the month of April.

Release Date: April 19, 2017


02 Knocking Knocking
03 13 SAVAGE
04 [Bonus Track] Lightning (English Version)

Total Runtime: 17:02 minutes

Recommended for: Those who love Hip-Hop and Pop fusion, those who enjoy instrumentals for dancing.

NOT recommended for: Those who enjoy idol boy groups or those who are into ballads and such.

Looks like I should expect THE RAMPAGE to top singles after singles because this song is amazing. Just like in Lightning, you can feel the energy in their singing. As for the MV, I love the camera work done here and how the camera moves with each dancer. I also love the styling of the members and the set this time compared to Lightning.

This is probably my favorite track from THE RAMPAGE due to the amazing vocals and because the song itself is amazing. To me, it’s hard to tell what genre the song is because it starts off as hip hop then becomes a bit pop ballad but then becomes upbeat again in the pre-chorus and chorus.

This was an instrumental track used for the performers in this group’s dance video. I think I like this dance track better than the last single’s one because of how they change the beat and style to keep the track fresh with the dance moves. Not really much more I can say, you have to check out their dancing below.

It looks like THE RAMPAGE will be following in GENERATIONS footsteps with the English versions of previous singles. I thought it sounded pretty decent and you could mostly understand what they were saying. I believe this is part of LDH World to include an English version for two reasons; for international fans and for when, if they do one, a world tour. GENERATIONS at their last world tour sang some English versions of their singles.

One thing that someone has mentioned in the comment section on YouTube is that the line distribution isn’t that great. I think the line distribution is pretty fair, Kazuma has slightly more of parts, mainly due to that he both sings and raps compared to the other vocalists that just sing. Kazuma is also pushed to be center from what I noticed. I hope you loved all the songs like I did. If you want to listen to the full version, the entire EP is available on Spotify.

Sakura Harano
Japanese entertainment centered 🌹 a フェアリーズ and Camila Cabello fangirl

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  • everpath

    Hi, thank you for the reviews. So far I have only found 1 review for this, haha. I don’t know where to get in touch with other intl fans~I just got my copy delivered last Friday~Yay
    The Rampage really brings back the old -school hip hop feelings. The menacing, driving, dirty synth in Frontiers paired with that ‘one-shot camera takes’ before Kazuma’s rap verse really got me hyped. And Knocking Knocking’s RnB twist on their Hip-Hop base is realy interesting. The way they play with their voice during rapping and singing, makes the song sounds very diverse and I must say ‘sensual?’ Haha. 13 Savage=Lit AF. Their dancing style, the camera zoom and angles and their facial expression screams their personalities. It like, ‘People, this is me!!’. The rifle sound effects and how the track transitioned with the members and their choreographies are really smooth. Hope they’ll have Aklo to intro them next. All in all, the direction they are taking is really interesting~

    Good day~

    • Sakura Harano

      I’m glad you liked my review 😀 I haven’t found a good place yet where all THE RAMPAGE fans are at. For now, you can check out THE RAMPAGE’s thread on OneHallyu.