New Generation Girl Groups: The Fashionistas

With the coming of new girl groups, fans see all different kinds of fashion from them. Whether it be trendy, preppy, or badass, fans see it all. Here are some of the newest idols who have recently became known for their fashion taste!

Red Velvet’s Joy

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Joy has a girly, ethereal fashion taste and doesn’t wear things that “pop out”. Her simplicity makes it look like she is comfortable, but fashionable at the same time.

Lovelyz’s Kei

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Kei likes combine girly styles with oversized, frilly shirts or dresses. She also wears shoes with a bigger heel to make her look taller, since she is one of the shortest members of Lovelyz.


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New Sun’s fashion consists of two styles, a young schoolboy and a rebellious teenager. She prefers to look boyish, but when she wears more girly pieces, New Sun will wear a hat that helps give off a boyish vibe.


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Mimi has a more badass fashion sense. She wears ripped jeans more than she wears skirts and sneakers/sandals more than she wears heels.

DIA’s Heehyun

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Heehyun keeps up with the current Korean trends in fashion. Her style ranges from a long sweatshirt and a pair of Vans to a flowy blouse and pencil skirt with heels.

gugudan’s Haebin

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Haebin’s style is simple and casual, nothing flashy. Even though she isn’t wearing a lot, her outfits look put together yet effortless. Her fashion is similar to street fashion, which is currently extremely popular in Korea.

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