New Project: Introducing OH! Chart

Yeah The Press team has brought alive years of ambition and hard work to launch OneHallyu’s first ever music chart – OH! Chart. We have come up with a fair ranking system which combines three voting categories  including Gaon Streaming and Downloads (55% of votes),  Hanteo Physical Sales (25%) and OH User Voting (20%). Each week, a top 10 list of the best selling songs and albums will be announced with the winner being rewarded with a pinned thread. Jump on board and get excited for this long-awaited project!

About the OH! Chart

The goal of the OH! Chart is to deliver a charting system that is unique to the OneHallyu community. For the final results, only the top 10 songs on Gaon Digital Chart and the top five best selling albums on Hanteo will get physical and digital points. Thus, only data from exceptional performers will be collected for both categories.

Our system is highlighted by allowing OH users’ to have their say. It is a balanced solution that would account for real time sales and user votes. By doing this, our chart will reflect OneHallyu’s most loved music each week to the best of its ability.

How to vote

OH Users are allowed to vote for more than one nominee. Every Tuesday at 11 PM KST, the top 10 artists with the highest scores will be announced. We want you all to participate. Should any questions arise, do not hesitate to ask a team member!

How the results are calculated

The top 10 songs from Gaon and title songs of the top five albums from Hanteo are selected. Only data for exceptional performers from these categories will be counted towards their scores. That is, those in Hanteo top 5, but not Gaon. Those who perform exceptionally across all categories will have the advantage of scoring in all of them.

For the final scores, each song’s individual data for one category is divided by the sum of that category, then multiplied by our chosen percentage (i.e. 0.25 for Hanteo). The grand total from each category is added together and multiplied by 100 which forms the final score.

Remember to vote for your bias and stay tuned for more updates!

OH!Press' resident journo

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