O.P.P.A. #3

O.P.P.A. #3

If you were making a K-Pop super group, who would you include and why?


Such a hard question to answer because I love so many people. I decided to build my group around some the K-Pop ‘roles’ but I have definitely been a bit liberal with them. I still feel like I want to change this. I might start a label instead and have ALL the groups I want!


LE (EXID) –  Because I love her dearly and think she is super talented. She had also shown a remarkable ability to adapt and work with other people so I have no doubt that she will fit right in with the rest of the group! I’ve gone for an 8 member Co-Ed group. Have fun ChoreoUnni:P

Lee Seung Hyub (N.Flying)My group would be Co-ed and have two rappers. Hate all you want…I want to see LE and Seung Hyub working together, I think it would be magical.


Lee HiBecause I love deeper timbred voices I guess. I’m not a fan of the high-pitched airy voices that are perma-popular in K-Pop.

Jung Joon Young (JJY Band) Guilty as charged I love his voice it makes me tremble. Him and Lee Hi’s voices together would be so interesting…although I appreciate we might not be going for the highest notes in K-Pop ever.


Tiffany and Chanyeol Jokes, I love the both of them but I wouldn’t put you guys through that!

Mark (GOT7)All our choreo would be Mark flipping around the stage.

Victoria f(x) – While mark is flipping around the stage Victoria can be tying herself in knots.


Chanyeol (EXO)Not your typical visual i’ll admit but I personally do find him very attractive. I think he’d fit in well with JJY in my group so he wouldn’t have to just be extra weight in the group. Plus if I need anyone to be problematic to stir up media interest I am sure he would be all over it!

Jun Hyo SeongI think she is so beautiful. Mind you, I think a lot of K-Pop stars are. I like Hyo Seong and I think she has a good ‘all-rounder’ skillset that will stop her being just dead weight as visual.


In this highly saturated market, we have lots of talented idols waiting to be entitled with “flop” stamps. Before that happens, I will save some of them and form a supergroup not even JYP would even have a chance to whisper his wisdom to me. Not even YG has a chance to recruit some of them and then debut them 5 years later. Here we go!

Jiz (male supergroup)

G-Dragon (Leader, Vocal, Rapper) – No need for a thorough explanation here. Everyone knows him. Well the fact that he has a Spongebob voice when he is singing and rapping makes him a well loved idol among childrens. He is arguably the most successful male idol to ever grace K-Pop’s generic music industry. If, JYP stops counting himself as a narcissistic idol.

He can compose songs and is also practically well equipped with a scandal nullifier. Pretty nifty eh?

Mino (Vocal, Rapper)  He can do whatever he wants. As long as he don’t go too far with himself.

Baekhyun (Main Vocalist) – He has a great voice and a good personality to boot. He will be the human shield of Jiz with the help of his fans. Nothing can go wrong with him on our side. His fans will protect him physically and digitally.

D.O (Lead Vocalist)  If those fans can’t protect Jiz from haters, he can hit them mofos instead. Also, his voice is an eargasm.

Taecyeon (Vocal, Visual)  I don’t want him to rap but he’s there to give us some striking visual. He’s an eye candy and is in charge of giving fanservice.


This ended up being a lot harder than I thought it would be. Behold, citizens of OneHallyu– Holke’s Super Group (and I didn’t name it because one person cannot come up with a name for the most awesome group the universe has ever known).

Cory (Leader, Main Vocalist) – The extremely attractive leader from 24K that has more roles in the group than I can count. He has one of the greatest voices in KPOP and he has his hand in every single part of music production, making him a complete badass in my opinion.

Changjo (Lead Vocalist, Main Dancer) – Leaving out Teen Top’s main dancer would be a criminal act, so I had to add this ace to the group. He can do just about anything– singing, dancing, acting, music production. He’s also easy on the eyes 😉

Park Kyung (Main Rapper) – The mischievous rapper from Block B would be the glue that holds the group together. His place wouldn’t just be to rap, but to be the fanservice king. Television stations would be blowing up his phone to get him on their variety shows.

Feeldog (Lead Rapper) – BIGSTAR’s leader would make a great lead rapper. We might have to stop him from showing his abs though. We wouldn’t want any fans to faint in the audience.

CNU (Vocalist, Lead Dancer) – B1A4’s CNU has a sultry voice with a killer falsetto, and when you think he’s already melted you into nothing with his vocals, he shows you his flawless dance moves. He’s sexy with a warm smile. Deadly.

Timoteo (Hype Man, Visual) – Are you surprised that I chose Timoteo from HOTSHOT? Timoteo came from SM and his fanbase is no joke! He does have singing lines, but his main job (in my group, at least) is to wink and be generally attractive.

If you were to make your own K-POP super group, who would you choose? Let us know in the comments!




BBC, 24U, and OneHallyu's resident Park Kyung stan.

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  • Ash

    Rinnie’s $uper group tho

    • Holke

      She actually named it Jiz. Rinne is hilarious 😀